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Don’t You Dare

Word Count: 1,789
Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Shy reader, emotionally sensitive reader, trigger warning, fluff
Love Interest: Holtzmann
Note: I thought the ending was cute

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I sighed as I twirled around in the chair I was in, my legs dangling from the plastic seat. The four girls were talking among themselves at a new possible case. I’ve tried to offer my opinions and ideas more than once, but I’ve gotten run over my someone else every time. So, instead of wasting my breath, I’ve taken to just sitting in the corner and listening. It’s not like I wasn’t used to it, people do it to me all the time.

They were talking about some ghost haunting one of the many historical buildings that are in this city. When they went down to investigate, they didn’t see a ghost, but they saw some ghost-implying things. I briefly saw the thing for a moment, and even managed to sketch it out as best as I could, but when I tried to tell them I just got run over. Holtzmann seemed like the only one who was interested in what I had to say, but had to turn her attention when someone else spoke over me.

“Guys, we don’t even know what it looks like.” Abby said with a sigh.

“Actually I managed to-” I began.

“Maybe if we lure it out somehow.” Patty offered.

“You guys could always-” I started.

“How would we do that, Patty?” Erin asked.

“I think I know-” I began again.

“Y/n, can you just be quiet? You don’t even know what you’re talking about.” Erin demanded.

That shut me up real quick, and rather than going off on her, I just retreated back into my shell. I held eye contact with Holtzmann for a moment, and she looked a little defeated and sorry for me. I bit my lip and nodded at Erin, which informed her that I was willing to do as she said. She sighed, rolling her eyes at me before continuing with what she was saying. I crossed my arms, hugging myself in an effort to make myself feel better.

I looked at the paper, half of it covered with a sketch of the ghost I saw. I bit my lip for a moment before picking up the nearest pen. I quickly scribbled my ideas on the paper before folding it enough so it could easily fit in my hand. I took a deep breath as I hopped off the chair, walking over to were the group was. I walked behind Holtzmann, deciding she was the only one who would acknowledge my existence. I tapped her shoulder, and she turned around with a smile.

“Yeah?” She asked, and I saw Erin roll her eyes.

“I, uh,” I held up the paper, “It’s-I mean.” I stumbled, feeling the pressure of everyone looking at me.

“Spit it out!” Erin demanded and I flinched at the volume of her voice.

“Leave her alone.” Holtzmann said, her smile dropping for a moment.

“S-Sorry, here.” I handed Holtzmann the paper.

“Thanks.” Holtzmann said and I smiled back.

“It’s the ghost from the build-” I began.

“You’re such an idiot, I bet you didn’t even see it.” Erin said harshly, “Why are you even here anyway?” Erin asked, narrowing her eyes at me.

“Well I thought-” I began to explain myself.

“Well you thought wrong. You’re just here because you have a crush on Holtzmann. Newsflash, she’s not gonna be into you, I mean, who would?” She asked.

Holtzmann’s smile dropped, but this time it didn’t return. I felt something inside of me break, and tears threatened to spill. The group was silent, and I couldn’t tell if it was because they were shocked or if they agreed with Erin. My eyes widened and I looked away from her, hugging myself once again. I slowly backed away from the group, nodding as I did so. Erin was right, I was just dumb enough to think otherwise.

“I’m sorry.” My soft voice broke.

Before anyone could say anything else I ran out of the building, getting as far away from there as I could. I ducked behind an ally that was a short ways away from the firehouse. I felt my mind crumble as I leaned against the ally wall, letting myself breakdown. I slid down the wall as tears freely fell from my cheeks. Erin was right, every single word she said to me was right. I was so stupid to think I had a shot with Holtzmann.

It’s like high school all over again, except instead of the popular kids making fun of me, it was Erin. I can’t believe I let myself get attached, I should’ve known better. I mean, with how many times I’ve cried because of something someone said, you would’ve thought I’d have learned my lesson. I pulled down the sleeves of my sweater, covering my eyes with the fabric. I lose myself in my own thoughts.

–3rd P.O.V.–

“You’re such an idiot, I bet you didn’t even see it.” Erin said harshly, “Why are you even here anyway?” Erin asked, narrowing her eyes at Y/n.

“Well I thought-” She began to explain herslef.

“Well you thought wrong. You’re just here because you have a crush on Holtzmann. Newsflash, she’s not gonna be into you, I mean, who would?” Erin asked.

The smile dropped from Holtzmann’s face, and she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to yell at Erin, Hell, right now she was so mad she could strangle her. She also wanted to just hug you, comfort you, and make you feel better. Anger rose in Holtzmann, the smile not returning to her face. First Erin shoots Holtzmann down every chance she got, now she’s getting jealous? Erin didn’t have a right to feel jealous, and she certainly didn’t have a right to treat you that way.

Holtzmann watched you carefully, almost lost in her own thoughts. She watched your face and slowly saw you crumble inside. You were silent for a long while, as was everyone else. You slowly backed away, nodding as you did so. Abby and Patty didn’t know how to react, Erin didn’t usually behave that way when the others were around, so this was the first time they saw Erin act like that.

“I’m sorry.” Your soft voice broke before running out of the firehouse.

“Thank God, she’s gone, she was really starting to-” Erin started, but Holtzmann couldn’t hear anymore. So she slapped her.

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that.” Holtzmann said in a dangerous tone. A tone that she rarely used.

“Ho, come on, you guys can’t seriously disagree with me?” Erin questioned.

“I just can’t believe you’d treat that sweet girl that way, Erin.” Patty spoke.

“Yeah, I didn’t think she was doing anything wrong, Erin.” Abby spoke up, eyeing Erin.

“I’m going to go out there and find her and make sure she doesn’t to anything stupid because of you, and when I get back, you will apologize.” Holtzmann said, using the same tone.

“O-Okay.” Erin stuttered, not having seen that side of Holtzmann before.

–Y/n P.O.V.–

I continued to cry, feeling awful about myself. My mind started to wonder how the Hell I’ve lasted this long in the first place. For a minute there I thought Holtzmann felt the same about me. She’d always try to make me laugh or smile, and she’d do oddly flirtatious things and then wink at me. Once she was eating a hot pocket and she scooped out a bit of the inside while wiggling her eyebrows at me, and winking once she swallowed.

Half the time, she was deliberately trying to make me blush once she found out that it wasn’t hard to do. I guess I was reading the signals wrong, or maybe she was doing it ‘cause she felt bad. I don’t know, all I know is that I shouldn’t be here. I wiped my eyes and tried to back further into the wall, but stopped when I felt something crunch under my hand. I looked down, seeing shattered glass scattered every where.

I slowly picked up one of the medium sized pieces of the clear glass. An idea popped into my mind, and I rolled up my sleeves. I pressed the glass down on the inside of my elbow, wondering if I was really going to do this. The words of Erin and everyone else that’s bullied me came into my head, creating new tears in my eyes. I took a deep breath, about to do it when it was suddenly snatched from my hands.

“Don’t you dare, Y/n.” A familiar voice spoke, and I looked up.

