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Sign A Petition To Formally Recognize The Klu Klux Klan As A Terrorist Organization
There's an online petition circulating to formally classify the Klu Klux Klan as a terrorist organization. Started by a user named "P.S.", the petition explains that "Terrorism is the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims.
By Sandra Song
Luke O'Donovan to be Released from Prison July 25th
On July 25th at 9 am Luke O’Donovan will walk out of Washington State Prison after serving two years there. We are thrilled to see our friend free from behind prison walls. He is in high spirits and very excited to be released.

As many of you who have been in touch with him know, he has occupied his time with a rigorous workout routine, lots of reading, and correspondence with all those who took the time to communicate with him. Unfortunately he will not be allowed to return to his home and life in Atlanta. Due to the judge adding a banishment condition to his probation, Luke will have to move all the way to the West Coast for the next eight years, or until the conditions of his probation are changed. Moving forward, here are some ways to continue to support Luke as he starts life on strict probation.



First off, I apologise for the lack of consistent Project Queer updates. My world has been turned upside down, and I am stretched really thin right now. (Here is a bit of background on what happened.)

Anyway, my partner had some test results back from the doctor. Because of the car accident we were in a couple weeks back, my partner not only has severe whiplash and a concussion, but also no reflexes in her left arm/hand, signs of neurological damage, and a possible herniated disc in her cervical column. She is constantly dizzy and in pain as she also suffers from dibilitating migraines. She can barely walk by herself and must now wear a neck brace and use a cane. She cannot drive or work - which means that she cannot take new photography clients, work in our salvage shop, or start the retail position she just got hired for - which were large parts of our income.

On top of all of the meds, the ambulance ride, the emergency room bills, physical therapy and travel costs, previous bills, and every day living expenses, we are now thousands of dollars in debt. And this is not even including the expenses I am going to have to pay for lawyers and my court date. (Although the car accident was not our fault and we have the evidence to prove it, the bigoted cop at the scene only ticketed me and is making me go to court for what happened. I believe this is because we are a queer couple, and we look different [dyed hair, piercings, tattoos, etc.] As soon as I told the cop that I wanted to see my partner in the hospital, he became annoyed with me, condescending, and dismissive - making the entire process of documenting my information take longer.)

Moving on… my family no longer has any mode of transportation, because my car was totaled in the wreck - which is really inconvenient since we live in a rural area and drive twenty minutes to go grocery shopping. My car insurance is not covering anything - the damage, a replacement vehicle - not even a rental, and I will most likely be dropped from coverage. 

On top of all this, I have PTSD from the accident, feeling helpless dealing with the cop, and seeing my girlfriend being wheeled away on a stretcher screaming and crying in pain. Even if I DID have a vehicle to drive, I have panic attacks in seemingly ordinary, trivial situations.

I am doing my best to raise money to support our family, but I am overwhelmed. We have a teenaged daughter and three cats as well - which require expensive prescription food. I am selling my paintings and personal belongings, taking odd jobs, working alone in our shop, and even considering getting back into cam work. Anything that I can do from home, because I also have to do our household chores, yard upkeep, and general maintenance - as well as tending to my partner and her needs.

I am exhausted, and I am becoming desperate. My family has had the worst luck this past year. It has been one thing after another.

  • If you have anything that you can donate, my paypal is 
  • If you cannot donate, please signal boost this. 

  • If you have recommendations on making money from home, please share them with me. 

I am willing to do damn near anything to make sure that my family is safe and taken care of, and I want us to not only survive this, but get back on our feet.
Thank you for reading, sharing, donating, sending well-wishes, and the like. It is all greatly appreciated. Thank you. Thank you.

Project Queer founder and moderator
Apple's New Technology Could Allow Police to Remotely Disable Your iPhone Camera
Imagine: you're walking down the street when you see police officers slamming a woman to the ground. They're exhibiting a shocking use of force -- one officers pushes her face into the ground. Another sticks his knee into her back. You become worried. You pull out your phone to record the incident -- only to have your camera mysteriously shut off.

With Apple’s newly patented technology, this incident could become a reality.

Trans Folks Now Have A Safe Space To Recover From Gender Confirmation Surgery
"A space like Rhys's Place is desperately needed not just in Chicago, but all over."

An incredible new resource is in the works in Chicago, Illinois, that will be a safe space for trans masculine individuals who are in recovery following gender confirmation surgery. Rhys’s Place is intended to be a location of all-inclusive surgery recovery for trans masculine identified individuals. Currently engaged in a GoFundMe campaign, Rhys’s Place will be an apartment where trans people post-phalloplasty surgery have a place to spend the long recovery period. 

The initiative is pioneered by Rhys Harper, a photographer who has spent the last several years creating portraits and telling the stories of trans and gender-nonconforming people through “The Transcending Gender Project.”

Pride Month Fundraising! | black and pink
Your monthly sustainer donation will help us tear this oppressive prison down!!!

Black and Pink is the largest, ever, network of LGBTQ & HIV+ prisoners! The work of our open family is made possible because of the volunteer hours and financial donations of so many people. For this pride month we want to honor the legacy of those who rose up at the Compton Cafeteria Riots and at Stonewall, those who rallied outside jail houses during the first pride marches, those who have always known that prison abolition is a requirement for collective liberation!

This month we are asking all who can to become monthly financial sustainers of Black and Pink. Your money helps us:

  • Post bail that gets LGBTQ & HIV+ people out of jail while they are facing criminal charges
  • Fund commissary accounts of prisoners who are organizing LGBTQ & HIV+ prisoner resistance from the inside
  • Put out a newspaper of prison-generated content that is distributed to nearly 10,000 prisoners across the US.
  • Pay formerly incarcerated staff to organize our national efforts and support grassroots work
  • Allows us to be accountable to the people in our movement rather than large foundations

We ask that you give as generously as you can as we keep building our movement together!