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omg i had a dream sherlock and watson kissed vut they were both like super shy but they definetely enjoyed it (who wouldnt) but in the next scene they were sitting at a round table together with mycroft and some other people, clients i guess, and they acted really really awkward towards each other and could barely look at each other because they made out earlier and they were kinda squished together around the table and it was just so cute and then i woke up :(

sorry but i blacked out after i read “sherlock and watson”


25 Days of Outlander - Dec 18 - Scene That Really Surprised Me
Fuck the King.

I love thinking about how normal a teenage boy Baz actually is. He’s easily annoyed by his younger sister and rolls his eyes at his embarrassing dad. He cares about his grades so he spends a large portion of his time studying and doing homework. He plays football. He takes violin lessons. He acts really awkward around his crush. He also has a lot of teen angst involving said crush.

If he wasn’t a vampire and the war wasn’t a thing Baz would be the most average teenager okay

Can I just say that another thing that I love about Sanvers is that the actresses (even though they’re both straight) don’t act super awkward when intimate. So often when two actresses pretend to be gay nobody knows where to put their hands or how to admire the other person or how look like they’re in love with a woman. But Chyler and Floriana are so close and appreciate each other so much that their scenes come across as natural, even though they may not have had an experience with a woman before. What I’m saying is they’re such good actresses and really kind people and I have so much love for them.


A very special Sid commercial. 


Hats off to the marketing team. 

Do this instead of trying to make our boy, or any hockey players, really, try to act. Bless their awkward hearts. 

I feel like Natasha’s the kind of person who doesn’t know how to befriend someone, so she just starts showing up wherever they are and acting like it’s a coincidence.

Like when she first joined SHIELD, she always picked the bedroom next to Clint’s, pretending she didn’t know he was next door. She’d go to the gym whenever Maria went to the gym, but would avoid her unless Maria chose a machine next to hers and started a conversation.

She always ‘happens’ to be at the same coffee shop Steve visits after his run, and they share a table in companionable silence while she checks her mail and pretends to be super busy.

Because when Natasha truly cares for someone, she becomes her socially awkward self.

headcanon where abby bandages kane’s hand after he burned it crawling through the maintenance shaft to save her in 1.11

Reasons why Newt Scamander is exactly like Doctor Who


Appearances: Most noticeably, the facial expressions of Newt and Doctors 10 and 11 are very similar. Their voice patterns are also very similar, the muttered monologues to themselves and the halt between speech where there shouldn’t be one. They are also both somewhat socially awkward, acting slightly out of place. 

Possessions: Newt Scamander owns a very special suitcase, more than Mary Poppins-esque at the very least. His suitcase contains its own miniature world, where a menagerie of beasts live in wildly different climates. It’s almost, bigger on the inside. I couldn’t help but notice the parallel between itself and the Tardis, a time traveling ship that is infinitely big

Companionship: The Doctor often picks up humans from Earth and takes them on adventures so marvelous that its almost magical. Newt Scamander does something rather similar to this during the film, he unintentionally brings a no-maj (muggle) into his wild beast chase. This companion often leaves the series with their memory wiped and living comfortably, just like Kowalski being obliviated and getting his bakery. 

Empathy: The Doctor and Newt Scamander both have a deep empathy for non-human beings. During the series, the Doctor often stands up for and protects aliens from ignorant and fearful humans. The plot centers around Newt advocating for his beasts, saying they’re misunderstood and are really quite friendly. They both are able to communicate at some level with these non-human entities unlike anyone else. 

How about a Merry Kiss…mas to shut up?

Doyoung scenario, a mix of angsty-fluffy-smutty feelings! 

Word count: ~ 3400 (A literal long-ass ride!I am sorry for that, I got really immersed into my own emotions!)

Resume: You were finally achieving your dream of working as a script editor at one of the most famous radio station in Seoul, but fate had to play with your perfect life and introduce you to one of the newest DJ who was going to work with you from now on - Kim Doyoung. What you didn’t know was that behind his rude acting towards you he was actually hiding something else…

Note: This is my first Doyoung scenario! I wrote many scenarios for Yuta, Taeyong, Taeil, Hansol and Johnny, now I am taking a chance to give place to the rest of our boys! Seeing that lately some of my old scenarios gained popularity, although I don’t think they were really really perfect, I decided to start again with my old writing! So Doyoung is my first “victim” for this comeback! He’s just too handsomely rude to let pass this opportunity!
I hope you will have fun reading and you know - if you liked it - please send in a feed back! (You must know that it really matters for us who write scenarios, it keeps us motivated to continue writing!)  Thank you all! ♥♥♥

Christmas was almost there but you never thought of celebrating. As a script editor working at one of the most famous radio station, it was almost impossible having time for yourself to breathe and eat properly, even more celebrating holidays. You already knew your Christmas day would be just another day of work, but it didn’t bother you much. More two months to endure it and you would finally step on a completely new road – the dream you always had was about to become true.