“Holtzman?” I asked, sniffling, “What are you doing here?” I asked quietly.

“I came looking for you, I wanted to make sure you were okay,” Her eyebrows furrowed, “Good thing I did.” She tossed the glass to the side.

“I’m fine, sorry for being a burden, you can go back now.” I offered quietly, hugging myself.

“Hey,” She spoke, crouching down, “Look at me.” She said firmly.

“What?” I questioned before she hugged me, “What are you doing?”

“I believe it’s called a hug,” She began, “People do it when-”

“I know what a hug is.” I said, smiling lightly.

“Don’t listen to Erin, okay? None of that bullshit is true.” She comforted.

“It is,” I began crying again, “She’s right, and I was an idiot for thinking otherwise. I’m just a useless little human, and you guys would be better off without me, and you probably feel awkward because you found out that I have feelings for you, and you’re probably like ‘ew she’s such a toad’-” I rambled, lowering my voice at the last sentence.

My voice was cut off when she kissed me, putting a hand on my cheek. I instantly kissed back, surprised at the sudden display of affection. She deepened the kiss, and I happily let her. I felt all of my previous worries and negative feelings melt away as I brought her closer to me. She pulled away, resting her forehead on mine, a smile coming to her face. I bit my lip, failing at suppressing a smile of my own.

“I happen to like toads.” She said and I laughed lightly.

“Just try not to cut me open.” I joked.

“No promises.” She joked back

“So,” I began awkwardly, “Does that mean you have feelings for me or-”

“You’re so shy and oblivious, it’s cute.” She said and I narrowed my eyes.

“That sounded like a yes, but I’m confused because it also sounded like a backhanded compliment.” I said.

“Of course it’s a yes, why would I just kiss you for no reason?” She questioned, “You know what, don’t answer that.” She said when she saw me about to say something.

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Playing through Breath of the Wild, I knew immediately that Revali would be my favorite character. I didn't exactly know why at first, but when it comes down to it, it's the fact that your voice acting is astounding. And to find out that you voiced Sheen in Bedfellows...holy shit. That's too good. I laughed about that one for a while because I couldn't not imagine Revali doing the crazy things that Sheen does. You're a godly voice actor and I hope you get more high profile roles in the future!

Link is Fatigue, just excited about all his new Sheikah tools to play with and eager to help everyone he comes across.

Revali is Sheen, inexplicably attached to Link but defiant at every opportunity as he tries to assure people it’s not a mutual relationship, and getting angry at everyone who doesn’t think his poop smells like Mighty Prime Meat and Seafood Fry.

(Also, thank you! I’m working hard as we speak.)

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Warning: Slight smut ahead…SLIGHT

#1 || Come over here and make me. // masterlist

It was safe to say that being a complete dick ran in the Hux’s blood. It wasn’t enough that there was one Hux running things in the First Order, rather, two–something Kylo Ren did not need. It was enough that Kylo had to deal with general Hux, but now that there was a lieutenant Hux, Kylo was in for the worst ride he could have ever ridden. There was an infinite amount of things on the con list of having two Hux’s around, while there was maybe a handful (or less) of things on the pro list–one being that you were a female and that you were a bit nicer–and by a bit, it was the slightest amount…the size of a speck of dust. This was not what Kylo Ren needed.

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Of Course

Member: Jun
Genre: F L U F F
Word Count: 1574

You knew your marriage wouldn’t be a very traditional one. There were too many differences in the way of tradition. You couldn’t have a wedding in your home country; all of Jun’s relatives in China wouldn’t be able to travel such a long distance. You couldn’t have a wedding in China because you knew that someone in your family would manage to accidentally offend someone just because of how unfamiliar they were with the culture over there. Your mom wanted to see you in a pure white dress as you walked down the aisle. Jun’s mother had been emailing you pictures of red wedding gowns. You couldn’t have a traditional wedding because there was no way you could follow two countries’ traditions at once.

“What are we going to do?” you groaned, tossing the bridal magazine you had in your hands to the floor. Jun was laying beside you on his laptop, but as soon as you flopped down into the pillows of your shared bed, he closed it and set it on the nightstand. You looked at him and he gave you sympathetic smile, holding an arm out so you could snuggle into his chest.

“It’s going to be fine. How about we just have the wedding here?” he asked, petting the top of your head. That thought actually hadn’t occurred to you. You could just get married in Korea. You had moved here about six months ago to be able to live with Jun after a two year long-distance relationship. He proposed just a week later while eating takeout on the floor of your new apartment, surrounded with moving boxes.

Both of your families would be in a foreign setting, and none of them would have any privilege over the other in that aspect. It wouldn’t be too far for Jun’s family to travel, and all of Seventeen would be able to attend.

“That’s actually a fantastic idea.” you smiled, feeling a little worry lift off your shoulders. Jun looked directly into your eyes, so close that your noses touched.

“Don’t get so worked up; we’ve already made it through the hard part. I loved you even when we had millions of miles between us, when we were on opposite sides of the world, when my morning was your night. You loved me even when I only got to talk to you once or twice a week for ten minutes at a time because of my schedule. We fell in love through an entire language barrier on top of all of that. This should be the easy part. We made it to the finish line, babe. This should be the easy part.” he said, squeezing you even more tightly into him.

“I love you.” you choked out, pressing your lips to his as you held back the tears in your eyes. You were so tired, and his words made you feel so overwhelmed with happiness.

“Wǒ ài nǐ.” he whispered after you pulled apart.

A few months later, it had all come together perfectly. You were putting the finishing touches on your makeup when a small knock sounds at the door.

“Are you ready to come down? It’s almost our time to shine, sweetheart.” your dad called through a crack in the door. You got up, smoothing the front of your dress. It was long, elegant, and it fit all of your curves just right. The milky white fabric of the dress was accented perfectly by the vibrant red lace overlay on top. This was the dress that had made both Jun’s and your mom cry out in admiration when they saw it on you.

“Yeah, I’m ready.” you smiled, your lipstick the same shade as the red lace on your dress making your teeth seem fantastically white. You took your father’s arm, and he led you down the stairs of the simple venue you and Jun had picked out together. You stopped before two large wooden doors, the rest of the wedding party waiting behind them. You thought you’d be more nervous, but you really weren’t. Nothing in your life would really change after this day; you already woke up to Jun’s terrible bedhead and warm smile every morning, you already made dinner together every night, and you definitely hadn’t saved anything physically intimate for marriage. This was mostly a day to make your families happy.

“That’s our cue.” your dad whispers as you hear the first few notes of piano music play from behind the doors. They quickly open, and everyone begins to murmur when they see you. You glance around and meet the eyes of your family, your soon-to-be family, and finally settle on the person who matters most. You locked eyes with Jun, and he smiled at you with indescribable emotion. Suddenly you understood all of the movies; as much as you had thought that this was a day mostly for everyone else’s enjoyment, you suddenly realized that this was the first day of the rest of your life. The rest of your lives together. You finally reached the end of the aisle, and your father placed your hand in Jun’s. His hands were so warm and familiar, and there was no way anyone could have ever made you let go of him.

