So we all know Dave has the Caledfwlch - which is part cueball - so I’m calling it now: It’s not Dave’s role to kill Lord English, but to break him.

When Dave slices LE’s head off (see the code that allowed his entry into the universe in the first place: BR8K H34DS), he’ll be broken into his component pool balls:

Caliborn, Arquius and ½ Gamzee.

This would destroy LE without killing his individual components, and allow the cycle of destruction to come to an end.


The Niagara Animal Defense League presents a Marineland Animal Defense PSA! Please watch, share and become a sustainer if you can! See you all on Sunday!


Great footage of activists storming Marineland today and shutting down the dolphin show

Statement from Chantal Godin - Victim of Police Brutality at #ACT07
Below is a statement from Chantal Godin - the female demonstrator who was singled out, assaulted, cuffed and ticketed at our demonstration this last Sunday. We are putting this statement up here in solidarity with Chantal and to remind everyone that this campaign is critical of police and the role of policing and that we will ALWAYS support demonstrators who face police violence.

I was the women assaulted and handcuffed by the two Niagara police officers at the closing day demo at Marineland. There seems to be a lot of confusion seeing how only the end of the incident was captured on film. Basically, after ushering people to come into the park, people began to flood the dolphin show at which time we decided to go back and encourage more people to jump the gates. In the process of jumping back over the fence, I felt someone grab hold of me and push me down. Not knowing who was assaulting me, I swung my arm to free myself from this person. Once I saw it was the female police officer, I became extremely upset with the amount of unnecessary force she used, and began shouting at her telling her not to touch me, and asking her why she’s going after me while there were over a hundred protesters actually in the park protesting the show. I believe this is where my frustration escalated and the cursing came in. The “macho” stereotypical male cop then intervened, by randomly manhandling me, and pushing me backwards (which as you can see I deflected and pushed back), after which he smirked and walked away before returning to cuff my hands. I don’t feel such force was necessary, and I will not stand for that shit. Just because I am young, and just because I am a women does not give any police officer the right to treat me with such disrespect. They were extremely aggressive with me up until he whispered to her “you’re being filmed,” and after that her entire demeanor changed and she eventually released me (after bringing me to her cruiser at the front of the park) with a fine of 65$ for trespassing. I will be fighting this fine and I will most definitely be taking action. I felt violated and completely singled out. I do not regret this, as I feel my actions were necessary in the face of such injustice at Marineland. I believe the arrest was only to intimidate, or make some futile example and I was the scapegoat. Either way, this asshole of a cop will be dealt with, that I can promise. Thank you for the support as it has uplifted me a great deal and I hope this energy and passion is sustained and that we have this much strength for the opening day demo ! (Hopefully the place has been shut down by then)

You can expect a flood of posts today as we update folks on what happened last weekend and we reveal what we have planned moving forward.

First, a quick demonstration run down. The demonstration count from M.A.D. is 700 people, with hundreds of those people jumping the turnstiles and shutting down the last dolphin show of the year. This was not part of the demonstration schedule, but an organic expression of righteous anger. Out of this only one demonstrator was ticketed with trespass, a female demonstrator who was singled out and assaulted by Niagara Regional Police officer Alex Rivet as well as NRP Officer L. Bittman #8393. You can see that video here. We fully support Chantal, the demonstrator who was assaulted, and we will be releasing a statement from here later today.

Aside from this, we completed our entire demonstration schedule with performances from Arianna Gillis, Meghan Connolly, Heather Janssen and Spandy Andy, as well as speakers Phil Demers, Cheri DiNovo and Ric O'Barry. We are still working on compiling the best video’s - but if you look right now you will find that patched together the entire demonstration was filmed! A huge heart felt thank you goes out to everyone who spoke and performed. It was their words and performances that inspired us to act.

By now most have seen photo of video footage of hundreds of activists storming Marineland to shut down the dolphin show. Some things we would like to make clear 

  • This was not an organized part of our demonstration but it is something we wholeheartedly support.
  • At no time were any children or park goers in jeopardy. Video footage is the best document of this.
  • No one paid to enter this park - again check the video. 
  • Trespass requests were not actually made until re inforcements came from the NRP. Video footage attests to this and also shows demonstrators leaving - this is why there were no mass trespass tickets/arrests.
  • The noise of the demonstration is a concern, but worth noting that the level was nowhere near performance level in an auditorium with cheering fans and a massive sound system.

Photo and video of the demonstration have made their way across the world in the last two days - and media coverage has also been international. Without question this was the most powerful demonstration that many had ever experienced in their entire lives. Some will smear this demonstration, but it’s always important to ask - were you there?

Aside from this - we have some important updates to get out. Our bus organizing took a hit on the day of the demonstration, however, with over 100 people registering in total a lot of people simply did not show for buses. For those who pre-registered buses were purchased based upon those registrations. When people do not show it means that MAD has to make up that difference. Our total costs for buses nears $1400 and our total amount raised from buses was only $300. We expected to cover half of the bus cost, but are now well below that. We have had two gracious donors step up and they are willing to match donations to cover buses up to $350 til next Friday! That means for every dollar you donated up to $350 it will be doubled! You can paypal or e-transer for to donate!

For everyone new to this campaign the best ways to stay in touch is to follow our facebook social media pages - main page - group page - twitter and also email us at and join our mailing list! Our main facebook page is updated the most frequently - but also linked with our twitter. Our facebook group page ensures that you get automatic invites to our events and is generally more of a discussion space for members. We’d also urge everyone to stay up to date with what is going on with our campaign hub - Niagara Animal Defense League - and come out and support our fellow working groups and campaigns!

#ACT07 Bus Information!

Hey all, the much awaited bus information is below. We we will be sending buses from Toronto and London and they will be stopping in Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton and St. Catharines on there way. Our apologies to those who registered from Kingston. Our bus costs would have doubled and unfortunately we did not have enough registrations to warrant that. That said, we do now have some space opened up on the Toronto bus so if you missed our registration deadline get in touch asap! Bus schedules below. Buses leave 15 minutes after time posted. Both buses will depart from the site at 3pm. If you have any other questions or concerns about the bus contact

London Bus

London (White Oaks Mall) - 7:15 am

Kitchener/Waterloo (Kitchener City Hall - Duke St W.) - 8:50 am

Hamilton (Food Basics Parking Lot - Barton and Mary) - 9:50 am

Niagara Falls (Marineland) - 11:15 am

Toronto Bus

Toronto (Keele Station) - 9:15 am

St. Catharines (Rexall Pharmacy 258 Lake St.) - 10:35 am

Niagara Falls (Marineland) - 11:15 am