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… Farah & Amanda from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (BBCA)

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The parallels in S1 between characters really interest me. Like when todd is filling up the car we see dirk sitting on top, and when Bart is ‘getting gas’ we see Ken doing the same, so it’s Ken and dirk mirroring eachother.

Which is really cool because in dialogue, Bart and dirk mirror eachother, but in actions it’s dirk and Ken, making it seem like it’s their personal agency that’s being mirrored and not their backgrounds.

See, what I mean is, at that point dirk and Ken both have no agency. Dirk is resigned to the universe pushing him around and Ken is bart’s prisoner, so it’s dirk and Ken who actually have more in common.

Which is the case a lot… Because Bart and dirk are coming at it from different sides. Dirk says he goes where the universe tells him to. Bart says whoever she kills is the right person, she’s giving herself agency here, unlike dirk. Bart is the aggressor, and in some ways, so is todd. Todd is the one making the decisions, not dirk, so todd and Bart are mirrored


My woodelf character Nia \o/
Both pictures were taken at a LARP in Germany. It’s amazing how some photographers manage to “hide” between the players of such an event to prevent breaking the immersion of a fantasy setting. Dirk clearly was one of those cool people ;)
And, damn, I’m always happy when I get photos of my characters in “action”!

Photos by Dirk Burghaus
LARP: “Zur alten Mühle”, Summer 2016

When I’m at work I think about the most random shit such as:

- How did Dirk go from living in a hotel to a fully furnished apartment in between Episodes 1 & 2? He had dishes and spices and a TV and artwork in his apartment. Dorian/the Ridgley was definitely not nice enough to have fully furnished apartments with a fully stocked kitchen available. WTF, Dirk. 

- Also, let’s put aside the time loop for a moment.  Dirk has a nice, fancy murder case to investigate that he’s paid very well for. He’s told by his employer (Spring) to arrive at a hotel of interest (the Perriman Grand) at a set time. 

What does he do? He stays at another hotel. It’s farther away and he oversleeps and is late to the action.  Dirk, nooooo.

Things it’s reasonable to blame Dirk for

  • Programming Brobot to stalk and beat up Jake unpredictably
  • Dismissing Jake’s concerns over Brobot’s programming
  • Forcing Jake to kiss his bleeding, decapitated head
  • Intentionally distancing and misrepresenting himself and his intentions by giving AR permission to impersonate him
  • Not being honest with Jake as to the reason he broke up with him

Things it’s not reasonable to blame Dirk for

  • Jake correctly interpreting Dirk’s feelings and consequently and consensually entering into a relationship with him
  • Jake canonically being interested in Dirk
  • Not understanding what a healthy relationship takes
  • Breaking up with Jake when he realized their relationship wasn’t good for either of them
  • Jake blaming himself for their relationship ending badly
  • Jake being depressed

And the flip side, because people tend to concentrate on either Dirk or Jake but not both:

Things it’s not reasonable to blame Jake for

  • Being depressed
  • Being confused
  • Not knowing how to respond to or deal with Dirk and his problems
  • Dirk’s problems or emotions
  • Finding other people attractive
  • Liking girls
  • Not reciprocating Jane’s feelings
  • Jane sexually assaulting him and talking about him like a sex toy
  • Not wanting to kiss Aranea
  • Not wanting to be treated like a sex object
  • Not being comfortable with his god tier outfit
  • Being attractive

Things it’s reasonable to blame Jake for

  • Basically nothing

@jaywani so i changed things up (a small amount) and may have gone a little overboard with your request 😅 but i loved it so, so much!!! i hope you enjoy!! ((ps i didn’t include anything about Todd wearing Dirk’s jacket here but um. i may or may not be working on a second prompt fill to fit that specifically so um. stay tuned! 💖💖💖))

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anonymous asked:

this would probably still be pretty big but could you do a very brief analysis of what the situation in this post might be like? reipx,tumblr,com/post/110611945636/

Aight. The post linked in this ask basically consists of the following pictures:

Jake the Witch of Hope
Dirk the Knight of Heart
Roxy the Seer of Void
Jane the Heir of Life

Jade the Page of Space
John the Maid of Breath
Rose the Rogue of Light
Dave the Prince of Time

You’re actually in luck here, because a lot of these flips are actually titles that I’ve written up characters for in the past. (Those are the titles that I’ve bolded, if you’re interested. Not all of them were in the same story; off the top of my head, the Heir of Life, Maid of Breath and Prince of Time were all in the same universe, while the other three were in another story together.)

Anyway, uh, this is still gonna be hella brief. I’ve got a god damn monster post in the works that should be coming out this weekend.

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th4nkyoub3n  asked:

what kind of emotion is Gamzee

Gamzee manifests and puts Equius in the kernel right after Dirk nearly kills AR, cracking the shades just like Equius’s glasses… would it be accurate to say Gamzee was repeating Dirk’s action? Gamzee created Tavrisprite in response to Jane pondering whether she could force Jake to love her, so the introduction of Equius is meant to mirror Dirk’s breakdown? Gamzee himself seems to be an agent of confusion, and his actions convey how that confusion is resolved?

Though I don’t know why he manifested for Caliborn, or what the significance is, if any, that Gamzee remains by his side from that point on. You could argue that Caliborn was very confused at the start of his boring planetary key-fetch quest, but that’s a little weak and would maybe carry the implication that he exists in a perpetual state of confusion? Though the arguments with his own thoughts in the narrative prompt would certainly reinforce that idea…

Idk, hard to say

Tangential speculation, but I wonder if it’s relevant that Equius was crushing glasses (of milk) way back when he was introduced? Just like Dirk is crushing glasses here. Which could lend milk the symbolic essence of what is contained within glasses, ie eyes or the gaze? Milky whites…