It was already 10 months since you started to work as an intern and it wasn’t too long to become a long-term employee after one year of internship. You were getting lots of praises because you were always passionate about everything you did, very organized and hard-working. Everything was perfect. Too perfect. But fate had to play its game too. The game of messing your perfect workplace by night.

A usual morning. The first snow settled its soft white blanket on the streets of Seoul. You woke up excited like a kid seeing how beautiful the city was all painted in white. Quickly, after stepping from the hot shower and preparing yourself, you picked up the warmest jacket you had and jumped outside. Before stepping into the radio station building, you stopped by the coffee shop which was located just 5 meters away of it. Because you were already 30 minutes ahead, you wanted to recharge yourself with a warm coffee drink and something delicious to eat, before getting back to your routine.

That was when the day had to start differently.

“Oaah, isn’t him? Omg, yes it’s him!” The lady on the cash register whispered to her colleague who was preparing two warm drinks and peeked from time to time at the nearest table located near the window.

“It’s him, I knew it. He’s so tall and handsome. His smile. I swear he smiled at me!” The same lady continued while her colleague almost spilled one of the drinks, laughing sarcastically and answering her back “Keep dreaming girl. He is a celebrity; he’ll never look back at us!”

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Nobody can belive Lena doesnt know Kara is Supergirl, but lets pretend she really doesnt, because, you know, they are just SO different. But she starts thinking about this option when she noticed the way BOTH of them blush, and stutters, and act awkward when she smiles to them. 

Like, its easy with Kara, she just bites her lip and there goes any coherent part of Kara’s brain. But with Supergirl, strong, centered, Supergirl its not that easy. So she doesnt really notice the similar way they act till she starts being more affectionate towards Supergirl, like touching her arm, or going as far as kissing her on the cheek when she saves her life, again. 

She is sure they are the same person when she gets to hug them, and they both feel the same

Imagine your OTP 5

Person A and Person B are in the movie theater. Person B is trying to act super cool and whatever and A is just like:

“No. Stop. Please. Omg you dork you aren’t that cool!” 

And Person B is just laughing their ass off at A’s reaction, continuing to act completely dorky and awkward to embarrass them.




Later B keeps pestering A to delete the photo, but A has some stuff they want B to do to earn it.

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okay what about credence using his obscurus casually like. to creep under a door he locked himself out of. or to quickly get from one place to another. or even when things are just so overwhelming that he just needs to hang out in non corporeal form to get away for a bit

This was so nice to get, although I played a bit with the idea. Thanks!

This was getting ridiculous.

Tina pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to calm herself and to remember why in Earth she had let Credence travel with Newt. True, Newt had been legally adult for years, but that didn’t mean that he wasn’t prone to acting like an awkward teenager and committing all sort of mischief. Specifically, Newton Artemis Fido Scamander used to escape uncomfortable situations with any method EXCEPT normal conversation.

Seeing the black smoke rolling under the door, Tina realized that that habit must have been contagious.

At first, Credence’s tendency of dissolving into an Obscurus in stressful moments had not troubled her too much. She’d been worried, of course, but it had been the boy’s last reserve in moments of panic for years. Besides, he was getting progressively better at controlling himself, at a pace that kept surprising everyone. So no one would give him grief for turning into a cloud when startled or scared, provided that it happened in a secure environment.

But as the weeks had passed, things had escalated far too quickly.

Credence had healed, yes; he had gained control over his life and over his magic, but that had been the seed from where the problems had sprouted. Credence was young, barely out of his teenage years, and as said before, there was no competent adult restraining him in the Goldstein sisters’ absence.

Newt’s letters soon started coming with cheerful reports of what the ex Second Salemer had managed to do, which included also but not only:  eluding Italian frontier guards by becoming smoke and running away between their legs; trying to get out of the case without Newt noticing to make him a surprise and being seen by a cleaning lady; playing hide and seek with random children and disappearing just before they could catch him; and in one particular occasion, deciding that the best way to escape a girl’s flirting would be turning into an Obscurus and float over her head (after hearing this passage Jacob had started laughing so much that he hadn’t been able to stop for a solid ten minutes). In the meantime Tina would usually bang her head on the table trying to understand what she could have possibly done to deserve all of this and praying for Newt to be able to concentrate at least long enough to cast an Obliviate spell.

And now she was there, wondering why would passing under a door be more comfortable than walking through it. She voiced her doubts as soon as Credence regained his human form in front of her, his composure still perfect, as if everything was perfectly normal. – I had locked myself inside, but the Niffler stole my key.

- And Alohomora was…?

- Too boring – he answered, and actually smirked (which was good to see on his face, but DAMMIT) before scurrying off to find the Niffler. Tina groaned heavily as she covered her face with her hands.

Hoping that the eventuality never presented to her again, she would never, ever leave Newt alone with an Obscurial again.