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Elsword mobile: Shadow of Luna


Elsword:Shadow of Luna is a full 3D mobile action RPG game developed by KoG’

-Our heroes are summoned to a new world called ‘Luna’. This game is about their adventures in this new world.

-Various contents including ‘Tower of Rules’, ‘Henir’s Time and Space’, ‘Invasion’

-Mechanics like ‘Avatar’ and ‘Classes’

– Can play all 6 ‘Heroes’ on one account.

– Can form flexible strategies by organizing parties with avatars containing various abilities and total of 36 ‘classes’

-First beta test planned on March (Only for android on beta test)


One year ago i had the amazing opportunity with folks at golden wolf ( to work on a short ident for disney XD for the show guardian of the galaxy. So i did the animation of the characters on it. Short times to do it as always but a lot of fun! 

here the full video of the tie down