The Unpopular Opinion

Reading what I read on my dash, I don’t know whether I should laugh or cry… Really people, really?

As a Fandom, we survived (along with the Boys) for more than 5 years and now, a little before the end we are ready to light a fire and burn everything down? We lived through the lies, the stunts, the machinations, the beards and now that we almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, we fall prey to some rumours.

When 1DHQ wisen up so much? When did we become such imbeciles that we believe every scoop that the Update Accounts offer us? 

All of a sudden I see people falling of their feet to “support Louis and respect his wishes and his baby”… (translation: Louis has been saddled with a baby that we do not even know if it exists and we are supposed to throw them a party).

I see people holding grudges against Zayn for “leaving” his bandmates mid-tour to start a solo career and bemoaning his song becoming nr 1 (translation: they only have themselves to blame for still believing the story that 1DHQ fed us but they prefer to put the blame on Zayn).

I see people mention a weird, unclassified species called “Payneton”, which is supposed to be Liam with some footballer called Payton. I would make a joke about Peyton Place, but most of you will miss it… and i see the strangest theories about it, from being a looooooove affair to leading to a forced outing for Liam… (I won’t even bother to bring the commercial promo and possible exploitation of Liam’s name and friendship into the equation for it will become very complicated).

Yet the most interesting thing that I see is the fighting. Everybody against Anybody! Time to fight, time to settle our differences, time to prove who’s better than the others, time to prove who has the best insiders!  And by the time we’re finished, there will be nothing and noone left standing!

Let me make a few things clear for you; this is EXACTLY what 1DHQ wants; for five years they have not been able to break us and now, with a few “whispers” from “insiders” in the right ears, we are doing their work for them, we are playing right into their hands! Things that have happened in the past which we have called them out as 1DHQ intervention, are now brought back, only this time they seem to be working.

I implore you all; take a step back and look at the situation with a fresh look and with less emotion; it will do you a tone of good! The finishing line is near; we know that the last meters in a marathon are the most difficult; don’t give up the try and don’t fall victims to 1DHQ rumours.insiders’ info/propaganda…

P.S. In the meantime, all the Beards, past, present and quite possibly future, are parading around, being  cheered by the fans…

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did u hear about robs radio interview omg poor baby

YES YEAH and i know i’ve gotten a lot of people who’ve asked me about it!

i know the band was PUMPED to get some radio coverage, and my god they ended up being on Crazy Ira and The Douche’s station

when the first broadcast aired i was LIVID–and not so much because i was like, “rob!! poor bab” (altho….u no………natural human reaction………smol man…….) but because that was incredibly unprofessional behavior from the actual hosts

rob is a grown dude who’s been in the music and acting business for a long time. so, as far as receiving criticism or a differing opinion of what he and the band make, that’s sort of something that comes with the job

but when 16-year-old girls are calling into your station to talk about the inspiration they draw from a musician, you do not accuse that musician of sleeping with them?????? AT LEAST DO A GOOGLE SEARCH OF YOUR GUESTS???? but i looked through their history and boy howdy do they have one, and that was just their twitter

HOWEVER the fix that was applied to it does get my stamp of approval. while the hosts did have rob back to gain themselves some sort of redemption, i’m happy rich tagged along and spent some time on that station spreading the good word. it was acknowledged that they done goofed, and r2 got word on charity, kings of con, the spn family, stroke awareness…like, good, really good stuff. even when the hosts tried to turn the serious stuff a weird direction. it was mentioned that it became personal for r2. rob is excellent, but rich has a better way of keeping focus and convincing people. as a team these two turned this into something educational

to be totally honest they should have a radio station i mean come on

SO ALTHOUGH THIS WAS A HAIRY SITUATION i think it turned into something truly great. we all learned that friendship prevails over all!!!!!!


