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Don’t You Know How To Knock? [Pt. 8/END]

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Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

“Tell me why you’re scared of me, beautiful,” he whispered against your lips. “Tell me so I can do whatever I can to put those fears to rest”.

You swallowed. He had all the answers. He knew all the right things to say. He was everything you wanted, right in front of you, close enough to take.

“Because I love you. I have for a long time”.

Barely able to fight the smile that tugged the corners of his lips up, he wasted no time in releasing your waist to cup your face.

His lips were soft as they pressed gently against yours, taking your words and showing you the sentiment was mutual.

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Genre: Fluff
Words: 1,548
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of stalking, self-defense fighting
Summary: Soulmate AU in which one’s heartbeat becomes perfectly in sync with their soulmate’s once they meet.

A/N: I’m hoping to make this a series if it gets enough of a response! Let me know what you think.

“Natasha, I don’t want to go to the gym!”

Your friend, and also your roommate, dragged you by your arm to the downtown fitness center. She had forced you to change into athletic leggings and a t-shirt, convincing you that the two of you were going to go do yoga. She lied.

She turned her head back toward you as she swung the door open. “I’m doing this for your own good.”

The training area was large, much larger than you expected, and had high ceilings with large black tubes connecting to the air conditioning vents. The rest of the area was filled with a check-in desk, doors that connected to what you guessed were locker rooms, several red mats, a black boxing area with a ring that was colored in white and red, a running track, and a large number of weight lifting machines.

You could hear the clanking of weights and grunts from somewhere behind the boxing ring, but you didn’t focus on the people. Instead, you focused on the frustration in Natasha’s tone.

You rolled your eyes, wincing as she pulled your arm harder to get you to go toward the check-in area. It didn’t look as if anyone was around. “I’m fine- I will be fine.”

Natasha whipped around, finally dropping your arm as she gave you a sharp look. “You are being stalked, (Y/N). This isn’t up for debate. You’re getting self-defense lessons.”

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how to do the most you can with what you have when what you have is nothing by fauchevalent

“Rough day?”

She gives a wet laugh.

“You could say that, yeah.”

or - a runaway bride au.

He’s driving past the water tower when he sees her, all lace and taffeta hiked up around her knees and a veil tossed beside her in the grass.
Percy has the fleeting thought that she might actually want to be left alone, but then her thumb flicks into the air and he pulls over. He doesn’t usually pick up hitchhikers - especially not ones with such clear emotional baggage - but hey, there’s a first time for everything, right? Or at least, that’s what he tells himself as she climbs into his passenger seat, veil still discarded on the ground, and offers him a gentle smile.


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Mornings with Dean

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Genre : Fluff 

Word Count : 1659

A/N : This is just a scenario that my friend wanted me to write for her & yes I did put myself in my own scenario … because i can . - . ( fight me ) and i decided to just post it on here :) i hope you guys enjoy ! <3 

You wanted to wake up with the birds singing and the sun warming up your little toes, not your phone vibrating against the table. The sound resonating in the quiet morning as if it was an earthquake. You groaned as you slung your arm towards the table, grabbing your phone.

You had a rough day at work last night, having to help your best friend Christian with a music video he was directing for the oh so popular, Kim Jiwon or Bobby as his stage name claimed to be. The Whole crew had gathered together to begin filming at 12 pm and Christian had announced that the first half of the video should be filmed and done by 9 pm, but that didn’t go as planned:

Bobby was late by 4 hours resulting in the promised time to be pushed back, they argued over each other’s ideas, and the set had just decided to fall apart on top of you…literally. You were lucky enough to walk away from it without any injuries, only a few minor scratches here and there.

“ Hello? ” you groaned through the device, not even bothering with checking the caller ID.

“ Hey it’s Christian, meeting is at four but I told the prick to meet us at 12. How’re you feeling? ” “ I’m feeling it now” you grumble, stretching a bit feeling the soreness in the legs.

He chuckles, “ Sorry its early but Linda and I had to take Lori to the Vet for her checkups and I needed to kill time. ” You hear another voice in the background, most likely Linda’s, “ Alright I’ll let you go back to sleep. Oh and Don’t forget to take pain killers, it’s going to be another long night. I’ll call if there’s anything else. ” You let out hum of agreement before hanging up and checking the time, letting out an aggravated groan: 7:00 am.

You threw your phone back on top of the table, before turning back into the bed. You nearly got a heart attack, body shaking from the scare; Hyuk was here, sound asleep. You let out whispers of curses, clutching onto your chest as you tried to settle your heart down. You haven’t seen him in what feels like years when really, he was only gone for a couple of months, 2 to be exact.

It was always like this whenever he needed to get songs done for the album. he’d pack his belongings and would camp in his studio, letting the receptionist know not to let you into his studio no matter what. There were the rare occasions you did get to see him, through the screen of your phone. He’d always FaceTime you in the middle of filming. Christian would spot the brightness of your phone and would immediately call it a day, using “ he needs you ” as an excuse. Even though he wasn’t wrong because Facetiming nights were always the hard nights.

Hyuk would be at his breaking point. He’ll always FaceTime you whenever he was extremely stressed out and it always broke your heart to see the effect of it. But Despite looking so wrecked, he’ll never express it. “ I need my Muse. ” and that’s all he says before you tell him about your day, in hopes it’ll ease his mind a bit. And here he was, in your bed, the duvet only covering half of his body, exposing his bare back, as his arm laid across your lap.

You watch as his upper body would rise and then fall, lips slightly parted, some parts of his hair sticking up in different directions, and a few strands falling down his forehead. You notice he’s wearing the pair of earrings you got him for his 20th birthday but you also notice something else: the art that had covered parts of his neck and shoulder. Was this even real? You wondered.

It might have been fake for his music video or something. You thought. You cautiously reached your hand over and scratched at the piece of art, wondering if any pieces would fall off, but they didn’t. Hyuk mumbled a bit, slightly smacking his lips, before the arm that was on your lap gripped at your thigh and pulled you in closer to him. You almost screamed due to the sudden action, you clutched onto your chest as you had to calm your breathing for the second time. You went back to examining the tattoo, when did he even get this? Why hasn’t he told you about it? More importantly, what did it even represent? I’ll have to ask when he gets up.

Pushing the thought aside you moved your attention to his face, the face of the man that you oh so desperately had wanted to see. You pushed the strands of hair that had covered his face aside, letting your hand linger on his cheek. He was only gone for two months yet, it’s as if he had aged within those months. His eye bags more prominent than before, he’d managed to lose the baby fat on his cheeks, his jawline was noticeable and you began worrying if he had forgotten to eat his meals. Despite not wanting to see you, you still sent in daily reminders to make sure he eats and you know he sees them. You had to beg him to put the read recipient on for you:

“ It puts my heart at ease when I know you’ve seen my messages at least.” You stated.

You laid back down, only for him to bring your body against his. Feeling his heat transfer onto your body and your glad it isn’t summer, otherwise you’d have to push him away.

Precious, is what you’d describe him asleep. You wanted to protect him and shower the man with love, you blame his baby like features.
Easygoing yet determined, is what you’d describe him personality wise. Hyuk has never gotten mad at you, even when you had accidentally deleted one of his songs he had been working on. You remember apologizing countless of times and Instead of screaming at you, he just looked at you with an expression that wasn’t describable. He was probably choking you in his mind and maybe throwing you out the window but he nonchalantly shrugged, “ it’s okay babe, it sucked anyways. ” He ended up staying up all night writing a big hit for VIXX, Voodoo Doll. Hyuk’s been composing songs even before the two of you began dating, even managing to collaborate with the big artists such as your good friend Hyoseob or Crush, Zico, he even co-wrote Beyoncé’s song Halo. You couldn’t help but feel proud, a huge smile cascading over your features as you planted a kiss on his parted lips. After realizing what you’ve done, you let out a light gasp. You’ve never initiated a kiss before, scared that you might come off desperate or clingy. You glance over at his face in hopes you didn’t wake him, but he simply lets out a small groan. Initiating a kiss wasn’t bad, it felt … Good, it made you feel … Cool.

A smirk taking over your face at the sudden idea. You gave him a peck on the lips again and when you noticed no reaction you gave him one on the nose before continuing to pepper kisses across his face. Hyuk merely groaned before rolling onto his back, left hand arm covering his face. Given the opportunity, you sat on top of him; legs on both sides of his waist before peppering his face again with kisses, trailing them down his neck, grazing over his new tattoo, and down his chest before trailing back up. Only to be met with sleepy eyes Hyuk. You giggled nervously, “ morning ” before he rolls the two of you over, smothering you in kisses as he hums, “ what did I do to deserve to be woken up so lovely? ” You stuck out your tongue towards him before he begins smothering you with kisses again.

He touches noses with you before he kisses you on the lips, hands gripping your waist as yours are around his neck. It’s the kiss you’ve been waiting for, for two whole long months. The kiss is slow and sensual, he’s running his hands up and down your waist occasionally squeezing them. You break away from the kiss to catch your breath but Hyuk isn’t letting up.

He kisses down your jaw and down to your neck, tugging at the skin from there and on your shoulder. “ God I missed this, ” he whispers into your ear before latching himself onto the crook of your neck. You let out a gasp, running your fingers through his hair. “ and this. ” he says before bringing his attention back onto your lips and by this time he’s already grinding into you. “ I missed you. ” he says, stopping everything as he looks you into your eyes. He sits up tugging you along with him so that your positioned on his lap, legs on either side. He runs his fingers through your hair before he lets them linger on your cheek. No words are exchanged as the two of you continue to stare at each other.

He breaks the blissful moment before squishing your cheeks together and giving you a peck on the lips. He’s a giggling mess as he notices the shock on your face and you just watch the way his eyes disappear when he laughs. You cross your arms, turning your head to the side as you pout. He riles you up only to leave you hanging.

