acta fabula est

Signos como expresiones en Latín

Aries: “Ad nauseam”  - Hasta el aborrecimiento.

Tauro: “Locus amoenus” - Lugar idílico.

Géminis: “Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?” - ¿Dónde están aquellos que vivieron antes que nosotros? 

Cáncer: “Gratis et amore” - De forma sincera y de todo corazón.

Leo: “Acta est fabula”  - La obra de teatro se ha acabado. Se dice que el emperador Augusto utilizó esta expresión poco antes de morir, refiriéndose al final de su vida. 

Virgo: “Ab aeterno” - Desde siempre.

Libra: “Tabula rasa” - Volver al punto de partida.

Escorpio: “Sit tibi terra levis” - Que la tierra te sea ligera.

Sagitario: “Ad Kalendas Graecas” - Hasta las calendas griegas. Se refiere a una fecha inexistente, ya que los griegos no tenían calendas (primer día de cada mes)

Capricornio: “In saecula saeculorum” - Por los siglos de los siglos.

Acuario: “Sui generis” - De su clase. Especial, peculiar.

Piscis: “Credo” - Yo creo.

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Selected Latin phrases you can use when writing a spell 🔮 part “A”

🔥 ab initio - from the beginning

🔥 absit invidia -  “let ill will/envy be absent”( absit invidia is intended to ward off envious deities who might interpret a statement of excellence as hubris )

🔥 absolutum dominium -  absolute dominion

🔥 ab aeterno - from the eternal

🔥 a caelo usque ad centrum -  from the sky to the center

🔥 a capite ad calcem -  from head to heel

🔥 acta est fabula plaudite -  The play has been performed; applaud!

🔥 ad astra -  to the stars

🔥 ad infinitum -  to infinity

🔥ad mortem -  to death

🔥 ante omnia armari -  before all else, be armed

🔥 aqua vitae -  water of life

🔥 arcana imperii -  the secrets of power

🔥 audio hostem -   I hear the enemy

🔥 audi, vide, tace -  hear, see, be silent

🔥 auribus teneo lupum -  I hold a wolf by the ears/  A modern version is “to have a tiger by the tail”.

Acta Est Fabula


Set 8 years post FFIX

Open to all

Actors currently involved: @burmecias-protector, @zinidyne-zidane


  • Devouring the souls brought to him to sustain his life, Kuja’s magical abilities have grown exponentially at the cost of his physical health. Without a steady supply of souls supplied to him, he will wane to a comatose state.
  • Unless receiving an especially large supply of souls, or a particularly strong soul, he is considerably frail. Even the simple act of walking is a taxing effort. He will not leave the Desert Palace alone.
  • His magic is devastatingly powerful, however, he will not consider using it without a considerable supply of souls to burn. Zidane now serves as his primary means of defense.
  • His bond with Zidane seems to have changed from conflict to one of mutual dependence and admiration– Though exactly what his brother is getting out of their deal is unclear. Their playful insults still endure, however it seems that their differences of the past have been thoroughly put aside.
  • His ultimate goals are unclear, though appear to be related to the crystal in some way.


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Long Lost

Acta Est Fabula

  • AU
  • Set 8 years post FFIX
  • Open to all

Actors currently involved: @burmecias-protector, @xkuja


  • In the eight years following the end of FFIX, Zidane has matured as foretold by his creator, Garland. He towers over the average Gaian at just over seven feet tall before Trance, and over eight during.
  • Due to his very nature as Terra’s Angel of Death, Zidane can be at times quick to anger, often times unable to control it. As a result, Zidane suffers from an overall inability to control when he Trances.
  • At this point he knows how to read and speak Terran, a necessity as he makes use of Terran knowledge.
  • In many ways he is a mirror to his frail and ailing brother Kuja whom he watches over with unfaltering dedication. Unlike Kuja, Zidane has discovered that he was endowed with a lifespan of five thousand years.
  • Zidane harvests souls to extend Kuja’s life and does so by any means necessary using a shard of Terra’s crystal to embed them in his brother’s chest. They have found that some souls are considerably stronger, and so Zidane seeks those above all others.
  • Through all of this, Zidane has remained in contact with his family in Tantalus, but no one is aware that Kuja is alive. Most of his other friends have lost contact with him or disappeared entirely. Others, like Freya, he thought long dead.


burmecias-protector  asked:

Inches from his throat. Mere, 'measly' inches. The growth of Freya's power was exponential these 8 years of her absence, found by this little experience alone. Her eyes bled. Fangs only a breaths kiss from his pallid skin. She can HEAR the weak pulsations. It would do them both well... he would be at peace... she would be sated, if for just a little while. The spell is quickly broken by the blink of her eyes, and her recognizable greens return. He's shoved away. "Stay away. Until Zidane comes."

                      Not knowing quite how to respond, (perhaps dazed from being shoved to the floor like a ragdoll) he remained silent, watching his gossamer garb flow and settle around him like burnt wisps of his former self.

       The souls had been enough to keep his shell alive, but they’d held precious little fighting spirit.

      How abhorrent, that she should dare to lay hands or breath or desire on him. Kuja bit his tongue - not out of fear, rather, out of annoyance and let the thin stream of red trickle free in lieu of his usual spirited insults.

Dies Irae - master post

All of my summary posts are pretttttty scattered now and I know I’ve been getting followers who are all “what the hell is this Dies Irae thing that she keeps liveblogging,” so this might help if you’re interested. Under the cut so I can keep adding the links as I go, haha.

(But yeah, this is an epic and amazing visual novel that I only wish everyone could play, because it will probably never, ever be translated due to the difficulty. So I will be uploading lots of material, hopefully videos, and some scene translations. Probably. Don’t hold me to anything.)

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