Joan of England was betrothed to Peter of Castile, son of Alfonso XI of Castile in 1345, and left England to journey to Castile in the summer of 1348. She stayed at the city of Bordeaux, in southern France. En-route, there was a severe outbreak of the plague and members of her entourage began to fall sick and die. Joan was moved, probably to the small village of Loremo, where she too succumbed to the Black Death on September 2, 1348. Edward wrote mournfully to Alphonso XI of Castille:

“We are sure that your Magnificence knows how, after much complicated negotiation about the intended marriage of the renowned Prince Pedro, your eldest son, and our most beloved daughter Joan, which was designed to nurture perpetual peace and create an indissoluble union between our Royal Houses, we sent our said daughter to Bordeaux, en route for your territories in Spain. But see, with what intense bitterness of heart we have to tell you this, destructive Death (who seizes young and old alike, sparing no one and reducing rich and poor to the same level) has lamentably snatched from both of us our dearest daughter, whom we loved best of all, as her virtues demanded. No fellow human being could be surprised if we were inwardly desolated by the sting of this bitter grief, for we are humans too. But we, who have placed our trust in God and our Life between his hands, where he has held it closely through many great dangers, we give thanks to him that one of our own family, free of all stain, whom we have loved with our life, has been sent ahead to Heaven to reign among the choirs of virgins, where she can gladly intercede for our offenses before God Himself” [x]

  • Replace all of John's first lines with ____
  • AnarchicCorrosivity
  • Homestuck

So I remembered this old meme where you always replace John’s first line of dialogue in a pesterlog with a certain phrase. Do you remember this phrase?

John and Karkat - @anarchiccorrosivity (Ty)

me: *tries to write a comparatively nuanced post about the Dark Side and moral agency*

person: right! everyone’s choices are completely their own! look at Finn


I have no problem with people talking about the book, but to those people who have seen High Rise at festivals: STOP FUCKING SPOILING EVERYTHING.

Use tags, don’t ruin the fun for others. The movie hasn’t been released anywhere. It’s months until it is out for the public. Some people, like me, don’t want to know everything before they even have a chance to glimpse it anywhere. 

We know what the movie is about, but don’t talk about every single detail and dissect every change from the book on posts of others. 

Do it like other people, when they see a movie early and do it behind cuts and use spoiler tags. Don’t be brats.

Part 1 // To Lyli ft. Park Jimin [Pics/Gifs]

To: @no-more-diamond

Happy Birthday, Lyli! 

I did the creeper thing of going through your tags and compiling some of my favorite tags you use. The following compilation of pictures and GIFs are consisted of the tags:







I’ve complied some of your reblogs in hopes that whenever you’re feeling down, you look back on this post and turn that frown into a smile. Cheesy af but true :)

This is the pictures and GIFs edition. Enjoy!

ps. don’t die

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i mean… look at those tags



I DO NOT intend to claim any of the pics, gifs, videos used in this birthday gift/compilation as my own. I have credited each piece of media to its rightful owner. If I have credited anything incorrectly, please let me know and I would be happy to make the necessary changes. Thank you!

Part 1/4 - Happy Birthday, Lyli!

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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On that post, the ony art that is referenced and not traced is the last one. I am against the whole idea that any referencing at all is theft, that artists should draw with their memory abilities and nothing else, but referencing ain't tracing. I hate callout posts, but it's one thing to accuse an artist of something ridiculous and vague like "style theft", it's another to show evidence of tracing, especially on a commission. I trace stuff for practice sometimes. I don't publish them. it's easy

I agree wholeheartedly! While I don’t condone tracing, referencing is really helpful and is one of the things that helps you grow as an artist.

I think David Tennant is doing a fantastic job as Kilgrave and he’s scaring the crap out of me, but I lowkey question the choice to hire him cuz a lot of girls think he’s attractive (myself included) and I’m scared his casting is going to cause girls to romanticize Kilgrave and the terrible, horrible, abusive person he is and how creepy and awful he is to Jessica.

tbh I feel like the “Stiles saved me line” wasn’t Lydia not acknowledging that the rest of the pack also worked together to save her, I feel like it was more supposed to be Lydia validating Stiles, making him feel like he’s redeemed himself.  We know that Stiles felt really guilty and horrible and awful about killing Donovan and I think by Lydia expressly saying that Stiles saved her was a way to make up for what he did.  I know it was in self defence and he knows it too but Stiles still killed someone so by saving Lydia he was kinda able to fix it a bit