action collie


We went up the hills today & on reaching the summit, Flynn got the zoomies & spent several minutes amusing me by just haring round & round rocks. He tried quite hard to get me to join in but as I lack his agility & would undoubtedly have twisted my ankle, I declined! I played cheerleader instead ;-)

It’s so cool seeing Flynn’s character come out now he’s no longer in pain from that bad kidney. 2 months post-op & not only is he a non-bitey bitey-dog but more & more, he wants to engage & play with me. He’s doing silly little things like attempting to entice me to chase him, or finding a stick, then teasing me with it, in the hopes I’ll make a grab for it & we can play tug. Even when I’ve put his lead on & we’re walking home, he’ll be dancing backwards, attempting to force me into games. Happy puppy!!


Today Flynn & I had a lovely walk with my auntie’s family & their cute young Cocker Spaniel, Bertie. Bertie is a real sweetie & was very keen to play with Flynn. Flynn just wanted to do busy border collie stuff: herding, herding, chasing his toy, more herding ;-)

ps after the disaster of my kit lens breaking early in the week, I went into town & luckily, found an afforable replacement. It’s 2nd hand but in very good condition & comes with a 2 year warranty, so I’m happy!