You barely heard anything from the man officiating the marriage, but before you knew it he was motioning for Jun to say his vows. The two of you, facing the problem of conflicting cultural traditions once again, had agreed to either write your own vows for each other. They were to be complete surprises, and you didn’t know what to expect. Was it going to be heartfelt, funny, or dramatic? You weren’t even sure what language it was going to be in to be honest. Your ears honed in on the noise of him clearing his throat before he started to speak.

“What you do still betters what is done. When you speak, sweet, I’d have you do it ever; when you sing, I’d have you buy and sell so, so give alms, pray so; and for the ord’ring your affairs, to sing them too. When you do dance, I wish you a wave o’th’ sea, that you might ever do nothing but that, move still, still so, and own no other function. Each your doing, so singular in each particular, crowns what you are doing in the present deeds, that all your acts are queens.” his voice rang out strongly in the room, and your eyes pricked with tears. Of course he would memorize a whole Shakespeare speech just for you. “I promise to spend the rest of my life giving you everything I have. I will dedicate my entire being to making you happy. I will be the best husband I can be for you, if you’ll let me.” he said, squeezing your hand before he slipped a shining golden band around your finger. You smiled at him, and you wished you could just throw your arms around him already. But you had to get through just a little bit more. You took in a shaky breath, hoping you hadn’t forgotten your own vows.

“If I were to describe love as a sight, it would be your eyes, your smile. If I were to describe love as a sound, it would be your laugh, your voice. And if I were to describe love as a feeling, it would be your arms around me.” you said, tears freely falling from your eyes at this point. “I have never known anything as strong as the feeling I get when I look at you, and I don’t think that will ever go away. I love you so, so, so much more than you could ever imagine, Junhui, and if you allow me the privilege of being your wife today, I will be happy for the rest of my life.” you finished, sliding a golden ring identical to yours onto his finger.

“Do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?” the greying man asked Jun.

“Of course.” he stated clearly, looking you in the eye and giving you his signature wolfish grin. You couldn’t help but giggle a little, as you wiped a stray tear away with the back of your free hand.

“Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?” the man said, turning his attention towards you.

“Of course.” you said, mimicking Jun’s informal answer. The whole room laughed, and you couldn’t help but join in.

“Well then, it’s settled.” the man jokes. “I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the —” he was cut short when Jun immediately pulled you into him and kissed you. His lips were soft against yours, and filled with as much emotion as he could possibly muster. You pulled apart much too soon for your liking, but then again he could probably never kiss you long enough to satisfy your need for him completely.

He turned and raised your intertwined hands in the air as all of your friends and family watching erupted into applause. As you went back down the aisle holding Jun’s hand, you couldn’t help but feel like you were embarking on some sort of great adventure. In a way, you were: an adventure with a ridiculous amount of happiness and love that would last longer than any other adventure you had ever been on before.

- Marcy (The first part of “your” vows are actually from a really cute @starryjunhui edit I saw a while back)

Working Legs [a Barry Allen AU]

a/n: oh look more fucking au’s nobody asked for


It all happened on a late June night. Joe was out on a case when his foster son showed up, telling him it was too dangerous. Though he was told to stay in the police car, Barry disobeyed, running towards Joe. It happened in a blink of an eye; the criminal fired his gun at the older man and the bullets shot out as fast as lightning. The twenty four year old jumped in front of them, screaming in agony when the bullets entered his lower back.

“Barry!” Joe cried out, dropping to his knees next to where his son lay. Blood seeped through his plaid blue button down and his arm was twisted behind his back, his face scrunched in pain. In a matter of minutes, the boy was in the back seat of the police cruiser, passed out on the middle aged man.

When they got to the hospital, Joe carried his limp body in his arms, watching nurses scramble around for a stretcher. Joe placed his son on the hospital bed and the doctors rushed him through a set of double doors. They had to do surgery, which meant Joe couldn’t see him until it was over. So, he waited and waited and waited.

It took a long six hours for the surgery to end and another seven and a half for him to wake up. During that time, the doctors told Joe some heavy news. Due to where the bullet hit, his spine was shattered. Joe blocked out the rest of what they said. He just sat there; Iris came a half hour later, keeping her dad company.

The moment Barry batted his eyelashes, Joe and Iris were there, offering him water and another pillow. He smiled at Joe after the water in the plastic cup was gone, reaching a hand out; the wires move with him. “Joe, I told you it was too dangerous.” he coughed, chuckling at his foster father, who bit his lip, tears clouding in his eyes. Barry frowned, dropping his hand and gazing at Iris, whose eyes were also wet. “What’s wro-” Then he noticed something. His feet wouldn’t move, even though he was telling them to - in fact, his legs wouldn’t move. “No.” his voice cracked, “Guys, I can’t feel my legs.”


Being in a wheelchair is a lot harder than Barry thought it would be. One would think the police department would have an automatic door, but no, the CCPD doesn’t. With one hand, Barry pulls the door open, wheeling his chair around to act like a door stop, elbow pushing the door further. As he holds the wood, his other hand moves the joystick, driving inside. “Stupid…doors.” he grumbles, sighing to himself.

He rolls around a group of kids, smiling at a few of them while the teacher talks, and gets to the elevator…only for it to be out of fucking service. Angry tears spring in his eyes but he glares at his lap so nobody will see. He needs the elevator to get to his lab to do his job! Don’t they know that? He thinks they should know that by now.

“Um, excuse me sir, do you work here?” you question timidly, clutching your clipboard to your chest. Your teeth dig into your red bottom lip as you peer around, keeping an eye on the group of thirteen children. “I’m supposed to be meeting Captain Singh…” you peek at your clipboard, “and Detective West and his partner, Detective Thwane? I guess it would help if I knew where to be.” you giggle, staring at the brown haired man, who’s in awe. “Shoot, you probably don’t wor-”

“No, no, I work here.” Barry smiles, showing his little clip on CSI name tag underneath his felt coat. “Barry Allen, forensic scientist, well, I would be, if I could get to my lab.” he jokes, nodding to the out of order sign. You part your lips, shuffling on your red polka dot heels. “Sorry, dark humor.” he waves his hand, chuckling awkwardly, “Um, I can show you to Joe- I mean, Detective West, sorry, he’s my foster father. I usually call him Joe…and why am I tell you all of this?” he trails off, shaking his head.

You giggle, covering your mouth with one of your fingers. “Oh, it’s okay- Kyle! Don’t pull Rachel’s backpack.” you say sternly, watching the small blond first grader slump his shoulders. A sigh leaves your lips and you slowly turn your attention to the handsome man, “So, you were saying?” you ask.

Barry’s long fingers curl around the black thin joystick, green avocado eyes gleaming brightly at you. He tries not to pay mind to your fitting ruby pencil skirt; he has always loved the color red, but now he is seeing it in a completely different perspective. “Right, right, Jo- I mean, Detective West, ahhh!” he hits his armrest, sighing, “He should be…” he mutters, rolling forward into the desk area, “Here. Hi Joe.” he says in a curt tone, lips twitching as if he wants to smile.