He lets out a sigh of content before, turning your head to meet his gaze. It goes silence once again and he brings you down for another kiss, “ I’m home, love.”

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how about some fluffy goodness of prompto's s/o peppering light kisses over the barcode on his wrist? maybe reassuring him, doting on him, whatever you'd like!

I hope you don’t mind anon, but I took this  idea and morphed it into a little summer lovin’ drabble. 

I’m not kidding when I say that I was grinning from ear to ear like an absolute idiot while typing this.😆

It’s light, fun, and fluffy ⇢

The 3 best adjectives in the english language

Puppy love vibes ↓ 🐶

Song: “Oh, It Is Love” by Hellogoodbye

“I will never understand how in the world Prompto Argentum, the daydreaming, imaginative, photographer extroirdinare’s favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla!”

The blonde drew his attention from the frozen custard in his grasp, his expression of sugary excitement turning to mock defense.

“It just so happens that I like to add rainbow sprinkles on top now and again, little lady.”

His guise of confidence could be easily seen through, a small smile peeling from the edges of his lips.

The sight of his playful pose with the treat in tandom with his innocent face invited a myriad of butterflies to flutter about in my stomach.

“Oh, well in that case, excuse me. I didn’t know my boyfriend had such a rebellious taste in soft serve.”

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6 please

6. Who’s bigger in the downstairs department (metaphorically or physically)?
They’d both surprised each other with this one. Jughead hated to be one to label based on appearances but practically everybody in Riverdale considered Betty their girl next door. Perfectly pristine ponytails, not an ounce of lint on her bubblegum pink sweaters, innocently wide green eyes.

But he knew different, and only him. He stared up at her now, where she was perched on his lap above him, shirt long discarded so that he could run his hands appreciatively over the crimson lace of her bra, palms braced on his chest to keep him in his place as his eyes clouded with a hazy lust. Her chest was heaving, eyes dark, her hair loose and falling over her shoulders in tussled waves, mussed from the way he carded his fingers through it constantly as she worked her lips, her teeth, over his flushed skin. Her hips circled over his own in a delicious torment, biting her lip against a grin, swollen and dark pink from his desperate kisses, at the groan that came from deep inside his chest at her actions. His hands clutched tightly at her hips, thumbs skimming the soft skin just below the waistband of her jeans. This was one place, one moment between them, where Betty felt entire in control, and Jughead would be damned if he said he wasn’t one hundred percent ok with letting her have her way with him.

And Betty? Well, she’d have a few choice words to say, if she was the type to spill their secrets, about the things his long, graceful fingers were capable of doing to her. They weren’t just for typing, that’s for sure…

“If you love someone, you tell them. Even if you’re scared that it’s not the right thing. Even if you’re scared it’ll cause problems. You say it, you say it loud.” Part Two

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Written by Christina and Danielle 

Category: Angsty with a bit fluff

Word Count: 2160

A/N: Y’all are cray cray. You wanted a part two to “If You Love Someone, You Tell Them.” Here it is! Danielle and I both worked on it, so hopefully this satisfies your desires for a second part. Also, thank you for 100 followers!!! We love you all! :) 

Part One is here 

After a couple hours of studying, you realized that you and Peter had gradually moved closer to each other and were now sitting right next to each other. Now that you two finished studying, you were aware of how close you were to Peter. You are the first to break the awkward silence, “So….”

“So…” Peter says back to you. You rack up the courage to look at him and notice something is different.

“You put on your glasses,” you say more as a statement rather than a question. Peter rarely wore his glasses anymore. When he did wear them, it was when he was focused on schoolwork.

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another world pt. 1

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pairing: johnny x reader
genre: walking dead!au
summary: In a time of desperation, you do something that puts no only yours, but everyone in the city’s life at risk.
warnings: violence, mild language

pt. 2

It was supposed a simple task.

One you’d done plenty of times before, almost everyday in fact. To get into one of the many abandoned stores, grab what you needed, and leave. Sure, some trips would be smoother than others, but you’d always make it out alive, and hopefully, unscathed. 

But today was different. Today you weren’t sure if you’d ever see the light of another day as you stared at your predicament.

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@windycarnage has this really nice comic about Will being Nico’s pharmacist and, well. my mom is a pharmacist so this is like a “if i could make being a pharmacist less boring it would be this” sorta thing. 

sorta made nico a methadone patient. methadone pharmacies are way more interesting than regular pharmacies anyway. dunno if I should continue this but consider it an intro of sorts lmao. also set in Canada bc im canadian


Nico was pretty pissed that he was evicted. So pissed, in fact, that he almost wanted to key his (then ex) landlord’s car. To be honest, he just didn’t have the energy to do anything except look through the internet for any cheap apartments that someone with thousands in student loans could afford.

There weren’t really very many, but he managed one in Brantford (lucky him), and within the week, he’s moved out and into his (sorta) new apartment.

“You’re what? I’m being evicted? I’ve been paying my rent on time, mostly, and I haven’t damaged any appliances or disrupted anyone, so-”

“It’s not that, Mr. di Angelo, it’s just that I can’t have someone with your history in this apartment building, I’m very sorry.”

“What the fuck do you mean- ‘My History’ - what ‘history’ are you referring to, exactly?”

“You know exactly what I mean. You have two weeks to get out, no extensions. Again, very sorry.”

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First Date

Request: “Could you do a Barry Allen imagine were they’ve liked each other for a really long time and they’re going on their first date? But then Barry has been at the restaurant for like an hour but she doesn’t pick up when he tries to call her so he goes to check on her and finds her curled up on the couch with really really bad cramps and so he goes and gets cookie dough and snuggles her and they have their first kiss?” 

Ship: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, cussing, cuddling, worry, etc.

Barry’s P.O.V

I watched her, pace back and forth across the lab. I couldn’t help but smirk at how adorable she was.. The way she furrowed her brows in concentration. The way she bit her lip and rested her chin on her head when she was in a deep thought. No matter how casual it was, she still took my breath away. And today would be the day, I finally ask her out. I stood up, placing my hands on each side of her arms. She paused, looking at me. I smirk, laughing a little. “You need to calm down. You’re pacing again.” She huffs, inquiring. “I am?” I nod. “Don’t get me wrong, I could watch you walk back and forth for the rest of my life, but I think you started putting burns on the floor.” She blushed, rubbing the back of her neck. 

I put my warm hands on her cold neck. “Hey why don’t we hang out sometime this weekend? Get away from all this drama.” When she smiled, my heart leaped out of its chest. She was absolutely breath taking. Her voice was full of light. “Yeah I would like that. What do you have in mind?” I take away my hands from her neck, immediately missing her touch. I shrugged. “Dinner?” Her eyes went wide. “Wait like a date?” I looked down, then back up smiling. “Yeah…like a date..” She nodded, walking out. As soon as she left I fist pumped the air, clicking my feet together. 

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Later that day, I texted (Y/n) the address and time of our date. I couldn’t stop pacing. Iris sat on the couch giggling. “What’s got your panties in a bunch?” I send her a glare, as I continue to pace. “I have a date this Saturday an-” Before I could finish, she jumped up from the couch. “YOU HAVE A DATE?! WITH WHOM!?” I blush, crimson. “(Y/n)..” She grins. “AWE!! That is so cute!! I totally ship it! But why are you pacing?” I roll my eyes. “Because I really like this girl.. I mean like REALLY like her.. And I don’t want to fuck it up.” I stop, rubbing my neck. She gets up, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry. You’ll be fine. I’ll help you pull out an outfit.” I grinned. “Thanks.” She turned, looking at me. “Ya know, you shouldn’t be worried. She said yes to you because she loves your personality. All you do is need to be yourself.” I grin, nodding my head. 

That Saturday..

I pressed my hands down on my pants, straightening out the crevasses. I spray some deodorant on, wafting myself. When I walk out, Iris nods in approval. “You look great! Now don’t forget your wallet, phone and keys.” I roll my eyes, laughing. “Thanks mom.” She smacks my arm, playfully. I rub it, groaning dramatically. “Ouch!” She giggles. “Oh please, that wasn’t hard.” Before I leave, I turn around. “Should I get her flowers? Or chocolate? Or-” She put both her hands on my arms, stopping me. “Barry, you’ll be fine.” She pushed me out the door, shouting. “Go get’em tiger!” 

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I shake my head laughing. When I get in my car, I blast some inspirational music to get me going. I sing the lyrics and shimmy to the motion on the way there. When I finally arrive, my heart stops. You’ll be okay.. I tell myself. I waltz up to the door, grinning. “Hi, reservations for Barry Allen?” The little old lady returned with a gentle smile. “Barry Allen, party of two?” I nod, unable to stop myself from grinning. “Yeah! She’ll be here soon though. I just want to make everything perfect.” She giggles. “First date?” I rubbed my head as I followed her. “How’d you know?” She laughs. “Takes one to know one.” I nod. “I hope she likes it. This girl means the world to me.-” I stopped, blushing. “Sorry, I’m like gushing out my secrets to you. It must be boring.” She chuckled. “Darling, young love is so precious. It brightens my day actually. Here are your seats. And good luck.” 

I thank her before taking a seat. I tapped my foot on the ground, checking my watch every so often. Only 7:15. She must have gotten stuck in the traffic. She’ll be here. I play with my utensils. The fork and knife clash at each other. I mutter under my breath. “Ya! You will not get me today haha!” After a few seconds, I realize two kids are staring at me. I set the utensils down, smiling at them. Immediately, they look away, giggling. I then put my focus on my spoon. Lifting it up, I whisper. “I have a spoon.” Without thinking, I burst out laughing. It reminded me of a humorous YouTube video I’d seen recently. After what felt like ages, I check the time again; 7:55. It’s been almost an hour since when we were suppose to meet. 

