my mom just told me she talked with her friend whose step-daughter became gay at the age of 30 but she also has a 5 years old daughter. the 5 yo said that she wants siblings but that she also understands that 2 girls can’t have a baby…

at this point my mom was like “at least she got one kid before becoming crazy” and don’t get me wrong my mom has bunch of gay friends and she meant it jokingly but I was just sitting here thinking “if only you knew……
(both my parents want grandchildren like crazy)

for those who don’t get the point: I don’t want kids (basically everyone I ever talked to knows about this) AND I’m bisexual (which everybody EXCEPT for my family knows)

  • You'll Be Back (from the Broadway musical Hamilton)

I attempted to imitate Yellow Diamond’s voice for this xD As soon as I heard this song on Hamilton’s recording, I thought of Yellow Diamond and how pissed she must be at Peridot. I know this is pretty different from what I usually post, but idc I had so much fun doing this cover. Singing like a villain is just too much fun! >:3

Thanks to @cefren for helping me with the extra voices.

See you next Friday! Thanks for listening!


My coworker feels like she needs to make up an excuse for why she is going to be late every time. Like you have never been on time as long as you’ve worked here. Everyone knows you will be 15 minutes late everyday you don’t have to call with a story about how crazy your morning is. You are irresponsible and bad at managing your time just own it or fix it. No one believes your stories. You are going to call tomorrow with a different sad story about why you can’t make it on time. We knowwwwwwww.

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So, Eoin, are you and Gemini just friends or...........😽

Eoin: Even though she can be a huge clumsy dingus at times, she is somewhat attractive. But I doubt anything would ever really happen between us, like I said, she is pretty dorky at times. She may be pretty but most of the time I just see her as a huge dork.


Eoin loves to flirt with others who are shy or nervous! He enjoys seeing them get all flustered. Most of the time when he flirts he doesn’t really want anything but just enjoys seeing others get all embarrassed. But if the person flirts back Eoin gets all nervous and blushy! 

more ideas / topics for me to talk about:
     plegian clothes / beauty standards
     typical childhood in plegia vs. what raj got.
     ylissean-plegian relations on the day to day
     grimleal cult vs. the rest of the entire freaking religion

So I read this post where a few people were discussing Harold and his intentions/views/opinions/a lot of good stuff. I just wanted to add my own two cents without ruining their post.

First of all, I love the debates this show sparks and  I agree with OP. After the ep (507) I felt that Harold was turning down a dangerous path. Harold believes people should have free will but only when that will matches his own thoughts. He thinks he knows better than everyone that doesn’t agree with him. He takes any action possible to make sure that the outcome is one he likes. He discredited Simon because he was afraid of what Simon’s determination might unleash. He boxed the machine because he was afraid of what it could do. He locked root up because he was afraid of what she would do. He didn’t have control when it came to them so he took it by force. He made sure they couldn’t do anything he was uncomfortable with. He even tried to say that Root’s hubris was blinding her to the fact that HE knew the best way to protect Cyrus. Harold has the most hubris out of everyone on the show. Like Root said, he created god. Now Harold feels like he knows what is best for everyone. He is one choice away from becoming like Samaritan. He might not agree with carelessly killing people, but he believes that he knows what is best for humanity. He believes that humanity can’t think for itself. That humanity needs saving and he’s the one to do it. Samaritan takes away people’s free will. Harold took away Simon’s free will. He’s taking away Fusco’s free will. The machine gave Max free will. How much do you wanna bet that Harold wishes he had let John and Shaw kill the congressman back in season 3? Samaritan would’ve never gotten the government feeds if he had just listened to the machine. The one time Harold gives a person free will and they doom the world.

Harold worked so hard to make an ASI that cares about people. He doesn’t want to accept that caring about people means you have to listen to their opinions and let them make their own choices. Choices freak Harold out. Especially if he only knows the outcome of one choice. He’s afraid of letting the machine be an open system. Even if it means finding Shaw. I want Shaw to question Harold’s search for her when she gets back. I want to see how he explains his lack of determination in trying to find her once he knew she was alive. If Root wasn’t around, they’d have no lead. Shaw would have gotten no message. Shaw would be dead if Root and the machine played by Harold’s rules. And then I’m sure Harold would find some way to make it about himself. He’d blame himself. He’d say that he let her down by not trying hard enough to find her. And in my opinion, he has let her down. Root is doing everything in her power to find Shaw. When Root said she was searching for Shaw, John immediately offered his help. When Harold found out, he berated Root. He was upset. He was only concerned about the danger they could possibly be in. In that moment he didn’t care about Shaw. I don’t really think he cared about Max. He cared about what it meant that the machine made a decision that he didn’t agree with. That, in his opinion, Root sacrificed a man for her own wants. He’s afraid of what the machine is capable of. And Root is squarely on the machine’s side.  

Harold has been poi’s moral compass since the beginning. We always knew that Harold was doing the right thing. Now we can’t be sure. The machine has proven how important free will is. In season 3, Harold said that if the machine is asking them to kill people, that that was a path he couldn’t go down. But Harold has been on that path for years. If he can say that people shouldn’t be able to make their own choices and that he knows what’s best, then he is a lot more like Samaritan than he’d care to admit.