Quickly looking over your shoulder, you count the kids. Thirteen, good. The older man grins at the young man, “Hey Barr! Shouldn’t you be in the lab?” he mumbles in a silky voice, raising an eyebrow skeptically.

Barry glares, crossing his arms over his dark blue sweater. “Well, I should be, yes. But, the elevator is out of order, so unless you wanna carry me and my chair downstairs, I can’t really do anything.” he puffs out, biting the inside of his cheek, “Honestly, Joe - I’m sorry, give me a second -” he pleads at you; you nod reassuringly. “Honestly, Joe, how am I supposed to do my job if I can’t get to my lab?!” His hands wave around, finally setting on his neck, rubbing it.’

“What do you want me to do, Barr? I’m not an electrician, son.” the detective sighs, scratching his temple, “I’ll…I don’t know, I’ll figure it out, okay? For now, you can help me set up Miss Y/L/N’s class.” he grins at you, standing up; you return the favor, “Captain Singh is out on a case, but, he should be back soon. Joe West.” He shakes your hand, “Is it okay if I talk to the kids; give ‘em a run down of what’s goin’ on?”

You nod your head, brushing your hair behind ear. “Of course! And, I’m Y/N Y/L/N, not that you…didn’t already know that. Obviously you know that; you were the one I talked to over the phone and you probably did a background ch- I’m going to stop talking now.” you mumble awkwardly, raising your pointer finger in the air while your other hand has the lime green clipboard in a death grip.

Chuckling, Detecti- Joe adjusts his white button down in his suit pants, peering at you then at his son. “Barry here would love to talk to you, wouldn’t you Barry?” he says briskly, walking towards the group of kids before he gets an answer. Curse him and his working legs…

Barry shifts in his wheelchair, grinning up at you awkwardly, “So…you’re a teacher?” You nod your head, hair falling in your eyes. “That’s nice. Hey, maybe you could teach me a lesson sometime!” he chuckles at his pun, stopping immediately after he notices the rosy blush on your cheeks as you bite your lip, eyes focused on the floor. His mouth opens and closes like a fish out of water. “Oh, oh god, I didn’t - I didn’t mean it like that! I meant maybe you could show me something new - nope, nope, that sounds worse. I…” Mayday, mayday, ship sinking.

Covering your blush, you glance over at Joe, giggling quietly. Is giggling good? Barry has no clue. Bending down slightly, you lean on his armrest; he looks at you with wide eyes and you gulp. “Sorry, it felt a bit rude talking down to you.” you explain, nibbling your bottom lipstick covered lip. He nods slowly, mouth ajar. “But, um, I know what you mean… Off the record though, I think… you are really adorable.” you say nervously, pecking his cheek.

Then you realize your mistake. Cupping your hands over your mouth, you stare wide-eyed at the bright red lipstick print now on his freckled cheek. “I’m so sorry!” you exclaim, voice muffled by your hands.

Barry shrugs, acting if he’s not freaking out inside. Be cool, Barry, be cool. Don’t do anything embarrassing. “It’s okay!” he squeaks. Squeaks. Come on. “No big deal - oh, look Captain Singh’s here!” he says in one breath, flashing a smile as he pulls his watch up to his face, hand landing on his joystick, “It was lovely meeting you, Y/N, have good day!” he grins, gulping, “Look at the time! I have to run! Ha, get it run? Joe, I’m leaving.” he mutters the last sentence as he passes by the man, keeping his head down.

He pushes the door open, huffing in frustration as he props it open with his elbow. Peering back, he sees you smile and…he feels like he’s going to throw up. Instead of butterflies in his stomach, it feels like a swarm of wasps, stinging him from the inside out. Pressing the joystick harder than he probably should, the wheelchair bolts outside.

Eddie walks by the chair, coffee in hand. He watches the wheelchair zoom towards the ramp on the side of the building. Bringing the file up, he uses it as a makeshift megaphone, “Hey, Barr, don’t you have work?!” he calls out, voice laced in confusion while his blond eyebrows scrunch together.

“Shut up, Eddie!” Barry hollers over his shoulder, not bothering to stop. Eddie shrugs, blinking down at his drink. What’d he miss when he was with Iris on break? Maybe Joe would fill the young detective in.

Jared Cameron Request

Could you do a Jared imagine where the reader has gone to school with him and he always picked on her. She left for a while to live somewhere else & now she’s back and he imprinted on her & he’s trying to talk/etc to her but she doesn’t trust him and doesn’t take any of his sh*t :) pretty please. wear before he shifts he would never give the reader the any attention because she’s not his type then when he turns he imprints on her and a full blown argument happens. You can pick the ending but if not that’s ok

Your Dad taught on the reservations; that’s how you first met Jared. He’d been cold and rude to you since your first day at the school. Three years later, during your junior year of high school you Dad’s job took you and your family off of the res to Portland. You remember hugging your couple of good friends, Alexis and Luna, goodbye and getting in the car making your way to Oregon. Now, a year and a half later, just in time for the start of second semester, you had moved back to the reservation halfway through your senior year.

“I can’t believe you’re back,” Alexis locked an arm with one of yours as you walked into school.

Luna smiled at you, “We’re so happy you’re back. What’s your first class?”

“Anthropology,” you told her. “Sorry,” you said as you unexpectedly knocked into someone in the all.

“It’s ok,” the voice said back to you. When his eyes met yours you realized who it was…Jared. He paused upon looking at you and you walked away quickly, leaving him staring at you down the hall. “Jared looks…different.

“He’s close with Jacob and Seth and this group of guys. Like, freakishly close with them.”

The bell rang, “I’ll see you guys at lunch.” You walked into your classroom and your day started. Now, you had one class left before lunch- Physics. You looked on the board to see where you’d be sitting. “You’ve got to be kidding me,” you muttered to yourself. Your seat was in the back with Jared, who was already looking at you. You slumped in your seat and let your backpack fall to the floor.

“That was my fault in the hallway. Sorry about that Y/N,” he said to you.

You were surprised, “You remember me?”

“Of course I do. You weren’t gone that long,” he laughed to himself.

“You’re being nice to me? You barely looked at me before. Now you look and talk to me?” You weren’t falling for it.

“I guess that’s true. But that was nearly two years ago. A lot changes in that kind of time.” You rolled your eyes and as the teacher started talking you thought you heard him mutter “I’ll show you.”

You grabbed your things and left quick as the class ended. You were half way to lunch when you heard your name being called. “What is it, Jared?”

“I was going to ask if you had anyone to sit with at lunch.”

“I did have friends while I was here, Jared. I’m sitting with Luna and Alexis.”

“Oh, right, of course. I must’ve forgotten. I figured, you know, just in case I might as well ask you,” he stuttered.

You got into the lunch room and walked over to the girls. “Were you just talking with Jared?”

“He caught up with me after class,” you told Luna.

“Well, he’s still got his eyes on you from across the room,” Alexis told you. “I’m surprised you couldn’t feel his stare by how hard he’s looking.”

“I don’t think he’s even blinking,” Luna laughed.