Immediately, I bolt up from my seat and ran over to the kind lady. “Can you cancel my reservations.” Her brows furrowed. “Is everything okay dear?” I shrug. “I don’t know, she didn’t show up. It’s not like her.” She smiled. “Go get her. I’ll take care of the reservations.” I grinned, thanking her before running out the door. I called Caitlyn. “Hey Caitlyn, do you know where (Y/n) is?” She inquired. “I thought she was on her date with you?” I shook my head. “It’s been an hour and she didn’t show up. I’m worried. It’s not like her. Can you track her phone?” I heard the sound of clicking before I could finish. “Already on it. I’ll call you when I find out.” I nod. “Okay thanks.” 

I jogged down the street, at a normal human pace. My mind fuzzy and worried. I stopped at the walkway, checking my phone again. As soon as I pulled it out, Caitlyn’s contact showed up on my screen. “She’s at her house.” I let out a deep breath. “Thanks Caitlyn.” I shove my phone into my pocket before sneaking off to an abandon ally. After making sure the coast was clear, I bolted over to her house. My heart seemed to be in my throat instead of my chest. It was beating more than I thought humanly possible. When I arrived, I slammed my fist on the door. It was quiet, too quiet. I turned the doorknob; opening it with ease. My brows furrow, as I scanned the room. The tension left when I laid eyes on (Y/n). 

She was curled up awkwardly on the couch. Clearing my throat, I asked. “I hope I wasn’t too much of a bore for you to skip out on me for Netflix.” She turned her head, jumping slightly. At this action, she clutched her stomach, groaning. Immediately, I sat next to her. Concern washing over my features. She croaked. “I would never skip out on a date with you.” My heart fluttered, brows furrowing. She tried sitting up, just to crumble to her same position. “I- umm..I have really bad cramps. Like I’ve never had them this bad before. And I couldn’t text you because I left my phone on the counter.. And I can’t get up..I’m sor-” Before she could finish, I shushed her. “Hey hey hey, you have nothing to be sorry for. The human body has a lot of control over you. It’s okay.” 

She smiled and then grimaced. My brows furrowed. “Is there anything you need? The date is still up for grabs? I could get some food and we could cuddle up on the couch?” She grinned, blushing. “Cuddle?” My eyes widened, cheeks flushing. “Cuddle? What?! No? We don’t have to cuddle?-” She shushed me, laughing. “Barry, I was just kidding. I would love to cuddle with you.” I grinned. “Is there anything you want me to get?” I say, standing up. She muttered, loud enough for me to hear. “I like cookie dough.” I grinned. “Coming right up!” I bolt out of her house, buying the largest tupper ware of cookie dough I could find. When I came back, I grabbed two spoons from her drawer and plop down next to her. She takes the giant container, grinning. My brows furrow. “You look really uncomfortable.” She shrugs. “My pillow fell and I can’t move.” 

I blushed. “Want me to be your pillow?” Her cheeks turned crimson, laughing. “That was really cheesy.” I shrugged. “But it worked didn’t it?” She shakes her head. I get up, lifting her top form up so I can shimmy in. When she rests her head on my chest, my heart beat quickens. We switch on the TV, browsing for a little while until we stumble upon Star Trek. She grins, looking up at me. Her gorgeous eyes made my heart stop. She turns her face towards mine. “You okay?” I look down, giving a short laugh. “I’m just the luckiest person alive.” Her brows furrow. “What do you mean?” I grin. “I’m on a date with the most beautiful woman in the world.” She looks down, shaking her head. “I’m not-” I stop her, before she could finish. “You are. You are absolutely stunning. Every time I look at you, I swear I forget how to breathe.”

I place my palm on her cheek. “You are beautiful. Never ever doubt that.” I look down and then back up. “And if you ever need a reminder, I’m more than willing to inform you.” She looked like she was on the edge of tears. “What?” I ask her, rubbing my thumb over her cheek. She giggles, launching herself forward. Our lips collide for the first time. All of the little feelings I had before multiplied. We moved in a passionate and glorious motion. I knew at this moment, there was nobody else I wanted to kiss more than her. 

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When she let go, she rested her head against mine. Our breaths seemed to fall in time. A few seconds later, we both burst out laughing. “That was amazing. Not bad Barry Allen.” I shrugged casually. “Nothing to it.” Her brows shot up. “Oh okay.” She snuggled her head on my chest. We soon fell into a deep and amazing slumber. 

(I hope you liked it!!) 

Child Seth Rollins

Requested by Anon: I was wondering if you could do a request. Seth is Hunter and Stephanie’s kid but Seth is little and Dean and Roman spoil him and protect him like big brothers


“Come on Seth, it’s time to head to the arena.” Hunter says standing up from the couch. “Can I bring my action figure daddy?” Seth asks looking up at him with his brown eyes. “Of course bud, let’s go before your mother calls again.” Hunter says grabbing Seth’s hand and leading him out of the hotel.

When they show up to the arena, Hunter lets Seth get on his back so he can’t wander away while he’s doing something. “Daddy look, there’s Roman and Dean!” Seth says happily. “I see them bud, we’ll go over there in a minute and talk to them.” He says turning back to talk to a production crew member.

Hunter finishes talking and walks over to where Dean and Roman are. “Hey little dude, what’s up?” Dean asks holding a fist out. Seth pounds his fist with Dean’s. “Just walking around with my daddy and my action figure.” He says showing Dean and Roman his action figure.

“That’s a pretty awesome action figure little man.” Roman says smiling at him. “Daddy can I go hang out with Dean and Roman?” Seth asks looking at Hunter. “I don’t want to bother them Seth.” He says looking at him. “Nah Hunter it’s fine, we have nothing else better to do so he can hang with us for a bit.” Dean says.

“Alright if you say so. Now Seth don’t act up or anything okay? You know how to act in public so don’t show out and stay near these two.” Hunter says. “Okay daddy, I love you!!” Seth says hugging him. “Love you too bud, now go have fun.” Hunter says handing Seth over to Dean.

“Call me if you need anything.” Hunter says walking away. “So Seth, we got you this really cool present the other day.” Roman says smiling. “Really?” Seth asks while his eyes open really wide. “Yeah, Dean saw it and said you’ll love it so we decided to get it.” Roman says opening the door to their locker room.

Seth looks over the room and sees a bag sitting on the floor. Dean notices him staring at the bag so he sits Seth down saying, “Go over there and open it.”

Seth walks over to the bag and takes the wrapping tissue out of it. He gasps when he notices it’s a new action figure. He runs over to Roman and Dean and yells, “Thank you so much! I love it!”

Roman laughs and hands Seth the action figure. “You’re welcome bud, I knew you would like it.” Dean says laughing. Seth sits on the floor learning how to work his new action figure when someone walks in the locker room.

He looks up and sees his mom standing there smiling. “Hey Sethie, I haven’t seen you all afternoon.” His mom says looking at him. “Look mommy, Dean and Roman got me a new action figure!” Seth exclaims showing Stephanie his new toy.

“I see it Seth, did you thank them?” She asks. “Yes ma'am.” He says. “Alright good, I just wanted to come check on you and to tell Dean and Roman that they have a segment at the beginning of Raw.” She says looking at them.

They nod and Seth gives her a hug before she leaves. “Alright, so I guess we should head to the gorilla and hand you over to your father.” Roman says. Dean walks over to Seth and lets him get on his back.

They walk out of the locker and head towards the gorilla. “Well well, look who we have here.” A voice says down the hall. Dean turns around to see Bray Wyatt at the end of the hall.

“Why don’t you leave us alone Wyatt before we have a problem.” Dean says. “I’m not here to start anything Dean, besides I’m here to talk to little ole Sethie here.” Bray says. “You’re not getting anywhere near him Wyatt.” Roman says stepping in front of Dean and Seth.

“Look at big daddy Roman trying to protect his family.” Bray says laughing. Seth tightens his arms around Dean and Dean says, “I don’t think you want to start anything with Hunter’s son right here because if you lay one finger on him, it’s not us you’ll have to worry about.”

Bray gives him a small smile and says, “It’s not Sethie who I’m going to hurt, but don’t worry, we’ll have our time.” Bray turns around and walks away and Dean checks on Seth.

“Let’s get him to Hunter before something goes down.” Roman says pushing them towards the gorilla.

Hunter sees them walking up and sees the way Seth is holding onto Dean. “What happened?” Hunter asks walking up to them. Roman explains everything while Dean hands Seth over to Hunter.

Seth snuggles his head into his dad’s neck and Hunter says, “I’ll look after him right now. As for Bray, I’ll deal with him later on.” They nod and look at Seth.

“He’s still pretty shaken up about it but I made sure Wyatt wouldn’t get near him.” Dean says. “Well thanks Dean.” Hunter says. He nods and a production crew member comes by telling Dean and Roman to start heading to the ring.

They send a nod towards Hunter and
Seth and walk away. Hunter sits down and sits Seth on his lap. He notices the new action figure Seth is clutching to his chest. “Hey bud, where did this come from?” Hunter asks trying to make him feel better.

“My new action figure Dean and Roman gave me.” He says lifting his head off Hunter’s chest to show him. “That looks really cool. What all does it do?” Hunter asks. Seth brightens up and starts showing his dad what his action figure could do.

Dean and Roman finish their segment and walk backstage to see Seth smiling and showing Hunter what all his toy could do. “You know, he’s the only kid besides your daughter that I actually like.” Dean says laughing.

“Yeah I know, you protect him like your own brother and it’s pretty cute.” Roman says laughing. “It’s not cute, it’s manly. Besides you protect him too.” Dean says. “Yeah but I’m not overly protective like you are.” Roman says still laughing. “Whatever you say Roman, whatever you say.” Dean says shooting him a bird.

I actually loved writing this! I hope I get to write more like this in the future.

anonymous asked:

Can we get a Frederick x Robin fic with a jealous Frederick please? :') btw I love your writing!

