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A post: *hates on girls for liking boys, bi or straight* *calls all boys disgusting and stupid* *demonizes a group of people for no reason to which everyone on the post blindly agrees without forming an independant and reasonable opinion*

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not to be That jinyoung stan but i’m getting tired of seeing people complain that they only give jinyoung acting jobs in the group and that it should be more spread out and fair and everyone in the group should get a chance at it bc like.. yes i would love to see jackson act in a drama or something and i know it’s something he feels passionate abt and i bet bambam would be amazing in a drama as well but i think some fans need to understand that this is the one thing jinyoung really feels like he can provide for the group in terms of recognition?? he rarely gets to shine in any other way; he’s a vocalist but youngjae and jaebum are the leads, he’s a dancer but yugyeom is the lead, he had a chance to rap in jjp but now there’s amerithaikong like.. what else do you expect him to do?? his position in the group is so vague that he has had to establish himself in another way!!! we don’t need to take from one member to provide for another just let jinyoung have this please


- Well, we have - we have similar jobs in a way. I wear a uniform, you wear, uh – I suppose you could call that a uniform.

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Your art is so good I'm crying?????? I'm love yOU and I'm just so happy that there's no gross ships here you give underswap a good name keep doing what ur doing buddy ouo9

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wheeze ahh…. thank you thank you!!! and also no problemo muchacho!! <3 just doing my part as the average citizen to bring y’all clean underswap art

remember before ex’act was released everyone was like “even if its bad i’m going to buy 500 copies and act like its the best thing ever” and then it was released and it WAS the best thing ever… AND it shot exo to #1 for most sold albums in korea for FOUR years in a row 


Andrew Lincoln Appreciation Week: Day 5
Favorite Acting Moment → The Walking Dead 3.04 ‘Killer Within’

Me: I don’t understand why people just can’t respect other peoples opinions. It’s not that hard and everyone is entitled to their own.
Someone: Lee Min Ho is the greatest actor ever.

can we stop trashing enjolras in e/r
i’m all for monstrous enjolras characterization, but more along the lines of ‘this bar is now only serving molotov cocktails’ instead of being written as verbally abusive

i know the ‘incapable of thought belief life death etc etc’ section is maddening my first thought was ‘mon ange you shot a man like three chapters ago but that will not deter me from punching you in the face’ but people use that scene to justify cruel, horrible enjolras when the context is grantaire harrassing and bullying a waitress on a battlefield completely wasted while the rest of them prepare for war. it’s not as pointlessly harsh as people make it out to be, it’s the last fucking straw.  the revolution is what enjolras has been working towards his whole life, why do people take this line and act like it’s a regular occurrence?  

he’s disdainful, and (ironically h a ha) skeptical of grantaire, and hugo lets us know he’s rebuffed him many times but I don’t see a basis for interpreting him as the kind of guy who delivers an Ego Eviscerating speech for anything less than ‘I’m literally preparing to fight and die while you’re being a useless dick’ hugo says he felt ‘lofty pity’ not ‘you’re the worst and i fucking hate you’

i think it’s pretty obvious from hugo’s earlier drafts that enjolras didn’t expect OFPD (his ’thank you’ holds so much surprise & gratitude) i don’t think enjolras knew and understood the extent of grantaire’s loyalty (i don’t think grantaire did either: ‘without being clearly aware of it, and without any notion of explaining it to himself, he was spellbound––’)

yes, several passages talk about how “sweet” and “tender” he was but that tenderness is also accompanied by sass, bullshit, and melodrama, would you expect sincerity from someone who follows you around saying shit like ‘what marmoreal magnificence?’ unreal

i would think they’re fucking with me, not ‘maybe we’ll die holding hands’ and grantaire offering to help with your revolution when he goes around whistling monarchy tunes to piss you off is like a troll blog offering to help you with your latest politically progressive news article, you’re gonna sideeye the fuck out of it.  why people think enjolras knows how grantaire feels about him when he ‘barely perceived roses, he was oblivious of spring, he did not hear birds sing, etc etc’ and would go out of his way to be cruel even knowing that is beyond me 

Yes yes I agree with you all Dwalin fed up of Thorin’s failed attempts at hobbit courting is great but have you considered Thorin muffling his laughter whenever Ori appears and Dwalin blushes like a tomato

Aries Slytherin Moodboard: A Slytherin Aries is a bundle of contradictions. In some ways, they have the potential to be the strongest of their House - the intensity, drive, and brilliant visionary dreams of the Aries combined with the innate leadership skills, the charisma, and the profound sense of self (including the eccentric lack of interest in conforming to what other people think) is stuff of which great magical legends are made. However, a Slytherin Aries has much to learn about politics, knowing who is an appropriate object of trust and who is not trustworthy, knowing when to keep one’s mouth shut, and knowing when to avoid acting on impulse in order to use a situation to its best advantage. Although they hate to admit it, these Slytherins are easily manipulated by more cynical, shrewd peers in the Serpent’s Den. If they can learn to manage their blind spots, they will go far. Slytherin Aries types can be quite cruel, especially if they have enough physical prowess to bully smaller students; those that are not cruel can still be thoughtless and brutally tactless without actually meaning to cause damage.

