butternut_gouache: “That girl is strange no question.” I don’t know why. This just needed to happen. My two lovely bookworms and a big stack of books!


“In spite of her obvious silent tension, she looked—well—beautiful. Months ago, he never would have thought he’d fall this deep into his own impulsion. What started out as a harmless dare by the other bidders became an all-out spiraling to unexpected, but not unwelcome emotions. He knew he felt strongly towards her, but was he ready to label that feeling? Everything leading up to this moment wasn’t planned—he only made it this far because he managed to spontaneously luck out every single time.”

— Paper-Thin Disguise, Chapter 5

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The Chronological Superman 1963:

The addition of a sympathetic backstory to Lex Luthor’s character pays dividends across the entire line of Superman Family titles, although it’s satellite super-books like Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane (wherein Luthor’s sister, Lena Thorul, debuted) and the Action Comics backups featuring Supergirl where much of the story is played out. A series of truces and detentes between Supergirl and Luthor is the centerpiece in stories such as Action Comics vol.1 Nos.296 and 297, pictured above…

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[There is a cage of rats left carefully on a table. They look very familiar. You know them. Next to the cage is a rock, also familiar, with moss, eyes, and a tongue. A note- scratchy and shaky, you recognize the handwriting- is left behind: "h ome isnt just a p lace. its also with 'who.'" There's no other sign of the perpetrator.]

[ After reading the note, those rats are scooped up out of the cage and each given some cuddles and pets and kisses. Seems someone’s very happy about this. Lots of bruxing to be heard in his temporary lodgings today. ]