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

He couldn’t stand it anymore. He tried, really Frederick tried, to keep a level head. But when his wife is constantly surrounded by men at all hours of the day, every day, it’s difficult to accomplish. It happened in pieces.

From the morning, Ricken having stolen you away to help him perfect techniques with magic. He’d been passing by, checking on one of the campfires, and he caught sight of him grasping your hands. His grip on the log in his hands tightened.

Virion winked at you while he strolled by, despite you having been taken by the valiant knight for literal months. If anything it was his fault you two were even married! And here he was, flirting with you out in the open? 

Frederick had him assigned to stable duty a few minutes after.

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[Mark] Teacher’s Pet (Chapter Forty)

All Chapters

“See, baby? Easy.” Mark says once he’s done configuring my new laptop. Today is Friday, and I’m hanging at Mark’s place before going to spend the weekend with Dorice. We didn’t see each other since the dinner at my house, and I want to spend some time alone with my man before having to behave around his mother. We’re both sitting cross-legged on the edge of his bed.

“I can use it, now?” I ask, relived. I’ve been struggling with it for a couple of days, and I don’t know crap about informatics.

“Yes.” He hands me my laptop, and it’s perfectly configured, a picture of him and I in San Diego as my wallpaper.

“Cool. Thank you for the gift. You’re a bae.” I murmur, closing my laptop. Sweetly, I pepper little kisses on his cheek.

“A bae?” He asks, bemused. I want to laugh at him. I’m twenty six, not sixty two. Well, here is my old man.

“That’s how teens call their boyfriends and girlfriends.” I explain, dropping my new laptop on the corner of the bed.

“You used that nickname too?” He asks me. He doesn’t really like the word.

“Nope. Came out too late. I would call them ‘babe’.” I reply.

“How many ‘babes’ did you have before me?” He asks me, and the look he gives me makes me understand he’s very pleased by the idea of me calling my exes ‘babe’. I blush, not wanting to tell him.

“Abigail.” He insists, and I start giggling.

“Abigail, answer me.” He grabs my wrist, and, still giggling like a schoolgirl, I free myself from him. He gives me a wolfish grin. Oh, my.

“Are you sure you want to play that game with me?” He asks, trying to sound threatening, but the edge in his voice is not scary a all.

“If I catch you, I’ll tickle the answer out of you.” He warns me, and I bite my lip, tortured inside. I hate tickling, but I love playful Mark. Giggling, I stand.

“You’ll have to catch me first.” I tease, well aware I’m guaranteeing my death. He smirks, and adrenaline rushes in my blood. He’s still peacefully sitting on the edge of his bed.

“You know I’ll catch you.” He says, and it’s a cue. Turning on my heels, I start to run, and Mark launches himself at me. Oh my god! Laughing hysterically, I run to the living room, and then in the dining room. He corners me around the dinning table, and I am breathless. He’s on the opposite side of the table, holding the edges, and his eyes are shining with wicked delight. Holy shit, how did I get myself in this situation?

“Why are we only having this discussion now?” I breathe, trying to steady my racing heart.

“I assumed you didn’t have a past. But you do, and I want to know all of it.” He runs around the table, but I make it to the other end.

“Now you know how I feel!” I hold my hands in the air in dear-no, holy relief. He frowns, and I can see his spirit die a little.

“No. I don’t understand why you’re always, constantly dwelling on it.”

“You wouldn’t feel a little insecure if I told you that I had a boyfriend who’s the complete opposite of you and who made me the person I am today?”

“She didn’t make me the person I am, Abby. I’ve always been the way I am, but it’s only coming out now,” He says, and I can see his eyes light up again. “because of you.” He adds and launches himself at me. Oh, shit. Shrieking, I take refuge behind the couch, and he stops at the other end.

“Then how were you before?” I breathe.

“Quiet, complying, submissive.” He explains. He’s talking! I almost want to stop everything and bomb him with questions.

“In bed?” I ask, and his face falls.

“You really think I’m fucked up, don’t you?” He asks, exasperated. I shake my head. Maybe?

“It’s not about sex, okay? I was very passive, in my relationships. No chasing around my apartment.” He tries to catch me, but I protect myself behind the kitchen counter.

“Why did it never work with these women?” I ask, determined to get more information. He sighs and sags, his playful mood gone. He lean against the counter.

“Some saw me as a toyboy, some got tired of my passivity. Seriously, I can’t believe I’m having this discussion with you right now.” He says.

“I just need to know. I mean, I’m so different from everything you know.” I murmur, forgetting our little game.

“That’s what I love about you.” He stretches across the island and kisses me.

“Abby, you’ve flipped my world upside down, it’s completely different now. You cannot possibly compare yourself to my past.” He murmurs. If I’m so different from what he liked before, how can he know we’ll last?

“So, tell me. How many babes?” He asks, distracting me, and succeeding.


“Three fuckers!” He exclaims, shocked and displeased. I stare at him, my eyes wide. I shrug apologetically. When he starts to stride over to me I remember he was supposed to be chasing me. Hurriedly, I make a move to turn and run but he grabs me around my thighs, and throws me over his shoulder.

“Ah!” I shriek, surprised by his action. I clutch at his waist and start giggling. He walks in the direction of his bedroom.

“Put me down!” I scream, and I can’t stop giggling. In an excess of braveness, I smack his behind. He smacks me right back.

“Aow!” I yelp, lost in my giggle fit. Mark tosses me on his bed and I laugh hysterically as he crawls on top of me, one leg between mine.

“Okay, let’s talk about bases.” He gives me a wolfish grin.

“Did those fuckers get to base one?” He asks, taking my hands an pinning them above my head.

“One of them did.” I’m breathless.

“You made out?” He breathes, his eyes burning.

“Yes.” I whisper. He leans in an crashes his lips onto mine, kissing me hard, and I moan softly in his mouth. He runs his tongue across my bottom lip before forcing it inside my mouth, exploring me, possessing me. When he pulls away, I’m panting.

“Like this?” He breathes.

“No.” I whisper, all my blood rushing to my face.

“Did he get to base two?” He asks me.

“Yes.” I confess, and his eyes visually darken.

“He touched your breasts?” He’s dead serious, and slightly turned on.

“Yes.” I pant.

“He touched your butt?”

I nod, my mouth going dry.

He kisses me again, languorously, hard, his hands running on my sides, my stomach, my breasts, and I moan.

“Like this? Did he touch you like this?” He murmurs against my lips, his hands coming down to squeeze my butt cheeks.

“No.” I moan and lift my pelvis, my groin rubbing against his thigh.

“Did he undress you?” He pulls away from me, leaving me wanting.


“Answer me.”


“Completely?” He breathes against my lips. I groan and writhe beneath him.

“Did he completely undress you, Abby?” He asks, his voice low and seductive.


“The fucker!” Mark exclaims and gets off me. What? Lost, I sit up and see him open my laptop.

“What’s his name?” He asks, entering Safari. He just interrupted our business because of this?!

“What?” I breathe. He turns to me.

“I want to see his face.” He articulates, serious. I sag, dumbfounded.

“Mark, we were about to have sex.” I whine, and he turns back to my laptop, entering twitter.

“That was before I learnt there’s a fucker who saw you half naked before I did.” He mutters. Oh, jealous, possessive Mark Tuan in all his glory. I roll my eyes at him though he can’t see me.

“I was in my underwear, it’s like he saw me in a swimsuit.” I mutter. He turns to me and looks at me expectingly.

“His name, Abby.” He insists, and I know he’s not to be discussed.

“Tyler Reynolds.” I murmur, and he taps it in the search bar. Dozens of Tylers appear.

“Which one?” He asks me, and I point at the third one.

“That sleazeball.” He mutters and checks his profile. He makes a grimace as he scrolls down his profile. Watching above his shoulder, I learn he has a girlfriend and that he’s spending the summer in Hawaii. He stops for a moment on a picture of him and his parents, just staring. I try to gauge his expression but I cannot see from here. He turns to me, his eyes are soft.

“You were ready to have sex with him?” He murmurs so softly that I understand he’s a little bit of sadness in his voice. But I don’t really know what would upset him the most. Me once having desired someone or the fact that he could have not been my first.

“I thought I was.” I say wearily.

“What stopped you?”

“It didn’t feel right. I didn’t feel like it felt with you. Guess I was waiting for you.” I murmur, pouring my heart in my words, because they’re true. He frowns.

“That’s…” He whispers, bewildered.

“That’s such a lovely thing to say.” His face visually soften, and he seems to relax. Really relax. My subconscious shakes her head at him disapprovingly. Oh, Mark, Mark, Mark. Why does he always have to worry like this? We’ll need to work on this. But why exactly would my virginity have been a problem? Did he want me because I was a virgin?

“You would have been upset if I wasn’t a virgin when I met you?”  I ask, worried. He frowns, registering my question.

“If you’re asking if it would have changed my feelings for you, then no.” He says.

“But then if you’re asking if I would have preferred having you deflowered or virgin, then I say virgin.” He murmurs softly.


“Because it’s something special. It makes me feel special.” He gives me a small, shy and timid smile. It’s hard not to melt at his cuteness.

“You are special.” I murmur, and his smile  widens.

“Great.” He breathes and kisses me tenderly, making me fall down onto the bed. He crawls so he’s on top of me and lays between my legs, his full weight on me. Mmmh…

“The fucker got to base three.” He mutters, pulling away from me. Oh, forget about him!

“You cover all of them. Way better that him.” I breathe.

“Do I, now?” He asks, secretly pleased.

“Yes, you do. I want you. Now.” I pull him to me by the collar of his T-shirt and crash my lips on his. He replies to my kiss and moves his lips against mine, and I can feel his smug smile. He likes driving me crazy. I suck on his lower lip and run my tongue across it, and he groans. He forces his tongue inside my mouth and kisses me hard. I run my hands, up his chest, feel the muscles of his shoulders, his back, then his chest again, and he tangles his fingers in my hair, tugging gently. Mmmh….