Jacob laughed hard at Jared as he wrapped up what happened in the hallway. “You’ve imprinted on her you idiot. Congrats.”

“Imprinted on her,” Jared sat down on the seat. “She doesn’t even like me. You should see the way she looks at me.”

“Maybe if you weren’t such a douche to her all those years ago she’d like you more. You just have to win her over man.”


The next three weeks he kept acting the same way towards you. Trying to walk you to classes, sit with you during lunch, ask about your day and weekend plans. It was Friday and you were walking to your car. “Y/N, wait up,” Jared was running towards you. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Not sure. Why?”
“I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out.”

“Um, no thanks, Jared.” You threw your bags in your car. “Why not?”

“You were a jerk to me for three years and now that I come back you think we can be all buddy buddy.”

“You’re mad because I’m being nice to you?”

“I’m mad because you were a jerk to me for three years and now you want to hang out with me. You never even apologized for how you acted,” you raised your voice.

“I’m sorry,” he spout out at you. “I was a jerk to you because I was stupid and young and I didn’t know how to act around a girl I liked. And, now, I have no choice about my feels towards you,” he basically shouted.

“What do you mean you have no choice?”

“I…I can’t explain it. But I like you. I have for years now. Please give me a chance to show you I’m serious.”

“Fine. You can pick me up at 7 tonight,” you crossed your arms stubbornly.

“I’ll see you then,” he smiled.


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How To Be A Heartbreaker

Originally posted by hohbi

Words: 3597

Parings: hoseok x reader

Genre: fluff, smut

Summary: You were the player out of your friend group but when Hoseok comes along and enter your life, Will you player title be taken away?

Warning: oral sex, cussing

AN: I wrote this based off of Marina and The Diamond’s song How To Be A Heartbreaker, highly recommend listening to the song while reading this if you haven’t heard it.

Rule 1. You Gotta Have Fun

“Y/N are you ready yet?” Abigail said as she peaked her head into the hotel bathroom.

“Almost.” You said as you were recurling some pieces of hair that had fallen out throughout the day. You and a few of your friends were spending the weekend out of town for Abigail’s birthday. You had just finished spending all day shopping, getting your nails done, etc. All gearing up for tonight, you and your friends pitched in to get all of you tickets to see one of her favorite bands in concert. Abigail was the first to get ready since she was the most excited and wanted to get there super early to get into the stadium first. You back away from the mirror and took a long look at yourself before heading out the door. You were wearing a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, a grey crop top and an army green jacket wrapped around your waist. You sprayed some perfume and headed out of the bathroom and into the room where everyone else was finishing getting ready.

“I’m so excited!!” Abigail said jumping onto the bed next to you knocking over some bags from earlier that day.

“Don’t waste all your energy now, save some for later.” Sam said as she was putting on her sneakers.

“I can’t help it, I’ve been waiting years to see them perform live and I’m so happy I have amazing friends like you that would make this dream a reality.” She says opening her arms for a big group hug. You and Sam jump into her arms and end up falling off the bed onto each other laughing hysterically.

“Awwww, I’m never around for the group hug.” Cameron said as she walked out the bathroom. You reached up and grabbed her arm pulling her down onto the floor. You loved these girls with all our heart and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

“Y/N promise you won’t go off with some guy.” Abigail said sitting up causing the atmosphere to go from happy to serious.

You were known for being what they call, a “player.” You couldn’t help it, guys always fell at your feet and you enjoyed having them. You never really wanted a real relationship so when the night was over, you’d get up and leave never seeing them again. It was just how you rolled, and you haven’t been happier.

“I can’t promise that,” You said as you say Abigail’s facial expression drop, “but, I can promise that I can get you a guy tonight.” You said seeing her face light up like a Christmas Tree.

“Really?!” She said as she jumped back into your arms for another big hug.

“Best birthday ever!!!” She said.

When you made it to the stadium there were already hundreds of people waiting in line to get in, so this was the perfect time to scope out potential partners tonight. Sam and Cameron both had boyfriends so they were out of the game but enjoyed helping out, they just couldn’t do anything with whom they found.  You didn’t find anyone while waiting in line which made you think that tonight was going to be a free night for you. Just as you had that thought, you locked eyes with a tall, pinkish hair, really fit boy. He wa surrounded by 6 other guys who were just as tall and good looking as him. You smirk at him realizing you’ve found your victim.

“Abigail, over there.” You point over to the boys behind you.

“Oh my, daddy’s af.” She says causing the entire group to burst out laughing.

Finally, it was your turn to show your tickets and head inside the stadium. You found your seats and sat down.

“We’re gonna go get some drinks, do you guys want anything?” Sam says and her and Cameron stand up.

“Can I have a soda?” Abigail says.

“Me too.” You say smiling at them giving them room to get past you guys.

“I can’t believe i’m finally here!!” Abigail says shaking your arm causing you to burst out laughing at her. You turn your head and notice the boy you saw earlier were sitting directly behind you. The one you locked eyes with earlier was directly behind you sitting on his phone not paying attention to anything around him. This was going to be a fun night.

Halfway through the concert your voices were already gone and the main act hadn’t even come out yet. There was a little intermission before the main act came out so that they could get the stage ready for them and also allowing everyone to go to the bathroom and get settled.

“Guys! Do you wanna go down to the stage? I see an empty spot and people are just walking down there with no security stopping them!” Abigail says not giving us a chance to answer before she grabs onto our arms and pulls us away from the stands and down the stairs. You make it the middle of the crowd and have a way better view of the stage than before. Abigail couldn’t stop moving because her excitement was taking over her body. You turn around looking back at your seats to see the boys again and realize, they were gone. Where did they go off to? Just as you questioned that, the lights dimmed and music started to play telling everyone that the concert was about to begin again. You head high pitch screams all around the stadium and your heart starts to pound. You started dancing along to the music forgetting about everything around you and not caring that you probably looked crazy. Your voice recovered over the break but was slowly giving out once more. You moved your hips to the beat of the song feeling every beat hit your body. You felt hands wrap around your waist guiding you along to the music. Thinking it was Cameron or Sam you went along with it. You continued this until the song was over when you turned around and noticed it wasn’t Cameron or Sam. It was the tall guy from earlier. Your heart stopped and you started to sweat even more than before. The guy smirked at you and went back to dancing to the next song that started to play.

“Was he going to play me? Well sir, two can play at this game.” You thought to yourself before backing up and moving your hips again telling him you wanted to continue what you left off. He gladly accepted and paced his hands on your hips again. You look over and see Abigail was doing the same thing with one of the other guys. You were glad she found someone because now, you could mess with your guy all you wanted. You continued grinding on him feeling how hard he was getting. His hands felt you up gliding down your hips onto your thighs and back up to you waist feeling every curve in your body. Just as soon as the song ended you got off of him and went over to Sam leaving him hard by himself. You stood next to Sam and looked over at him. He was staring at you with a “the fuck are you doing?” face. You laughed at him and winked knowing you were winning.