Joker x Harley - Pleasure Doing Business With You

Harley smoothed out her sparkly skirt as she walked over to one of the tables across from the stage. Her heels echoing across the floor gave off a sense of power and an unspoken untouchability. Without even looking she could felt the eyes on her. People always stare wherever she goes. Everything seems to come to halt when her heels hit the floor.

She walked up to the table and placed her hand on the edge of the booth. She stood with a smile that could best be described as playfully mischievous.

Yes, sir?

Joker looked up; a wide grin forming across his face as his eyes scanned her petite frame.

Ah, there you are. I was looking for you.

Harley giggled and fluffed her blonde curls.

Here I am!

Joker gestured for her to sit down and she did as she was instructed. As she went to to take her seat beside him, she felt the cold metal of his rings against her bare thigh.

Come sit with Daddy, princess.

She blushed and glanced up at the man sitting across from them. Just as she expected, Joker was trying to send a message to their new business partner. After enough of their contacts made the mistake of eyeing her, they didn’t want to waste any more money on another cleaning bill. Joker made sure it was more than clear who she belonged to.

The man on the other end of the table shifted uncomfortably in his seat as Harley sat in Joker’s lap with a smile. The tassels of her dress swinging as she threw her legs across his lap and wrapped her arms around him. It was almost taunting. Once the man saw the look on her face; he was sure it was intentional.

Now, as you can see, I’ve got some business to attend to. You be good while I finish this meeting.

Harley nodded obediently and played with the charms on her expensive gold bracelet as she waited for Joker to sort out whatever business he had with the man across the table. Despite appearing rather vulnerable or weak sitting quietly in Joker’s lap, she felt powerful. No one would be dumb enough to flirt with her like this and everyone in the room knew it.

Joker moved his glass out of the way and opened the briefcase sitting in the middle of the table. Inside were hundreds of different types of bullets that weren’t meant to be sold. Their new business partner must have had a connection to the latest weaponry. Wherever he got it, it was clear this man could be useful to them. Joker looked through the various labeled sections; admiring the ammo as he thought about who would be the lucky person he tested it all on.

It’s impressive, I’ll give you that.”

The man cleared his throat nervously before he spoke.

Good. I was told this would be of interest to you.”

Joker’s eyes widened as he examined the different bullets. Finally he closed the case; his movements were intriguing. An almost feminine touch; but at the same time powerful and rather unsettling.

I’d say they know me well.

Harley tried not to laugh as she saw the look of fear on the man’s face. Joker was smiling at him; but it was a smile most don’t want to get. It was hollow; empty.


The man jumped at the sound of Joker’s voice. The tone was almost musical and much more enthusiastic; completely different than what he’d last heard.

Well! Pleasure doing business with you. My men will handle any financial questions you may have regarding our meeting today. Will I be seeing you soon?

The man looked lost for words at the sudden drastic change in demeanor he’d just witnessed. He looked at Joker and then to the henchmen guarding the door.

Yes, just contact me with whatever you need, Mr. Joker, sir…

Harley giggled as the man fumbled over his words and quickly made his way to the door.

She moaned softly at the feeling of slender fingers up her skirt. Joker caressed his fingertips down her inner thigh and nipped her ear as he murmured against her cheek.

That didn’t take long, did it?

Harley smiled and bit her lip seductively.

You’re not gunna pay him, are ya?

Joker laughed; the sound making anyone nearby feel sick the second they heard it. He lifted her chin with his finger as he grinned.

Not a dime...”

Harley leaned back against his chest as they both laughed. Everyone watched quietly; wondering anxiously over what inevitable atrocity those two had likely committed.

She wiped her eyes as she tried to quiet her laughter. Her makeup was already smudged across her face from the tears.

Good one, boss.

Joker captured her lips in a hungry kiss and she couldn’t help but moan as his hands slid up her back. Just hearing him laugh was intoxicating to her. It was like drug she could never get enough of. Harley played with the collar of his expensive silk shirt as he spoke.

Oh, I forgot to mention something. There’s some fundraiser going on tomorrow and they’re honoring Gotham’s favorite rich boy. Mr. Bruce Wayne…

Harley felt a rush of excitement at the mere thought. Finally they were going to have some real fun. She knew the answer, but had to ask anyway.

Ya think we should drop by?

Joker brushed his red lips against hers; a devious grin forming on his face once more.



What do you know about kkondaes?

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What sickens me about that ace aids post is that none of these ace blogs try to say these posts are shitty. They all just condone them for one reason or another and say shit like "all these acephobes just looking for something to hate us for!!!". they always have to defend this bad behavior.

yeah or at best they act like those are just outliers.

like its true that most of ace tumblr now has realized they cant get away with shit as overt as “what if an std killed everyone except the aceys xD” but like… most of them are still very homophobic and serophobic in much subtler ways, especially in their expressions of repulsion for gay pda and gay sex. 

it’s a community-wide problem but they act like since theres almost no one who actually says “dirty allogays” then the problem doesnt exist

i have a gif of a stockvideo of a naked girl eating a croissant she holds it and laughs then looks at it then looks back at the camera again then laughs some more she keeps looking back and forth smiling and laughing then she finally takes one tiny bite and shes acting like its the best thing shes ever eaten and she just keeps looking at the camera like “oh yea u like that” its too big to upload and i dont want to shorten it bc every minute of it is gold