It’s been six days since he’s last touched me; I’ve been missing his touch, so I have no patience today. Tangling my fingers in his hair, I tug firmly, tearing his mouth away from mine. We’re both panting, and Mark’s eyes are dancing.

“I want to fuck.” I breathe, feeling giddy with desire. I don’t know what’s gotten into me. Mark smirks,and I can tell he’d be more than pleased to fuck. Pulling me, he sits me up and we start to undress ourselves. Greedily, I take my T-shirt off , tossing it to the side. Mark takes his T-shirt off as well but quickly decides to focus on me and takes my high waisted shorts off, along with my panties and my bra. I am naked before him and he’s standing by the bed.

“Undress me.” He orders softly, and I am too willing to obey. Sitting on my heels, I undo the button of his jeans and unzip it. Hooking my fingers in the waistband, I slide them down his legs and he kicks them off. He’s left in his boxers, and his erection is straining against the material. He’s at my level, so accessible, I start to salivate. How long has it been since I’ve last tasted him? Days? Weeks? It feels like a century. Teasing him, I drop a soft kiss on bludge, looking at him through long lashes, asking him permission with my eyes.

Just undress me, baby.” He murmurs, and it’s like he’s warning me. I pull his boxers down and he springs free, his tip right at the level of my lips. He’s here, inches away from my lips, and he’s hard for me. He’s my treat, my guilty pleasure. Completely ignoring his reticence, I take him in my mouth.

“Abby.” He groans, trying to move away, but I grab his hips and keep him close, moaning desperately. I don’t know why I want this so much, why I like it so much, but I do, it’s unsettling, but as long as I get to have him in my mouth, I don’t care how fucked up it is.

Mark pants, and my names rolls off his tongue. Mmmh… I bob my head, taking as much of him as I can, and trying to suck as hard as I can. Having him like this, under my control, tasting his skin… it just turns me on, big time. I moan against him, and he grunts, flexing his hips. I caress his thighs, feel his abs, run my fingers through  his pubic hair and tug gently. He groans and thrusts into my mouth, and I can tell he likes this. I repeat the process, and he grabs my hair, yanking me away from him. He gazes down at me, breathless, and I’m panting, already missing the taste of him.

“Miss Kraige, you’ve made your point. I do not want to come in your mouth.” He murmurs. My inner bitch hugs herself. See what you do to him? I smirk in triumph. Provoking him, I lay down further on the bed and part my legs. He bites down on his lower lip, and his tongue skims over his top teeth. Oh, how I like having this effect on him. I love being this shameless, totally accepting my body, because I know he accepts it and loves it too. Mark gets rid of his boxers, and he looks glorious, completely naked.

“Oh, Abby, when will you learn?” He admonishes teasingly, laying between my legs. Enough with the talking, now. Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kiss him passionately. He kisses my jaw, my throat, his tongue running over my scars, sending delicious tingles to my core. His lips travel lower as he heads south, trailing his tongue between my breasts, down my stomach. He stops at my navel and swirls his tongue, biting me softly, and I groan.

Placing his hands on my inner thighs, he parts my legs some more and helps himself, mercilessly devouring me.

“Oh, yes…” I moan, tangling my fingers in his hair, holding him close as my hips sway, following his tortuous rhythm. He groans against my clitoris, and the sound reverberates everywhere.

I cry out, my breathing heaving, and Mark continues torturing me, pushing me, devouring me. His tongue circles my clitoris again and again, and I moan and groan and cry his name. My back arches off the bed, and he pushes his thumb inside of me.

“Aaaah… please.” I moan, my toes curling. His thumb is gone just as fast as it arrived, along with his mouth, and he gazes down at me. He runs his thumb across my bottom lip, spreading my wetness all over it, and then he pushes his finger in my mouth. Mmmh… salty. I’m deliciously wet, because I want him so bad. I close my eyes and savour the taste of my body’s love for him. Mark pulls his finger out of my mouth, and I open my eyes, craving for more. Mark leans in and kisses me, his tongue still tasting of me, and he kisses me hard, taking my breath away.

“Hold your knees, baby. Like this.” He murmurs, placing his hands under my knees and raising them until they’re just under my breasts, my legs spread. I obey, my scalp and my core prickling. It’s not a very graceful position, but right now I want this too much to complain. Kissing me once more, Mark eases himself inside of me.

“Aaaah!” I moan at the sensation and Mark groans. It’s so deep this way.

“So deep…” Mark moans, his voice tight.Yes… He stays still inside of me, reaching deep, and I feel him, but I want more. He bites down on his lip, his expression one of pure pleasure.

“You feel so good like this.” He murmurs, his lips brushing against mine.

“Oh, please, Mark.” I beg him to start moving, and he does, slowly easing himself out me, then inside again, so slowly, and so deeply, the friction sending waves of pleasure everywhere

“Oh, Mark.” I moan, my jaw dropping. It’s so different from everything we’ve done before, it’s… crude. Mark moans my name and trails his tongue down my throat, licking and biting my scars, adding the tingles to the fire inside of me… ah…

“Ah!” I moan as he starts to circle his hips against me, his erection moving his circles inside of me, hitting this particular spot inside of me. Fuck...

“Oh, baby.” Mark grunts in the crook of my neck, his scattered breath tickling my skin, and he’s lost too, moaning, groaning and grunting. Oh, what is this? I don’t know, but it’s strong, too strong. I surrender, relishing every sensation.

“Oh, Mark!”

“That’s right, baby. I want to hear you. Tell me you like it.” He groans, grinding against me, grinding hard. He moves against me, ravaging my insides, the friction deliciously strong, and I moan and moan my pleasure. His movements radiate so deep inside of me, the feeling is heavenly, the fullness exquisite, and I am dizzy, truly intoxicated with pleasure. Mark changes his motion, slowly easing himself out of me, and then he slams into me again.

“Aaaaah! Oh, please! Please, Mark!” I scream, lost in the pleasure. I’m consumed, smothered, and I’m gone too far now, loosing contact with reality. I’m no longer myself, I’m all sensations, everywhere, I am lost in oblivion. Mark thrusts on and on, hard, really hard, taking no prisoners, no tenderness, only his lust. We’re fucking hard, and I love it. It’s pure depravity, but it’s only him and I. I’ve never felt like this before, it’s somewhere new, like exploring a dark part of myself. It’s dark, but the pleasure is too good, too strong. And then it starts burning, inside, I feel it, and it’s something new, something intense,  something scary. No! Stop…

I feel a loss, and I’m cruelly pulled back to reality, all my senses slowly waking up.

“Jesus, Abby. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, don’t hate me, please.” I hear Mark murmur, his voice laced with anguish. What? I open my eyes, and he’s breathless, towering over me, and he has pulled out of me.

“Why did you stop?” I ask, panting. He frowns.

“Abigail, you told me to. And you were pushing me away.” He says, bewildered.

“What?” I ask, confused. What is he trying to say?

“You said ‘stop’.” He says, making me frown. What? No, I was enjoying this, really enjoying what we were doing.

“No… I…” I stutter, confused. Did I really say that? I don’t recall, but then he must have heard it, right?

“I didn’t mean it.” I frown, still not wrapping my head around the fact that could have said this. He gazes down at me, at complete loss.

“Can we do it again?” I tease, reaching up to caress his face.

“Abigail, this is one of the nightmares I have at night. You said no. You didn’t want me.” He pulls away from me, sitting back on his heels. I sit up, alarmed.

“No, I didn’t meant it. It was just so intense, I got lost in the moment. I didn’t even hear myself saying that.” I murmur. He looks lost, like a lost child…like a wounded teenager. It’s my fault.

“I’m sorry.” I stroke his cheek. He closes his eyes and sighs, then he takes my hand and kisses my palm

“Oh, Abigail-”

“Abby.” I correct. He opens his eyes, and they are still painted with fear.

“Please. Abby.” I plead. He tugs at my hand and pulls me to him, settling me on his lap. He kisses me tenderly, softly.

“Abby, let’s go take a bath. And then I’ll feel better after a good nap.” He says, pulling me off the bed. I want to protest and make him talk to me, but I know he feels vulnerable and just wants to forget for a moment. We shower quickly and slip into the bed before drifting off to sleep.

When I wake, Mark is all over me, his leg over me and his arms around me, his head on my shoulder. He’s sleeping peacefully, holding me close to him, on my side of the bed. He’s so needy on some level, and I know he’s even more vulnerable since I said no to him. Sleep will do him good, I hope. But I’m not very sleepy, so I silently slip out of his embrace.

I pour myself a glass of apple juice and wander in the apartment, finding myself in his study. I’ve never really spent much time here. Mark says he only foes there when I’m not here, but now I realize he’s going to spend more time here since he’s changing jobs. I only have a vague idea of what he wants to do, I’m not sure he knows himself. But why did he decide to quit teaching? Idly, I wonder if he’s doing this to earn more money to spend on me. But maybe I’m just overthinking this, maybe an executive is what he’s always wanted to be. And that would mean he’s not under Mrs Cooper’s influence anymore. Maybe he’s finally being who he wants to be. Suddenly I remember the words he said to me when we fought about Henry. You’re making this new side of me come out. It’s unsettling. Is that what he was saying? Is it because of me? Maybe that woman doesn’t count anymore. Perhaps I should ask him about this. I press my forehead on the window, lost in my thoughts, thinking of him and how he reacted to me telling him to stop. No matter how hard I try, I can’t explain how this word was able to come out of my mouth. I did not want to push him away. I can only imagine how it felt. He felt like he was Liam, he felt like he was abusing me. Oh, my poor Mark. I can’t believe I did this to my man. I’m so fucked up. This is going to be a deep cut for him, I know him. He’s going to feel really bad about this. What if he never touches me again? Suddenly, I hear a piercing cry.