You decided to go to the bathroom during one of the slow songs to give yourself a break. You walk in and notice there was no line since everyone was in the stadium causing you to feel utter joy. You heard someone walk in, but it didn’t sound like a girl. The steps were super strong and hard telling you it was a man that walked in. You had a panic moment thinking you had walked into the men’s restroom which would make sense since there was no line. You peak through the crack in the stall and look around noticing there was no urinals which made you believe you were in the girl’s restroom.

“Why the hell is a guy in here then?” You thought to yourself. You step out and look around seeing no man around. You walk to the sinks and wash your hands. A pair of arms wrap around your waist causing you to turn around and slap the person behind you. The person falls to the floor grabbing his face and then you noticed, it was hard-on boy.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You shout out realizing this man was just a creep and not some toy you messed with.

“Shit, you’re strong.” He says picking himself up off the floor.

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She’s Perfect For You

Originally posted by stefinkas

Words : 390
Author : Mel.
a/n : I was bored, listening to this song, hoping to sleep but instead, I got this idea.

The impala pulled into the motel parking. Sam and Dean got out and started walking towards their room.

Your window was open, letting the breeze in, curtains pulled back.  You were wearing a large button up plaid shirt, with some short black jean shorts underneath. Your hair was down and a mess, and you were bare foot. With your headphones basting, phone in hand, you were rocking out around your room, not a care in the world.

As the boys passed your window, Dean saw you from the corner of his eye and stopped. “That’s her! the girl who heard me singing last night.”

Seriously, Dean, I don’t think your new girlfriend will appreciate the peeping tom act…”

“Shut up. I wonder what she’s listening to..”

Then your voice rang out.
“Four winds at the Four Winds Bar
Two doors locked and windows barred
One door left to take you in
The other one just mirrors it”

You continued to dance around the room. Dean was hypnotized by you.

“Hellish glare and inference
The other one’s a duplicate
The Queenly flux, eternal light
Or the light that never warms
Yes the light that never, never warms
Or the light that never
Never warms
Never warms
Never warms”

and with that last line, you slowly fell onto the bed, breathing deep.
“I think I love her..” Dean whispered.

You sang again, eyes closed.

“The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burst
Out at you from their hiding place
Miss Carrie nurse and Susie dear
Would find themselves at Four Winds Bar
It’s the nexus of the crisis
And the origin of storms
Just the place to hopelessly
Encounter time and then came me”

Your arms shot up above you and you started air drumming
Sam burst out laughing “Your right Dean, she is perfect for you”

You heard Sam’s laugh, and moved your headphones looking towards the window. Dean smiled at you and started singing.
“Call me Desdinova
Eternal light
These gravely digs of mine
Will surely prove a sight
And don’t forget my dog
Fixed and consequent”

You smiled at him, and got up, opening up the door. You both danced around the parking lot, finishing the song at the top of your lungs.

“Astronomy! A star!” over and over while Sam just shook his head and went into the room.

This is an interview with Katsumi Ono and Shinpei Takagi, ARC-V’s (and 5D’s’) Director and Yugo’s Japanese voice-actor respectively, posted over on NAC.  Translated it while bored at work, and here are the results, copied over from there! There were some scans of articles about characters like Reiji and young Rin and Yugo, which I’ll also tackle.

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The Maze Runner - Newt: You Belong With Me

Request: hiiii! i fall in love with every imagine you write. can you do one where you are dating thomas but newt secretly likes you and he gets jelous and yeah aha you can finish the rest (: thank you! - anonymous


“Y/N, I think… I think maybe you should talk to Newt.” Minho whispers softly as you hand him a plate of Frypan’s once-in-a-lifetime cake, topped with some sort of whipped cream that’s not really that whipped.

“What are your talking about?” You say as you take your hand away slowly and watch as Minho looks surprised by the taste of the cake. Frypan must have really tried with this one.

“About you and Thomas…” His voice comes out hesitant, it’s obvious he’s nervous about this subject.

You shake your head, “I don’t know what you mean, Minho.” Instead of acting innocent, your voice comes out threatening and your face turns into a glare. You know exactly what he’s talking about.

“Y/N…” He starts but immediately looks away. “You know it’s not fair, to the both of them.”

You clench your jaw, “This has nothing to do with you Minho. Whatever I told you all those months ago… It’s gone. Completely.”

Minho shakes his head, “I see the way you look at Newt, Y/N.”

“I said it’s gone.” You see the tears blur your vision. “I… it’s gone.” You blink away the tears and turn away from Minho and decide to head towards the Homestead but you’re immediately stopped, a hand rests on your shoulder and it doesn’t belong to Minho.

“Hey.” You refuse to look up at him; at Newt. “Y/N… you alright?” You want to push past him, you want anything more than to receive his comfort but at the same time you desire it. Your legs don’t move; they don’t want to. Your heart thumps, each beat echoing in your ears.

“I…” That’s all you manage to choke out as the tears start falling, as your throat starts tightening. This wasn’t what you wanted, and it’s all Minho’s fault. If he could have just minded his own damn business…

“Y/N!” Thomas calls and pushes Newt away from you. He immediately engulfs you into what you suppose must be a loving hug. “Baby, don’t cry.” He pecks your forehead and hugs you tighter. “What happened?” You decide that you can’t deal with this. That you would rather curl up in a ball then face your problems, and you suddenly wonder if you were like this before the Glade?

“Nothing… It was nothing.” You whisper with uncertainty. You almost cringe as you feel Minho and Newt stare into the back of your head, it only makes the guilt rise and fill you up like a cup. You untangle yourself from Thomas; his hand reaches out to yours but you snatch it away and proceed to walk from the bonfire.


“Just –just leave me alone!” You shout back and immediately, the footsteps from behind come to a halt. You thought your decisions were reasonable: you thought you were right. But each day passes since you told Thomas that you were the only one for him, and each day brings on more and more regret. More and more guilt.

More desire to be in Newt’s arms instead of Thomas’.

You thought taking a midnight stroll around the Glade would calm your anxieties and clear your mind. That you’d come to a clear way out of this whole mess without hurting anyone, but boy were you wrong.

As your hand grazes along the roughly built wall, you imagine each scenario. But each scenario comes down with a crash or a boom, none peaceful or calm.


Your heart practically stops.

Footsteps edge closer, leaves crackle underneath each weight. You notice a slight hesitance with one foot so it must be Newt; you’re not sure if that makes matters worse or better. In the end you decide to face the facts, you already found out that there’s no sneaky way out of this. You turn around with a sort of bravery that quickly diminishes as you see his face.

His features tug at your heart strings and you realise that Thomas never made you feel this way. He never made your heart race, he never came into your mind when you needed comfort and he certainly was never the one to intrude into your dreams. You know the reason but you can’t speak it, you’re afraid that if you do; something bad will happen. That Thomas will get hurt. That you’ll destroy your friendships with everyone in the Glade. That all this drama will take you away from the only important thing; to find a way out of here.

“Are you alright? You seem a little… distant.”

You stare down at your feet. This is wrong. You should be talking to Thomas, not Newt. “I… I made a wrong decision, Newt.”

“Hmm? How so?” His feet edge closer, your bodies become only inches apart.

