action comics 19

Action 19 - Andy Diggle’s only issue

One year before Superman #1 (present time).

Clark and Lois have known each other and worked together 4 years by this time.  The heat in these panels was scorching hot!  But that’s all gone now …   Lois isn’t available to write about in Action anymore.  The book that created her!

Clark was a reporter, but now he’s not.  He quit the Daily Planet when he found out Lois was moving in with her boyfriend of approximately one year.  He’s a blogger now with Cat who only reports infotainment.  Something he more than angrily accused Lois of doing.

And he’s a blogger that doesn’t write. That means no income.  Is he making diamonds out of coal to keep his apartment?  Has he lost his apartment because of non-payment of rent?  

We know he’s dating Wonder Woman and battling aliens & monsters left and right.  So he’s completely abandoned his Clark Kent life … for the fauxmance.   Then why bother being Clark Kent at all?  Why want to keep his relationship with Wonder Woman as Superman a secret if that’s the only part of his life he’s living or plans on ever living.

Spoke a little too soon there Lois … guess Clark isn’t ready to return to writing about social injustice and corruption.  Making a difference in the minds and lives of humanity.   He’s all about the alien muscle now. 

Superman fans are only getting 1/3 of the mythology that has lasted 75 years.  Two years and counting … how long will this go on?