The sound is coming from the bedroom, and it’s Mark voice. Dropping my glass on his desk, I rush to the bedroom.

“No! No!” Mark is twisting in his sleep, his eyes screwed shut and his face contorted with anguish.

“Mark, wake up!” I grab his shoulders and shake him, but it doesn’t work. He kicks the blanket off him. Shit, he having a really bad nightmare.

“Abby!” He cries loudly, and my mind starts to race. He’s dreaming of me? Hovering over him, I immobilize him and shake him as hard as I can. I can feel his erection through his sweatpants. Geez, is it a nightmare or a wet dream?

“Jesus, Mark! Wake up!” I call, and he opens his eyes wide, his breathing erratic as he sees me. He pants, staring at me with his terrified eyes.

“You left. You must have left. You left me.” He breathes as he props himself on his elbows. His voice is not even louder than a whisper.

“We were in bed, and we were making love, and then we were in his car… and you said no.” His words are rushed and his voice filled with anguish. He eyes wander nervously around the room, and then he looks at me. Really looks at me. His eyes are wide with fear.

“You pushed me away, you hit me. You said no.” He whispers as he sits up so we’re nose to nose. My heart leaps in my throat, sinks, swells and breaks at his words. Abigail, this is one of the nightmares I have at night. You said no. You didn’t want me. Oh, Mark. He’s so sensible, and he worries so much. It’s my fault. I’m the one who did this to him, I hurt him.

“Mark, it was a nightmare. You’re home, and you’re safe. It was your imagination. I woke up before you and grabbed a glass of apple juice. I was thirsty.” I explain as I caress his face, trying to soothe him. His eyes widen some more as my fingers touch his face. He takes my hand and looks at it, then he brushes his nose against my palm, my wrist, and my forearm.

“Oh, Abby.” He says in a mix of despair and relief, and he grabs the back of my head and pulls my mouth to his. He kisses me hard, as if his life depended on it, and I reciprocate, the better I can, my fingers in his hair. His tongue finds mine, and he’s relentless, desperate, scared. He fists his hand in my hair, keeping me close against him, his other one on my thigh, kneading me. He caresses me, hitching my T-shirt up until he’s cupping my naked behind.

“I need you.” He pleads in my mouth, pushing me against his erection. Oh my. Desire explodes inside of me and my body stirs against him, screaming my love for him. I start to grind against the bludge in his sweatpants.

“Yes. I need you too. I’m so sorry.” I whisper, twisting my fingers in his hair, grinding myself on him, kissing him, loving him, and he moans in my mouth.

“Abby. Oh, baby.” He breathes, both of his hands on my behind, urging me, and he thrusts back to meet my movements, his erection rubbing in all the right places.

“Oh, Mark.” I moan, relishing the sensation. His hands travel up to my hips, my stomach, hand he cups my breasts through the material of my T-shirt,His thumbs brushing against my nipples. They wake and harden against his touch, straining against the material of my cloth. He throws it over my head and his fingers start to twist them, and they elongate and harden more, while I grind myself against him, and his name rolls off my tongue once more. He stops kissing me, and I feel like I’ve run a marathon; I’ve never been so breathless in my life. He runs his tongue over my scars like he knows how to, and the feeling is exquisite.

“Aaaanh…” I mewl, throwing my head back as he runs his tongue down my neck, his hands on my breasts, and his erection against mine. Ah! This is too much, I need him, now. I want more; I want him. Shifting backwards on his lap, I hook my fingers in the waistband of his sweatpants and his boxers, my mouth on his. He lifts his pelvis and I pull both of them down enough so he springs free. I grab hold of him and slowly sink onto him.

“Oh, baby.” He moans, his expression one of pure, pure pleasure. His brow furrowed and his mouth open, he holds me close to him. Oh, my man. Slowly, I start to move my hips, back and forth, moaning against his lips as I move tentatively, sensually. His tongue searches for mine again an his lips close themselves on mine, and his hands caress me everywhere. He moans my name, and he sounds so desperate, that I want to show him how much I love him. I’ll always want him, and I’ll never push him away. I love him with all of my heart, and with all of my body. My man, my scared man. I’ve frightened him, I scared the wounded teenager he is. I pick up pace as I kiss him passionately, possessing him, moving my hips in circles, settling my own rhythm, showing him I want him, making love to him.

“Oh, Mark. I love you.” I moan, suddenly overwhelmed by my emotions. He groans and scoots forward, making me fall onto the bed and he move so he’s between my parted legs, still inside of me.

“I love you so much.” He murmurs against my lips, taking my hands and pinning them above my head. He trails his teeth along my jaw, down my throat, and starts to grind against me, the motion radiating inside of me.

“Oh, Mark!” I buck my hips to meet him, pleasure radiating everywhere. I move frenetically against him, urging him, begging him.

“Oh, baby, you want this, right? You want me.” He locks his deep brown eyes with mine, and at the same time he changes his motion, starting to circle his hips against me. It’s pleasure overload, traveling from my center to my head and to my toes, radiating everywhere. My mouth hangs open in a awe, but I cannot talk, smothered by the pleasure. I don’t want to leave him without an answer, so I try to nod. My toes curl and my body bows and tenses up, and I beg him with my eyes, I beg for release.

“I want to hear you.” He pants again my lips, and my throat seems to loosen a little bit.

“Oh, Yes! Yes, I want you. I need you.” I moan, looking at him in the eyes, and I feel this familiar sensation coming from the depths of my body. I’m going to come. Mark groans and speeds up, ravaging me inside, loving me, loving me hard. I screw my eyes shut, pleasure starting to consume me.

“Open your eyes, baby. I want to see you.” He breathes, and I force my eyes open. He gazes down at me, his forehead against mine, panting against my lips. His deep, brown eyes are painted with untold emotions, and my heart swell for him. Pulling on my wrists, I free myself from him and slip my greedy hands in his sweatpants, pushing him closer to me, urging him.

“Ah…” He moans, thrusting deeper inside of me, pushing me over the edge. I hold it back, wanting this moment to last. Pleasure detonates inside of me, and all my muscles start to clench. Mark groans.

“Oh, Abby… give it to me. Come for me… please.” He whispers. His words are my undoing, and I let go, a hurricane of electricity ravaging me from the inside.

“Oh, Mark! Oh, yes!” I cry out, riding my orgasm, letting it consume me completely.

“Oh, baby.” Mark moans, thrusting on as he releases himself inside of me. He lays on top of me, his head on my chest as we both catch our breath, our bodies slowly going back to serenity.

“I swear I didn’t mean to say this. I’m so sorry.” I murmur, running my fingers in his hair. He inhales deeply, his hand stroking my stomach.

“I love you so much.” He breathes, and there still is a point of sadness in his voice.

“I love you too. Please, stop this.” I murmur, and he kisses my sternum.

“We’re going to have to find a safe word.” I admonish, and he looks up at me, his brow furrowed.

“We’re lovers, Abby. We don’t need a safe word.”

“Obviously, we do. Since I seem to be talking shit when you fuck me a little too good.” I sass, and he purses his lips though he’s unable to hide his amusement.

“Abigail Heather Kraige!” He scolds teasingly.

“Shut up.” I giggle. “Don’t get big-headed.”

“Far be it for me. I love your flattery, and you’re poetry knows no boundaries.” He smiles sweetly at me.

“So, that safe word?” I prompt, and his smile fades away. He crawls up so he’s towering over me.

“Abby, I don’t want a safe word. How do you expect me not to stop when you say ‘stop’?” He murmurs. Put like that, it sounds impossible, but I know it’s just because Liam didn’t stop.

“You’re not him.” I caress his cheek.

“Don’t ask me to keep going while you’re telling me to stop.” He murmurs, closing his eyes and nuzzling my hand.

“Soft limit?” I ask, and he opens his eyes.

“Hard limit.” He corrects me. Hard limit!

“You think it’s fucked up?” I can’t help the horror in my voice. Am I fucked up?

“No, Abby. I understand it can happen. It’s just me, and how I feel about you.” He says before kissing my forehead.

“Please, don’t ask me to do this.” He pleads.



We arrive just in time for dinner at Mark’s childhood house. Mark opens the doors with his keys, and as we step in, I notice a small group of men perched on the stools at the breakfast bar. They all gape at us. Mark frowns.

“What the-”

“Surprise motherfucker!” A guy with a snapback, Jackson, I presume, shouts, walking to us. He’s grinning from ear to ear.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Mark asks,  confused. The other men start to close in, and instinctively, I slip my hand in Mark’s, locking our fingers.

“We wanted to meet the girl! After seven months-”

“Almost six.” Mark glowers at Jackson, but he’s joking, I think.

“Whatever. He considered himself as you boyfriend way before you actually said yes. I’m Jackson, we met already.” He says before stretching his hand out to me.

“Hello.” I reply, shaking his hand.

“I’m JB, we met too.” Another Asian man says, but I do not remember him.

“Nice to see you again.” I stretch my hand out, but he pulls me in a bear hug. Woah! Mark pulls him away from me.

“You’re frightening her.” He mutters, squeezing my hand. JB grins and chuckles, and as charismatic he looked before, now he looks like a simple-minded dude. Or he’s stupid.

“Hi. I’m Junior, nice to meet you.” An other Asian man says. He has big, soft eyes.

“Abigail.” I murmur, and we shake hands. I’m surrounded by males, and I have to admit I’m a little bit uncomfortable. I have to find Dorice, my human shield.

“You guys are here!” Her voice echoes in the living room, and she appears, red shirt and white pants. She looks radiant.

“Dorice!” I squeal, letting go of Mark’s hand. She gives me big, warm, loving hug.

