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American Ultra (2015)
dir. Nima Nourizadeh

Ghostbusters (2016), Dir. Paul Feig Review

The movie that started a million YouTube arguments around the world, now on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital is actually a quite surprising success in my own head. Let it be known that, in my mind, and the minds of many, MANY of my friends, this reboot of the beloved 1984 Ivan Reitman classic is actually an incredible example of what modern comedy and action with incredible special effects can do when blended together well. Even those who hated the movie could probably agree that the final 20 minutes in Times Square with the four lead women kicking ghost ass was at least visually stunning. I remember seeing it in the theater in 3D when it came out and I was sitting with my mouth agape the entire sequence; ghosts being flipped over and thrown around with guns that shoot proton lassos at them, specters getting punched in the face by the incomparable Melissa McCarthy, and proton grenades exploding ghouls into that famous slime substance all over the famous New York landscape. For a reboot, it was surprisingly original.

On to the cast, obviously for a comedy, you want funny leading actors, and in my opinion, they picked five of the funniest people around, one that was a surprise. Starting with the four main Ghostbusters, Kristen Wiig is, of course, great in her role as a semi-uptight college professor who just doesn’t quite seem like she fits in. She’s got an interesting quirk of believing in ghosts, but the scientific community doesn’t validate that theory, so she hides it. Her role is possibly the most unsurprising of the four, as she fits it so well, it almost seems like we’ve seen it before, and we probably have, but it feels right and comfortable instead of boring and seeming like a retread of another character.

Melissa McCarthy is once again the more outspoken and loud comedienne, but she is also a very physical actor. Her facial expressions are absolutely priceless throughout the movie. She ends up being a badass too, similar to her role in 2015’s Spy, another Paul Feig action-comedy. It’s really entertaining to see her mix her previous obnoxiousness with some more restrained comedy styles.

Leslie Jones is not for everyone, but in this movie, that’s exactly who she plays; an anybody. She is the one off the street who can give the other nerds a taste of how “normal” people see things. She is also a little more restrained in her comedic stylings, and it actually fits very well into the film, mixing well with the others.

And now, my personal favorite of the four, Kate McKinnon. She is absolutely nuts as Holtzmann. McKinnon somehow takes a character that is completely crazy and makes her very lovable and an absolute laugh riot. She’s the most science driven of the group, constantly just saying words that I know I don’t understand, but the way she says them with such confidence and knowhow actually helped me follow along really well.

Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth is probably the most surprising success of this movie. He genuinely made me laugh so hard I could not breath in parts of this movie. He was genuinely funny while also being so dumb that you could tell it just wasn’t his character’s fault and it genuinely brought in some sorrow.

The guest actors that Paul Feig brings into every one of his movies come in and, as usual, are incredible. There are cameos galore and that’s all I’ll say about that, in case you haven’t seen the movie yet.

I personally rate this movie at 9/10, even though I know this goes against the grain of most people, but I personally loved it. It’s totally alright if you disagree, and if you do, (kindly) let me know in the comments! Also give me ideas for more movies to review! Thanks everyone, and have a great day!


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NOW YOU SEE ME 2 (2016)
Grade: D

I didn’t like the first one either. They could do so much more with this concept. Cause it is a good concept.Instead, it comes off cheesy and unrealistic. Too much like a corny Ocean’s 11 with bad magic. Skip it.