when you’re obviously being heated for comedic effect and someone acts like you’re actually getting mad about whatever inconsequential shit (someone paste a reaction image im not on mobile im just lazy)

Act 4 Recap, Part 8...

According to this, the meteors will end up going to the same coordinates on Earth over and over again. The frog temple meteor and the other meteor from the massive terminal that Rose found in her lab hit Jade’s island. The meteor that brought John to Earth and that came from John’s playing Sburb landed in the same suburb. 

So, is there only one Reckoning that’s happened on Earth?

Okay, wait. Where did Nanna get the book before she put the inscription on it? I get that she dropped it into the LOWAS, Grandpa took it, brought it here, and Baby John took it on the meteor. And I get that Nanna was adopted by Colonel Sassacre himself, but how did she get a book without an inscription? Did I miss it?

The life of the bunny makes more sense now. Dave got it fresh for John. John got oil on it, then gave it to Casey. He dropped Casey off with Rose in the LOLAR, but kept the bunny until he gave it to Baby Rose. Rose then kept the bunny all of those years, until it was threadbare, and then repaired it from the yarn that John gave her, and was going to gift that to John. John took that repaired bunny and gave it to Baby Jade. 

Then there’s Cal. I’m guessing that Dave manifested Dream Cal from being taunted by real Cal. Dream Cal gets thrown from Dave’s tower, shreds on Bro’s rocket board all the way to the lab, then Baby Bro takes Dream Cal which then becomes real Cal, which ends up being the reason Dave sees Dream Cal. It’s a perfect circle.

So, where did Maplehoof go when Baby Dave landed? I’ll find out eventually.

I think that flash was the most fun Hex and I had recording this past Friday. 

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I feel like the word kin has lost all meaning lately. now it's just, if you relate to a character at all then congrats! you're kin! and then you have people with 50+ characters on their kin list but they don't kinshift or have memories or anything?? I don't mind if it's for coping reasons but they act as if they actually are the character even though they forget about it after the first "kinshift" they have.

god damn this shit makes me mad. and while im at it you know what i hate? the fucking SJW strawman people use.

“WELL IF YOU INSULT THE NEW GHOSTBUSTERS THE ESJAY DOUBLE US WILL CALL YOU A MISOGYNIST” who does this? who did this? literally nobody. dude youre projecting the image you saw of like zoey quinn or some shit onto things you don’t like so you can better cope. NOBODY has called anyone a misogynist over shit like that. step outside the goddamn house and see that NOBODY ACTUALLY ACTS LIKE THIS GOD DAMN

people blame “”“sjws”“” for EVERYTHING. its never a change, its those damn sjws!!!!! it pisses me off man. oh no they got rid of some fanservice!!! oh no!! if you miss it that bad go buy the original shit. it still exists man. i dont know what my point is anymore but im just sick of this shit

Yesterday thoughts...


In allowing yourself to be in a state of vulnerability, you increase the depth for growth. As many eyes fall short when stumbled across weakness, but true inner strength comes with the knowledge of wanting to become more than just being strong. We have to allow ourselves in wanting to become stronger than how we were yesterday. This day and age, we are driven in being result-orientated and how we want everything right then and there. But in reality, we have to walk before we run and we have to start before we could finish. So do not let yourself be fooled and go the easy way out because once we step out of our comfort zone, the growth of our circle becomes bigger. The goal that you have been striving for, the job that you have been wanting, the good news to overtake the bad ones, all will soon become your reality. When we allow ourselves to start believing in it, sooner or later we start to actually act upon it. So gain some courage and remind yourself that you are stronger than your own perception. And to remember in reality, the only person that can truly hold you down is yourself. 

communismkills is a grown ass adult and she got so upset about a 14 yr old making jokes about her being a furry that she invented a story about said 14 yr old accusing her of pedophilia. like if you really wanna take the high horse and pretend youre so much better than everyone on this site then maybe the better thing to do is to actually act like a fucking adult instead of just lying about people to try and beg for some undeserved sympathy 

It’s 1 am at the time of this playthrough and I go into a mission, only to get “SHEESH!”-ed at by James Woods.

Classic Kingdom Hearts. Just needs voice acting by the actual James Woods.

*internal screaming*

What do you expect from an edgelord such as Cloud? Come on, Hades, you’re better than that!!

Man, even without the voice acting, Hades is such a mesmerizing character to look at. Kudos, KHUX, for doing such an amazing job.

my family acts like they actually have the ability to Know politicians , like who they are as people, and its simultaneously really fucking annoying and really sad because i know that those people wouldnt give half a shit about my black, non-straight, disabled family of mostly women the way that they care about the politicians they glorify


people scared of jyp when got7 get back lol but then there’s this guy


Could Eliza Taylor loathe her employer any harder?

i legit saw someone who said “tumblr is allergic to different opinions, thats why they hate communismkills” like no i dont hate her because she doesnt like star wars i hate her because she has a longstanding reputation of being one of the most virulent far-right racist, transphobic, ableist pieces of shit to establish themselves on here and has repeatedly made a point of mocking trans people, racial minorities, mentally ill people, the poor, the disenfranchised, and anyone who doesnt fit into her personal narrative of ultra-nationalism and chauvinist paternalism. i dont hate her because shes “different”, i hate her because shes vile garbage who makes a point of trying to be this website’s mega-right demagogue through mocking the struggles and identities of the disadvantaged. she does not deserve one solitary fraction of my respect, not simply by the merit of having “different opinions” and certainly not by acting like actual scum

Team Valor: 

* Uses their strength to protect younger Pokemon trainers from bullies 

* Gets really excited about Pokemon battles

* Tries to better themselves and learn from their mistakes so they can get stronger 

* Acts like they don’t like Team Mystic but secretly admires their knowledge about Pokemon 

* Friendly rivals between Team Mystic 

* Good friends with Team Instinct

Team Mystic: 

* Acts cold but is actually nice

* Gets excited to share their knowledge about Pokemon/ Is a cute nerd 

* Gives advice to new players

* Thinks Team Valor can get a bit obnoxious at times but admires their fighting spirit

* Friendly rivals with Team Valor 

* Is on good terms with Team Instinct and sometimes helps them out with evolving Pokemon. 

Team Instinct: 

* The mom/dad friend of all the teams

Tends to take care of Team Valor when they get into trouble

* Is always there when friends are in need

* Admires Team Mystic for their knowledge on Pokemon evolving and frequently asks them questions

* Gets excited when their Pokemon egg hatches and shows Team Mystic

* Is good friends with both Team Valor and Team Mystic 

Tbh I really hope that Marks friends aren’t invited to anymore LA hangouts. I know that it is not my decision but the fame these people are seeking off of Mark is disturbing. Taking advantage of your friends success and embarrassing him by picking fights while being drunk at GOT7s concert is really selfish of them. Also, if they are going to be throwing around the N word, I don’t want any of GOT7 picking up on that behaviour. I can’t control what GOT7 do obviously but if you’re someone who actually supports the shit Marks friends been doing you really need to come to your senses tbh, holly said herself that if MARKS FANS don’t like HER photos, she’ll stop posting pictures of him period… how about yall stop giving them the attention on their social medias that they are seeking. They are just fame craved people who are letting all your guys’ attention get to their head.