“What a pleasure to see you again.” She smiles to me as we pull away from each other.

“What are they doing here, mom?” Mark asks, and he sounds and looks like a pissed teenager.

“They told me you wouldn’t let them see your girlfriend.” Dorice kisses his cheek. I frown at Mark.

“He called us mindless monkeys.” Jackson pouts, and I think he’s talking to me. I giggle. Dorice pinches Jackson’s cheek affectionately.

“They are his closest friends. But now that I think about it, I think there’s one missing?” Dorice says to me, and looks for the name.

“Liam?” She looks at Mark expectingly, and a shiver runs down my spine. His face hardens, and his friends look at each other, uncomfortable.

“We’re not friends anymore. Where’s Dylan?” Mark tries to distract her, but just when she’s about to retort something, Dylan appears. Hallelujah!

“Hey.” He greets his brother first.

“Hi.” Mark murmurs.

“Hi, Abigail.” Dylan hugs me, and before I can reply, Mark takes my hand.

“We’re going to drop of stuff in the guest room.” He says to everyone, and drags me away from the small crowd. Thank heavens, I wasn’t ready for this.

“Why didn’t you want to introduce me?” I ask Mark once we’re far enough.

“What they’re saying is not true. We didn’t see each other a lot outside school. I wasn’t going to waste an entire day with you and share you with them.” He says, making me frown. I don’t understand him.

“I like it when we’re alone.” Mark clarifies. Oh. I have to admit I like having him alone too, but his friends seem very entertaining, “wasting” a day would totally have been worth it.

“They are cool.” I murmur to myself as Mark opens the door of the guestroom.

“We’re not sleeping in your room?” I ask innocently.

“My bed is too small.” He explains. Oh, right. He drops our bags on the floor next to he bed.

“You’re sure you want to deal with them?” Mark asks me wearily. I want to roll my eyes at him, but refrain myself, knowing he’s really worried.

“And lose an occasion to hear stories about you?” I tease, and he grins.

“Miss Kraige, always so eager for information. Come.” He holds his hand out to me, and I take it.

Mark’s friends are truly the funniest men on earth. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. They’ve told me dozens of funny stories about themselves, and about Mark too. They all met in college, and stayed friends since then. Dorice says they are like sons to her and they are really comfortable around her. Idly, I wonder if she was close to Liam. I don’t know why, morbid curiosity. But I assume she was if she asked about him. They are close to Dylan too, they hang out together from time to time. Mark has been smiling and laughing throughout the dinner, and it’s a delight to see. After my huge mistake earlier today, and seeing him so upset and scared, and his nightmare, I’m glad to see him relaxed, really at ease and carefree. Dorice tells us about a time where Mark and Liam landed naked in their neighbor’s backyard. The atmosphere changes, though we all try to laugh. My heart sinks and I shiver at the mention of his name. When I think that Dorice, this sweet woman, cares about him… But then she doesn’t know what he’s done to me. I wonder who was the Liam they all knew. He didn’t show his real self to his friends…like Henry. I shiver again, anguish gripping at my heart. My scalp starts to prickle. Where am I going with this? Mark takes my hand and leans close to me.

“You okay?” He whispers so only I can hear. Taking a deep, steadying breathe, I nod , and he squeezes my hand. I need to shake away these thought for now, I want to have a nice evening.

I’m also discovering a whole new side of Mark. I understand that when he is with his family, he’s more immersed in the Taiwanese culture. I learned that his Taiwanese name is Yi En… and very difficult to pronounce. Also, his favorite Taiwanese dish is Beef Noodles. I must ask Dorice the recipe, she says Mark would even eat it for breakfast. Mark gazes at his mom, his eyes full of tenderness and love; they love bickering. Mark catches me mindlessly gawking and frowns.

“What?” He murmurs, leaning close to me. Grinning, I shake my head. He puts his arms on the back of my chair, and it’s like we’re in our own bubble.

“I think hearing stories about me did you good. Definitely brought some colors to your cheeks.” He murmurs appreciatively.

“It’s because I’m happy.” I whisper, and he smiles.

“I’m very glad to hear this. But why this sudden change of hearts?” He asks.

“It’s you.”


“I like seeing you happy.”

“I’m happy when you’re happy.” He grins, and let out the most ridiculous, lovestruck schoolgirl giggle ever. He chuckles at me and kisses the corner of my mouth. He starts a conversation with Junior, bursting our little bubble.


Dylan and I are sitting by the pool, our feet in the water, and I try to squeeze more information about Mark out of him. Mark is talking with the rest of the boys near the barbecue.

“Honestly, you’re the opposite of Mark’s exes.” He says to me. I already know that.

“How were they?” I ask him, and he frowns at me.

“Mark never wants to talk about them.” I explain.

“I understand. It was so weird.” He makes a disgusted grimace, and my scalp starts to prickle. Weird?

“They were all older than him, and he was like their pet. Their toyboy.” He explains, and I feel like someone threw a basket of cold water on me. My jaw drops. So he was a toyboy?

“I know my brother, he’s not submissive or quiet, he has a personality. But with those women… it all disappeared.” He adds, and I gape at him. It’s impossible for me to imagine Mark, the impulsive, possessive and overprotective man I know, submissive to a woman.

“I think he’s his true self with you.” Dylan says, but I’m too shocked to jubilate of his compliment. I can feel the blood drain out of my face.

“You okay?” He asks me, his brow furrowed.

“It’s kind of shocking. A toyboy?” I ask, incredulous. Dylan makes a resigned grimace and nods. Mark, a toyboy…

As the night deepens I start to feel very tired. Dorice is already in her room, and I wander in the house. The boys are in the backyards, talking loudly and laughing, and as much as i appreciate them, all this energy is a bit exhausting. I land in Mark’s old bedroom. I sit down on his bed, and realize it’s the first time I see him act his age, carefree and relaxed. Why did I never see this before? I learnt so much today. Mark? A toy boy? I cannot possibly not ask him about this. His past has way more importance that he wants to admit. I hear him laugh from downstairs. Oh, not today; I don’t want to sour his good mood.

“Abby?” Marks voice wakes me up, and I sit up on the edge of his bed. I was sleeping? I hear him open doors, looking for me. Mark opens the door of his bedroom, and the light from the corridor makes me squint. He closes it quickly.

“There you are.” He breathes, and I can see the relief all over his face. Geez, what did he imagine? I rub my eyes and look up at him, half awake.

“They worn you out, didn’t they?” He smirks, leans down and kisses me.

“I like your friends.” I murmur, and he smiles.

“They like you too. Let’s get you in bed. Do you want me to carry you?” He asks me, and I nod. He grins. I think it’s the first time I let him carry me to bed. He scoops me up in his arms and holds me tightly, and I wrap my arms around him.

“What do you want to do tomorrow?” I ask in the crook of his neck.

“You said you wanted a picnic at my quiet place.” He says, walking out from his bedroom.

“And then I’ll take you shopping.” He adds, and all my hairs stand alerted. Shopping!

“I don’t want you to buy me things.” I say disapprovingly, glaring at him. He frowns.

“I thought-”

“This,” I raise my leg and show off my ankle bracelet.

“And the laptop, they were gifts.” I explain. I didn’t have a choice, he had already bought them, for an occasion.

“I’m not saying I don’t want you to spend money on me, but not like this.” I murmur as I open the door of the guestroom where our stuffs are.

“I want to spend money on you, like this.” He kicks the door closed, and I sigh

“Let’s not fight, you’re tired. We’ll see tomorrow.” He sets me on my feet when we’re by the bed crouches down in front of me. Grabbing my ankle, he takes my shoe and my socks off, and does the same with my other foot. He stands and takes my T-shirt top off, leaving me in my bra, and he unbuttons my shorts before sliding them down.

“You have fine, fine legs, Abigail.” He says appreciatively as he does. I step out of my shorts and Mark turns me around, making a quick matter of my bra. As I stand by the bed, half naked and half awake, he ruffles through my bag and pulls out the T shirt and the long cotton shorts I’m going to use as pajamas. He dresses me for the night.

“Bed.” He orders, flipping the blanket to let me lay down.

“You’re not coming?” I ask him.

“You want me to stay?” He asks, and I think there is an innuendo in his question.

“No. I’m just asking.” I smile sleepily. My man needs his boy time with his friends.

“I’ll stay with the guys a little bit more.” He smiles shyly, and I nod, sliding under the cover. He kisses my forehead.

“Goodnight, baby. I’ll be with you shortly.” He murmurs, switch off the light and leave. I drift instantly.

I jolt awake, from a dream or a nightmare, glancing around nervously. Soon remembering where I am, I flop back onto the bed. Mark is not by my side. I grab my phone and check the time: it’s half past midnight. Suddenly I hear footsteps from the stairs. I recognize Mark and Dylan’s voice, but I don’t really understand what they are saying.

Mark giggles like a teenager. They wish each other goodnight, and Mark comes in seconds later. I switch the small light on, and Mark looks at me in surprise.

“Did I wake you up?” He whispers softly. I rub the sleep out of my eyes and shake my head. He walks to me and kisses my forehead.

“Sleep.” He orders, but I shake my head. I’ll just wait for him. He smiles, resigned, and changes into his pajamas before slipping into the bed with me. I rest my head on his shoulder as he wraps an arm around me. I immediately feel warmer.

“How long has it been since you last saw your friends?” I ask him.

“I see them whenever I can’t see you. Sleep, now.” He switches the light off and kisses the top of my head. Humming incoherently, I quickly run through all the things that happened today, and something leaves me bewildered.

“How was he before you learned what he did to me?” I ask, and I can feel his eyes on me though we’re in the dark. After a beat, he sighs.

“It doesn’t matter.” He mutters. If he says it doesn’t matter, then it means I won’t like the answer. Shifting and stretching across him, I flick the light open. Propping myself on my forearm, I tower over him.