You gulp slowly, “I don’t want to hurt him.” A lump forms in your throat as you struggle to fight the tears, to fight the reality. Maybe it was time to let it out, maybe if you told him; things would get better. Maybe Thomas might forgive you one day.

“Y/N, it’s alright, love. You can tell me.”

“For so long Newt, I… I had feelings for you.” Your breathing quickens, your mouth turns dry. “But you didn’t return it, you made that clear. So I got closer to Thomas and one thing led to another… I…” A tear slides down your smooth-skinned cheek. “I made myself believe that I loved Thomas, I don’t know if it was way to get over you or if it was from the pain of not having my feelings returned…”

“What in the bloody hell made you think that I didn’t like you in that way?”

You blink slowly and look up at his eyes for the first time in ages, “You… You said… I heard you talking to Minho! You said you would never be interested in me.”

Guilt flashes across Newt’s eyes, “I was covering up my true feelings. I knew that Thomas had a thing for you and no way in hell would I admit to that, not to him anyway? It was none of his business.” His fingers lace through yours. He laughs dryly, “Every damn time I saw you with Thomas made my blood boil… I wanted to smack him one when he pushed me away from you tonight.” His arms wrap around your vulnerable body, although this is wrong… it feels right. Like this is where you belong. Nowhere else.

“I’m sorry Newt… I should have talked to you before I-

“No, I’m sorry.” There’s a long pause before his voice comes out rather husky, “Do you still…?”

You breathe a sigh out of nervousness, it comes out shaky and half terrified. “I do…” You say, with a nod of your head.

Newt’s face edges closer to yours, your noses press against each other’s eagerly but hesitant. You both know that what could happen after this will be bad. You both know that if Thomas’ finds out, there’s little chance of forgiveness. You both know that this is wrong and unfair but the temptation is too strong, it takes over the both of you.

Driven by desire and longing, your lips connect. Briefly at first, as though you’ve just done something completely and absolutely illegal. Soon though, the hesitance leaves because you want more; you need more. Your arms wrap lazily around his neck as your back is pushed against one of the Maze’s outer walls. His kisses become more frequent, more passionate. Your fingers tangle into his hair as his mouth presses against yours crazily, drunk in love.

You’ve kissed Thomas, of course you’ve kissed him. But never in your life, the life you remember, have you experienced anything like this. This is completely different, completely new.

It’s addicting; you can’t help but take in more.

“Y/N?” Leaves crackle and dirt slides underneath the weight of somebody else’s feet. “Newt? What the hell are you doing!?” Your heart drops to your stomach, maybe even shatters on the way down.

The voice belongs to the one and only: Thomas.

A/N: A part 2 will be coming your way, sometime soon. Hope you enjoyed it!

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Time Wasted and Well Spent

Request: Reader drunkenly confesses that she likes Pietro; smut ensues.

Rating: T

Warnings/Triggers: Being drunk?  Cursing.

Making your way down the hallway to Pietro’s room, popcorn and Star Wars in hand, you smiled cheerfully and munched on a kernel.  Tonight was movie night, a bi-weekly night in which you helped Pietro adapt and learn about current culture.  

Yes, maybe you wished you could teach him other things about modern ‘culture’, but that kind of stuff wasn’t supposed to happen between friends.  You’d seen enough romantic movies to know that having a thing with Pietro wouldn’t end well, but hey, a girl can dream.  

Pausing in front of his door to readjust the popcorn bowl in your arms, you cocked your head.  

Something was…squeaking?  

Pressing your ear against the metal, you tuned your ear to listen to the sound of- 

Who the hell would be having sex with Pietro at 7 p.m. on a Friday night?  

There were 4 females in the building: Maria, Natasha, Wanda, and you.  Maria was definitely not interested, Natasha had lately been flirting with Bruce, you doubted there was incest in the Maximoff family, and you were standing on the other side of the door, listening to your best friend go at it with a stranger.  

Feeling your throat begin to close up, you swallowed and quietly walked back down the hallway into the kitchen to set the food down on a counter.  Clint or Thor would probably eat it.

He doesn’t like you, but that’s not why you feel like shit, you coached yourself, You only feel bad because movie night’s been cancelled.  That’s it.

Jogging into your room, you tossed the movie onto your bed and grabbed your phone, shoving it into your back pocket.  If Pietro didn’t want to have fun with you, you’d have fun by yourself.  With lots of beer, preferably.  

Taking a deep breath, you stepped out of your room, locked the door with a scan of your eyes, and marched towards the elevator, almost tasting alcohol on your tongue.  

You blinked groggily, world spinning to a stop as you made your way through the open glass doors of Stark Tower.  The elevator was now right in front of you, but no matter how many times you pressed the button, the doors wouldn’t seem to open.  

“Dammit,” you growled, leaning your head against the cold metal for a moment as you steadied yourself.  Taking a step back, you looked again at the button pad and realized you’d missed the button entirely and had been pressing on a random portion of the wall.  

The elevator ride was short and sweet, and your favorite part was seeing the buttons for each floor switch positions and move in spirals, like water being flushed down a toilet.  

Ah, being drunk was lovely.

When the doors opened, you fell out the opening between them and braced yourself against the wall in front of you, forehead on the cool surface.  

“Y/N?” asked an accented voice.  Thor?  No, this one was too thick.  Wanda?  Too masculine.  That left…ah, Pietro!  

Wait, but I’m mad at him.


I don’t know.

Well, you better figure that out one, buddy!  

You moved your lips to form the words of your thoughts, holding up both of your hands in sock-puppet formation to act out the two different voices in your head.  

“Eh?” you slurred, turning your head, then your body, to face him.  Pietro was half-smiling, half-concerned as you began to tip sideways.  Reaching out his arms to hold you by your elbow and hand, he began to walk you slowly down the hall.  

“You are drunk?”

“Wasted as shit!”  Feeling a fit of giggles come over you, you threw your head back and laughed.  “Oh, oh man,” you wheezed, wiping tears of mirth from your cheeks.  

“Language!” yelled Steve, who was probably reading in the lounge at the other end of the hall.  Pietro blinked, corner of his lip twitching upwards, as the two of you paused in front of a sealed metal door.

“Can you open your door for me?” he asked, trying locked handle.

“Uh, no?”  What a dumb question; how were you going to open this random door?

“What?”  He looked over at you, eyebrow raised.  “You have a way to get in your room, do you not?”

“I dunno, man.”  Muttering something in Sokovian, he gently tugged your farther down the hall and into a different room.

“Man, is this your place?” you asked, looking around.  Realization struck.  “Holy crap, I was here earlier today!”   He looked over at you, brows furrowed.  

“You were inside of my room today?”  You laughed; this was somehow funny.

“Oh, yeah, no, I was outside.  Heard you doing the frick-frack, so I left,” you added, flopping onto his bed.  “Hey, this is comfy!”

Pietro ran a hand through his hair, pacing from one end of the room to the other.  

“I was not in my room at all.  Who…”

“Do you even know the periodic table, man?  Like, ‘cause you shouted ‘Germanium’ when you nutted.”  His face morphed into a mixture between a frown and disgust as he made the connection between ‘Germanium’ and the promiscuous man in question.  

