All of this Pilot discussion on my dash and it reminded me that I’ve had this set sitting in my drafts for ages because I really wanted to talk about this scene in particular. Pilot discussion time.

For the second time in the past few days, Henry has run away, been found and brought home by someone other than her, and that someone has been the birth mother she was never suppose to have to worry about being a part of her sons life. I don’t think we’re really meant to see how much this hurts Regina at the time (At this point we’re still suppose to be guessing whether she even loves Henry) but then you see this. Regina opening the door, blood-shot eyes, stuffing tissues in her jacket. She’s clearly been crying since she last saw Emma (after letting her help find Henry again, simply because it was best for Henry. Like how she let Emma pull Henry from the mines and asked David to get him from her vault, it’s just another testament to how Regina really would put her own feelings aside for Henry’s best interest. His safety has always come before her pride). Emotional exhaustion is etched into her face and stance, he won’t even glance at her, and she doesn’t try to say a word to him as he runs past her. It’s just a really emotionally tense moment. This and the scene later with Henry laying in bed really give off just how broken and strained their relationship is at this time, and how it’s a constant struggle and weight on both of them.

What I love about this moment is that it’s seconds long and yet shows so much about Regina and her relationship with Henry at the time. It was one of those humanizing moments that Lana added that deepened Regina and Regal Believer super early on. I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the pilot but there were many other moments in the first season similar to this (some subtle and some more blatant) that show Regina’s true colors. There were discussions the other day about why people seemed to love Regina so early on despite being led to believe how dark and evil she was. This is one of those reasons. The subtle bits of humanity that seeped through.

I think the writers had a lot of fun in S1 leading the audience on with Regina. Making us guess who she was and why she was the way she was. Was she pure evil? What were her intentions with the curse? Was she herself cursed? What happened to make her this way? Did she really love Henry? All questions we were suppose to be asking to make their reveals that much more poignant. I believe our initial impression was suppose to be Regina the big, bad and evil. That’s why they waited on revealing her backstory until the backhalf of the season rather than the second episode like they initially planned, and why they asked Lana to downplay Regina’s love for Henry for ambiguity purposes. It was all because those things humanized Regina and made her hard to villainize. For the most part they seemed successful, but I think Lana really found ways of humanizing Regina early on and in the end it worked to the shows benefit. It really helped consistency of her character and storyline. It’s nice being able to go back to the Pilot and still see real Regina, rather than a fake first viewing version meant to throw us off course of who she really is.

How easily one dimensional Regina could have ended up being back in S1 due to the producers intent and Lana’s lack of knowledge of the character. But going back, you really notice how much layer Lana added to Regina in S1 just by performance. Despite how little they told her, she still somehow added in all the layers the writers meant to reveal Regina having later, and more! This is just one of the many.


Luffy and Zoro are both incredibly blunt and not afraid to speak their minds, have a terrible sense of direction, tend to see situations in a simpler, black-and-white way and often lack common sense about many things.
As many similarities as they share, however, Zoro is very different from Luffy in a lot of ways.  First of all, he is generally more reserved. […] Luffy’s childlike curiosity and sense of adventure deeply contrast with Zoro’s generally calm, more mature nature.  Where Luffy is happy and cheerful to many people he meets, it is not unusual for Zoro to put up a tough front and give the impression that he’s not one to mess around with.  When Luffy is faced with death in Loguetown, he puts on a smile and tells himself that he tried his very best to survive and accepts the situation.  When Zoro faces a firing squad early in the series, on the other hand, he’s filled with deep regret that his promise to Kuina has not been fulfilled. The list could go on and on.
But, despite all the differences between them, Zoro is like Luffy in that he truly has a heart of gold.  He would never intentionally hurt an innocent, and he is not above going out of his way to help someone in need, even if it’s a stranger.  Really, even with the tough guy act he pulls, Zoro is a kind, good person who generally looks out for those around him and puts others’ needs before his own.
It’s this careful balance of shared and contrasting traits that allows Zoro and Luffy to complement each other.
 The core values they hold dear are almost identical, which allows them to easily relate to one another and function as an effective team.  But some of the stark differences in their personalities play off of one another so well that the interactions between them are both interesting and endearing.

ok the ONLY reason that im posting this is to just make a general PSA like im not doing this to “expose” u for sending this i just need to make sure everyone knows where im coming from if anyone else feels this way!!!! (this is not meant to be condescending in any way and not an attack on u like that’s why i cut off your name)

1) when i say things like “im TRASH” or any kind of “self deprecating” joke im just jokIng like it’s not a cry for help or anything which is why when people console me after i say im “trash” i typically try to reassure them i was joking !!!! (but this is not to say that at times when i do post about my insecurities that they’re joking mostly the ones like im trash are the ones where im joking)

2) it’s not to say that the light joking means im happy with myself like i very much have low self esteem and low confidence and i dont know how this defines as an “act” (like just because i can joke about it at times it doesnt mean whenever im not feeling my best that im just “pulling an act”)  and saying that insecurity is “unattractive” is frankly quite rude because for some people it’s extremely difficult to gain the kind of confidence and it makes it worse bc it’s like saying that person’s lack of self confidence is the reason for their “unattractiveness” so pl ease try to keep this in mind

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Regarding this post/119801698704/id-been-talking-to-lee-pace-actually-about I don't know, but the first feeling I felt when I read it was sadness. As it says Bryan Fuller and Lee go way back so it's understandable that he wanted Lee for the role. But to have him say that he knows who to go to when it fell through, it's like Richard is just a substitute, a plan b. Knowing how lowly Richard sees himself, I feel disheartened. He probably doesn't feel that way about this, but I can't help it.

Oh, Nonnie. 

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I feel like there are these people in the world who naturally give off the aura of being a very cool and laid back person who doesn’t care about what other people think.

And then there are some who try too hard to be rebellious and go against the norms and then they end up looking really stupid instead. All for the sake of looking “special”

That whole “Battler didn’t make it in time.” thing is kind of frustrating me. Like, how’re you gonna have the main character NOT make it in time?? I just don’t get what they’re trying to do with all this.