“How was the person you knew? Who was he to you?” I ask, putting my hand on his bare chest. His eyes search into mine, and he frowns.

“He must have been…” He trails off, struggling to find his words, or to say them.

“one of the kindest person I’ve met. He was like a big brother to me. But it doesn’t matter anymore.” He says quickly. One of the kindest person he’s met? Ouch. Liam? Kind? He definitely showed me a different aspect of his personality. But now that I think of it, there must be people who don’t know about this part of him, people who care for him. They shouldn’t care for him, he’s a bad person. He’s a monster.

“He’s like Henry.” I murmur, laying my head on his chest.

“No. Henry was sick, and he wanted to be a good person. Liam is… a rapist.” He argues, kissing my hair repeatedly. My scalp is prickling. What if Liam is like the sweet Henry who had demons inside? I forgave Henry. But I can’t forgive Liam. Mark switches the light off again, and I instantly drift away…

Okay because Mina is the best and I’m so proud that she has 3K followers, I did a thing. 

Here’s my dumb interpretation of her percabeth Youtuber AU.


“In ten thousand years, no one’s even going to know about Youtube videos. I want to build something real, something that matters.” Annabeth’s voice was threatening to be drowned out by the raucous drone of the other attendees, all so excited that they get to spend a weekend with their favorite stars from the internet.

VIP pass strung around her neck, Canon camera in one hand, phone in the other - Annabeth was acutely aware of the time, and VidCon was running on schedule.

“You sure about that? Half a million of your subscribers might disagree with you.” Piper’s eyes were drawn upward at the sound of her name, and she smiled at the group of girls waving to her from the balcony above, simultaneously calling out their adoration. She had twice as many subscribers as Annabeth. After thanking them, she mumbled under her breath, “I will never get used to this.” Then she whipped around to add, “And what do you mean something that’s real? What we do isn’t real?”

“Well, no, it’s real. I mean, it doesn’t really have much permanence, right? It’s all just ones and zeroes.”

Piper froze in the middle of the packed aisle and put a hand on Annabeth’s shoulder. Her spectacular gaze seemed to pierce right through her very being. It was way different seeing it in person, rather than through a Skype call. “Please tell me you’re not quitting your channel. You’re so good. It would be a disservice to humanity.”

Annabeth laughed. “No! I’m not quitting! I’ve just been thinking about expanding, creating something bigger than myself.”

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One night, Michael Orchard of New York state noticed that his neighbor’s house was on fire. Taking matters into his own hands, he blasted through his neighbor’s fence with his car, kicked in the back door, and rescued the family’s dog from the inferno.

There was one problem, though.

When the cops showed up, they found Orchard standing there like an action hero, clutching the dog in front of a house that was most definitely not ablaze. The source of the confusion – the fact that Orchard had taken acid and a shitload of cough syrup – was quickly identified, and the rescue mission was quickly reclassified as breaking and entering.

The medal ceremony was quickly canceled.On the plus side, Orchard was very cooperative and immediately paid for the damage to the house. And the dog was unharmed, unless you count the depression he suffered when he realized he wasn’t going to get to go for a ride. So although the heroism wasn’t needed, was actually counterproductive, and resulted in a disappointed dog, this is still legitimately one of the greatest heroes 2016 has produced, and we should all be deeply ashamed that we’re honoring him here.

7 Unsung Heroes Who Had The Dumbest 2016 Ever

So an anon asked me if I would write the nalu scene of today’s chapter, and I thought why not? B) Maybe this is just what I need to get back into the writing flow, hehe. Have at it!

I dedicate this to mslead, the bringer of pain and inspiration alike :*

Perspective sure changed a lot of things.

Lucy realized this as she found herself confronted with two sturdy ankles, her head a mere inch from the ground. She had just enough time to be grateful over Natsu’s new height before another realization set in:

Gravity also changed a lot of things.

Like her towel.

In horror, she felt it slip to reveal places that should not ever be revealed, and certainly not to her two teammates while one of them held her above the ground singehandedly, her ankle in a death grip.

Panicked, she clutched her chest, moving one hand between her legs to secure the towel from revealing everything from her legs down- no, upwards.

The blood was rushing downwards, and Lucy began to feel lightheaded. Her toes prickled.


But Natsu had other plans. As she did her best to look somewhat intimidating from her rather disadvantagous position, his face split into an exited grin. Lucy wasn’t sure if she should feel relieved or offended that he was paying her halfnaked body little to no attention.

“We have work!”

“Aye, work!”

And just like that, Lucy herself suddenly could care less about dangling in the air head first. Their excitement spilled over into her at the mere possibility of going on a job with her two best friends after such a long time.

“Work??” she beamed.

Only then did she realize her mistake.

And once again, her adversary was gravity.

If she had felt panic before, when she had felt the floor slip from her feet, or when she had struggled to keep her towel in place - then what she was feeling now had no word. 

Not even her throat worked anymore in that split second as they both stood as still as staues. The whole world seemed to slow down, and not one sound was to be heard in her room.

The towel landed on the ground softly, right beneath Lucy’s excitedly outstretched hands, and slowly, very slowly, she lifted her gaze upwards, as if to reassure herself that she was indeed stark naked - as if only looking would make it real.

She blinked twice, once at her breasts, then at Natsu’s blank face - and then she screamed.

Before she knew what it was doing, her foot had struck out, finding the next best target - which turned out to be Natsu’s chin. Her second attempt at a Lucy Kick - if unintendedly - proved to be a full success. 

With a yelp, Natsu tumbled backwards. But Lucy’s small second of triumph was quickly forgotten when she realized that with his hold gone, gravity finally had its chance to strike - and perspective changed once again.

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A Desperate Touch

In the final scene of The Wrath of the Lamb when Will clutches at Hannibal’s shoulders it mean so many things. I’ve written about one possible meaning. But I’d like to indulge and write more because why not? 

That right there are so many emotions and thoughts rolled into one action. That’s a clutch that says Will wants to be so much closer, he wants so much more. Yet he won’t let himself have it. There are millions of reasons why he can’t get any closer.

That clutch is desperation. It’s frustration. It’s so fucking sexually and emotionally charged that it’s like, you can feel it radiating from him. You can see the impossible equation that is Will’s feelings for Hannibal.

That clutch says “why did you do this to us?”, it says “why did you do this to me?”, it’s says “why can’t I hate you?”

That clutch says ‘want’ and ‘need’ and 'won’t’ and 'can’t’.

Because if he takes one more step. One more step closer to Hannibal, he is going to take a step away from the edge of the cliff. If he gives in a fraction more he truly won’t be able to save himself.

Will wants more, he craved more, he aches for Hannibal so much, but if he really holds onto him, really lets himself have more than just a moment of tethering on the edge of giving into that part that always wants to slip away with Hannibal, he won’t ever be able to let go. He won’t drag Hannibal down with him over the edge of the cliff. He truly won’t be able to save himself.

One step closer to Hannibal, emotionally, physically, and he is going to let Hannibal run again. One more step and he will undoubtedly run away with him. One step and he will fall, they both will, just not off the cliff.

And he just can’t allow that to happen. So clutches at Hannibal because there isn’t anything else he can do. It’s all he can do, one last desperate touch.

It’s as the ever perceptive Bedelia said; “Has he ever tried to persuade you to kill anybody? He will. And it will be somebody you love. And you will think it’s the only choice you have.” 

Everyone was so busy worrying for Molly’s or even Alana’s sake. When really who we should have been worried about was Hannibal. And it was so obvious. Will has been heading towards taking Hannibal’s life for a very, very long time. And he has tried to subvert it, tried to find another solution. In the end he couldn’t. Hannibal did influence Will to kill, he wanted that for Will, but for all his knowledge and intrusion he could never entirely predict Will. So here we are.

Will is clutching Hannibal like that because he loves him but there just isn’t any other way. He can’t live with him, he can’t live without him; it always had to end this way.


 Can I get a Carl imagine where the reader his best friend before the apocalypse and they meet again and he sees how much she grown and falls in love with her. xx :)

You were only nine when the outbreak started. Only you and your dad survived escaping (enter city/town) but a couple days back your group was attacked by walkers and now it was just you. Alone you stand by a rundown motel in hopes of finding some supplies. With no luck you begin to walk to the exit when you hear faint footsteps  in the distance. Your heart racing, you pull out your pistol and start backing up. The footsteps get louder and something grabs at your shoulders, spinning around to aim at your target only to find the barrel of a gun pointed in between  your eyes. Letting out a slight gasp when you see the person holding the gun and the man standing beside.  The gun that could determine if you live or not had suddenly moved to beside your head and was shot.  The action causing you to clutch you ears in pain.

“What the hell?!” you scream as the pain settling in

“sorry but I had to or the walker would have taken a bit outta you” the boy your age says to you his voice all too familiar. You gasp at the realization.

“Carl!” You exclaim happily

“How do you now my name?!” he questions you rising his gun pointed to you

“Wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t recognize me, it’s been a while” you say with a slight frown   

“I’m sorry but  I still don’t have a single clue to who you are?” he glares at you making your heart ache

“It’s me Y\n, please tell me you still remember me from when we were younger” his eyes widen and you were suddenly pulled into an embrace

“Forgive me for not remembering you, I’ve missed you” he exclaimed

“You’ve aged y\n” Rick finally spoke up and give you a slight smile

“I could say the same for Carl, and I like the beard Mr. Grimes” You say poking Carl in the side of the stomach, you all laughed

“ Why don’t you come back with us, y\n?” Rick asked you

“is that even a valid question dad of course she’s coming back with us, right?” he looked to you with a smirk

“I would love to!” you answer

You all started walking when Carl puts a arm around your waist and whispers

“We have a lot of catching up to do” he says with a smirk and pulls you closer

Both of you starting to fall for each other all over again.

By holy-shit-dat-cas