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Megatron Meme 2: Megatron and a Scraplet

acteon-carolsfeld said: Megatron and a scraplet! 8D

Scraplets seem to be nonsentient beings. I’m fine with xeno and cross-species stuff if the beings are all sentient, but I don’t ship entities that can’t give consent.

But you can have Megatron with a pet scraplet.

What precisely had happened to the scraplet, Megatron didn’t know.

Scraplets had simple processors, their code amounting to little more than “if living metal and not part of swarm, then eat.” Scientists like Shockwave, who were both obsessive about their studies and a bit mad, might have said they also had some rudimentary ability to communicate with their swarm: “if metal, then we eat.”

That this one had bitten him and then somehow stopped was remarkable. That its swarm had not come in a great cloud of snapping jaws after it was more remarkable still.

It had done some damage to his plating, its fanged mouth digging deep enough into his thick armor to trace a line of fire through his sensornet. And it had clung on despite the claws and thrashing fury and singleminded epirit of a former gladiator many times its size thrashing and tearing to dislodge it.

The mindless, basic code of instinct, he’d reminded himself – but even then, something had seemed different.

And after that, without warning, the scraplet had looked up, its optics flickering, meeting his – and abruptly froze, its fangs still sunk into his plating.

He’d thought at first that it had shut down. That somehow its failure to call the others had been some sort of glitch. Perhaps even a virus, if its code were complex enough for it to actually be vulnerable to such things.

But as soon as he had pried it back off, it had nipped at his fingers almost playfully, snapping and nearly catching them as though it were missing on purpose.

That had intrigued him, and he’d dangled his claws in front of it to see its response – the same as before.

He let it catch them. It clamped down hard, its optics flaring again, as though it were somehow insulted by being so obviously allowed to win.

A coil of warmth had curled through Megatron’s spark, seeing it. He was a warrior; it seemed so was this creature he had found.

“Where are the others?” he had asked. It had stared, and leapt up at his hand as though impatient to play their little game again.

“Well then,” he had said, laughing and waving his fingers in front of it so that they shimmered in the light. It probably couldn’t see such a thing; it detected the heat of living metal. But it moved nonetheless, leaping in excitement. And then writhing smugly when it caught one claw and the warlord growled with pain.

That little victory had been legitimate.

And the scraplet had never left.

He’d forbade it to follow him around, of course; he had better things to do during his long days on the bridge of the Nemesis than play games with his new pet. But it had understood quickly enough to stay in Megatron’s quarters and to wait for his return.

He fed it pieces of the damaged, the brutally disciplined, the dying, the freshly dead. It seemed satisfied.

But glitched as it might have been, it was still attracted to the warmth of living metal. It had a damnable habit of trying to climb onto Megatron’s chest to recharge – something that even the fearsome Decepticon warlord could not entirely discourage.

Sometimes he tried to, furiously demanding that it power down in the appointed location, reminding it sternly that its little berthing spot was also heated.

Sometimes their little game ended because it didn’t have the power to leap and bite and pose any further threat to Megatron’s fingers. Slowly, it slipped recharge where it lay on his chest.

More often than he cared to admit, he let it.

So I told Acteon Carolsfeld that I drew Starscream’s face everywhere in my sketchbooks and notes. But when she asked for some I said no because they were so old and groddy.

But then I went looking for them and I only found two and they were in fact gross. I wasn’t lying by the way, I just have this really bad habit of erasing EVERYTHING. Even the good stuff. 

But I felt bad. So… I did this instead of homework….