“The man of iron.  In my bed.”  Looking at you, sprawled out across his covers, was much more appealing than that of Stark-

Stop it, Pietro.  Wanda would know immediately if he continued to think about Y/N arching her back and screaming-

La naiba. [Damn it.]

Shrugging his shirt over his head, he attempted to ignore your blatant staring and pulled on a clean t-shirt before zipping over to his side of the bed.  

She would not act this way if she were sober.  Get ahold of yourself.  

In an attempt to keep himself calm, he lay as far away as possible from you without falling off the side of the mattress, staring at the dark ceiling.  

Feeling his side begin to warm up, he turned to glance at you, curled up against him and looking up into his eyes as your hand slipped under the hem of his shirt.  

Resisting the urge to move your hand lower down, Pietro gently took hold of your wrist and began to move it back to its place on your side of the bed when he felt you roll on top of his chest and press your lips against his.  

You tasted like cinnamon rolls and alcohol, sweet and bitter, as you kissed him softly, tenderly, hands on his bicep and his chest.  Feeling his fingers press against your skin, you pushed harder, rolling your hips and smiling as he groaned into your mouth.  

“No.”  Nudging you up off his chest, he ignored the way you straddled him and instead focused on your eyes, which furrowed inwards.  “Y/N, I cannot.  You are drunk, and I could not.”

“Oh, but you could with that other girl in your room this morning,” you muttered, feeling his hard stomach as you pushed yourself off of his body.  “Sorry, Y/N, for ditching you on movie night.  Sorry, Y/N, for ignoring you.”

Pietro propped himself up on his elbows as you staggered towards the door, tugging frustratedly on the handle.  

“What are you saying?”

“You don’t even care about me!”  Good God, how easy it was to change emotions. Happy, then angry, and now you felt tears on your cheeks.  “I tried so hard to not, I don’t even know, make a move on you, and look where I am.  You pushed on the handle again.  “God-God damn it!  What the hell is wrong with this thing?”

“You have feelings for me?”  Pietro closed his mouth, shaking his head to clear his thoughts.  “Y/N that was not me in my room today.  I was training with the Captain until 7 o’clock tonight.  I told you this, just ten minutes ago.”

“Yeah.  Oh, yeah, you did!”  You turned around, face lighting up in a smile.  “Sick.”

“You have feelings for me?” he asked again, trying to stay still as you clambered back under his covers.  

“Well, yeah, but I mean, I wasn’t gonna say anything, you know?  Have you seen Friends with Benefits?”  He raised an eyebrow.  

“No.  Maybe at our next movie night?”

“This is movie night, Pete.”

The room was silent for a minute before you spoke up again, words slightly slurred together.  

“Should I just move on?”

Pietro shifted, rolling his shoulder into a more comfortable position.  It would be incredibly easy to say, “Yes.”  

Then again, this was his chance at actually having a shot at you.  He’d be lying if he said he didn’t feel angry when you were hugging the Captain, or that he didn’t love seeing you smile.  

Perhaps it was time to take a risk.  Worst case scenario, Wanda could fiddle with both of your memories and return the two of you to the state of being best friends.  

“I hope you do not,” he smiled, pulling you towards him.  

Feeling more sober, you quietly wrapped your arm around his torso, nestling your head into his chest and sighing contentedly.  

“This is better than movie night,” you murmured, feeling your eyelids grow heavy.  “Night.”

“Goodnight, Y/N.”

You woke up warm and with a slight ringing in your ears.  Keeping your eyes closed, you turned onto your side and inhaled deeply, mentally preparing yourself to wake up.  It smelled like…sugar and musk.  Candy-sugar, and rich aftershave.  

You opened your eyes to his blue ones as he tucked a strand of hair out of your face and behind your ear.  This wasn’t your room.  


Fic: You or Someone Like You, pt. 12

((this is a little obtuse now, please bear with me.  It will make sense.  Eventually.))

“Have a seat, Mr. McIntyre.”

Harris froze in the doorway. “What happened?” he asked. His voice was steady, but his heartbeat was already pounding in his ears, hard and sharp and way too fast. “Where’s-”

“It’s fine,” Agent Coulson said. He looked up from his position on the couch, a stack of file folders on the coffee table in front of him. “Agent Billings took DJ downstairs to check on the progress being made in the workshop. They’ll be back up in a half hour or so.” Harris stared at him, and Coulson waved a hand at the chair opposite him. “Have a seat, Mr. McIntyre.”

His legs weren’t quite steady underneath him, but he managed to cross the room without losing what little dignity he had. “You know this isn’t your office, right?” he asked, sinking down into the chair. Coulson made a non-committal sound under his breath, his attention on the file open on his knee. “This isn’t even SHIELD. It’s, it’s a bad guest room.”

Coulson glanced up, his eyes sharp over the rims of his reading glasses. “I carry my office with me. Less a physical space and more an aura.” He flipped a page, initialing it with a flick of his pen. “It’s a useful talent to have, since I find myself having to have these discussions in places that are not exactly my home turf.” He turned another page, his head bent over it. “Case in point.”

“Case in point,” Harris agreed. He shifted forward, his hands folded in his lap. “Sir? Why are you here?”

“How’re you feeling?” Coulson asked, his pen scratching across the page.

Harris’ shoulders came up. “I’m fine,” he said, and it sounded defensive, even to his ears. He forced himself to relax, to flatten his hands against his thighs. To breathe.

“Are you?”

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MATOBA SEIJI from Natsume Yuujinchou - in Natsume Yuujinchou Go Episode 3

(bonus point: will have some 👀👀👀 interaction with Akira Ishida as Natori Shuuichi and Hiroshi Kamiya as Natsume Takashi ~if you didn’t know already~~ HURRY TF UP STREAM NATSUME YUUJINCHOU ON CRUNCHYROLL RIGHT NOW)

(extra bonus point: HE WILL BE IN SUIT God have mercy on my soul)

• ODA SAKANOSUKE / ODASAKU from Bungou Stray Dogs - in Kuro No Jidai Arc

Bungou Stray Dogs’s Kuro No Jidai arc is reaching it climax and lemme tell you man IT’S GONNA BE A FUCKING TRAINWRECK AND HOP ON THIS TRAINWRECK THIS ASAP BECAUSE BY THE END OF THIS ARC YOU WILL BE CRYING YOUR HEARTS OUT - guaranteed 10/10 quality emotional voice acting right there

(spoiler: he is bae)

• VIKTOR NIKIFOROV from Yuri!!! On Ice

At least he is merciful enough to let us have some breather-fun anime after those two emotional trainwreck, eh? I doubt any of you reading this haven’t watch this anime yet, but if you haven’t go watch it RN because GOOD STUFF FOR YOUR SOUL, YOUR EARS, AND YOUR EYES ((UNLES THEY DECIDE TO DROP SOME HIDDEN BOMB IN EPISODE 3 IDK MAN I’M NOT THE PRODUCERS))

(that’s it, that’s the show.)