acting like a man

Nevermind. I love (1) man, even if he still acts like a little child.

so here is a concept

both Todd and Tina decided to get some drinks because all of this strange shit happend and they needed to relax (and mostly because Tina likes to drink winky face)

they were talking about their crazy lifes and stuff when tina suddenly asked:

- so if you are not with Farah, how long have you been with Dirk?

and Todd will be like wtf?????????????????

and Tina will be like:

- you know that it is obvious that you’re two are together?

and todd will be even more confused:

- what makes you think like this?

and tina:

- touching, hugs, eye contact and stuff????? man you are acting like an old couple

and then!!!!

todd will spend some time trying to figure out if Dirk likes him by reading some silly articles “how can i know if he likes me?” (you know like - he is always trying to touch you, he acts silly and funny, he is nervous around you and shit)

and todd will be very surprised when it turned out that Dirk Gently fits those articles

and Todd Brotzman will be even more surprised

when he realised

that he fits too.

I just think it’s funny how there was all this discourse about how finn was a sexist pig for grabbing rey’s hand when they were running away from a life threatening event, nevermind the fact that rey then offered HER hand to finn, but now a certain crowd is acting like a man extending his hand to rey is the most romantic shit ever.

anonymous asked:

''I’d rather be with the most abusive, coldhearted jackass on the planet, who is childfree than the sweetest, nicest, most caring dad.'' What the ever living god damn hell? Jesus people are weird. Also why are people online so weird about kids. I personally don't want to have a baby, it's not for me and I'm not great with kids. But I dont hate them or wish anything negative on them. Its okay to just not feel comfortable around kids but acting like they are worse than an abusive man is so weird

GOD I KNOW, these weirdos are (part of) why everyone assumes when i say I don’t like kids it means I want all children to die or something asklfhaklwr can you all please be normal, oh my god. There are so many like real issues to talk about wrt women being pressured to have kids/the kind of blowback you get if you are a woman who doesn’t want kids and it always gets derailed by someone crawling out of the gutter to use the word “breeder” unironically. 

I’m here for Kurt being in here.

Period. This man can go. Yall act like he’s an old ass man who doesn’t exercise or wrestle still. Just because he hasn’t been on WWE programming doesn’t mean shit. Period.

So stop with the hate posts to Kurt. Yall got mad when Mickie was called old and people said she lost a step but it’s okay to say that shame shit about Kurt? Nah. Ass backwards. I think not.

D'you want to go to the ball with me? part 1

Harry: *standing outside the door, pacing around nervously*

Cho: What are you doing here?

Harry: *summoning all his courage takes a deep breath*

Draco: *watches the scene from a distance*

Cho: Oh.

Cho: - someone’s already asked me.

Harry: *nodding nervously*

Draco: *approaches, looking as smug as always*

Draco: *smirks* Maybe I should-

casting director’s notes: best Cho Chang @arabella-prongs
best Draco Malfoy @space-marauder

Part 2

birthday date :D

sometimes I wonder what yall think about my hamilton

I got tired of drawing OW characters so I took a break- 

it’s been two days and I already miss drawing them lmao