act: brittany snow


Bechloe AU in which Chloe got a new gig where Beca works as a photographer’s assistant.

The photographer’s assistant is such a cutie.

Chloe has been having a hard time to focus on the photoshoot, constantly getting distracted by a brunette with the pretty eyes and the stern frown line between her eyebrows. The girl seemed to be always on the move: changing lenses, handing cameras, moving lights and removing wrinkles on her shirt by caressing the material and, simultaneously, making Chloe feeling quite hot. Or that was rather an effect of wearing synthetic clothes and having a background light projected at the back of her head.  

- Becky, fix Chloe’s shorts, please.

Chloe, being used to weird positions during photoshoots, did not move when she felt the fingertips on her hip. The brunette muttered something under her breath and, as carefully as possible, pulled down the edge of Chloe’s rolled up shorts.

- Hurry up, Becky.

A follow-up flash blinded her for a moment, and the girl’s awkward face was floating in the white veil covering her eyes.