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So I remember reading somewhere that Misha getting on this dude’s lap was unscripted.

The dude who he’s sitting on seems slightly mortified like he’s not sure what to do or where to look.

The woman right behind them is staring out of the corner of her eye, but trying not to stare because Misha is apparently still delivering lines and no one has stopped the scene yet.

And then one guy on the left is just full on staring and laughing because WTF Misha?

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

okay real talk. It genuinely breaks my heart when people think klance shippers are delusional and klance is not good representation. how is a relationship between two boys (one of whom is canonically a poc and the other is strongly headcanoned to be one) not good representation? how is a relationship between two boys who grow together and learn to mutually respect and support one another not good representation? do you have any idea how important this ship would’ve been to me if it’d been around a time when I was a kid? to see a healthy, supportive relationship in a kid’s cartoon? It would’ve made me coming to terms with my own sexuality that much easier. It would’ve meant, oh, ‘if those two boys can fall in love, then two girls can too. it’s normal. nothing unusual.’

but I didn’t get that. but kids today can. they can look at ships like klance and realize it’s alright to like whoever you want. it’s not bad to be gay. so please, do not say klance is not good representation. because an interracial mlm ship is definitely very good representation.


This past week my dash has been filled with people talking about Tony ordering Vision to shoot down Sam. This is completely incorrect. TONY HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.

Rhodey told Vision to target Sam’s thruster so that he wouldn’t be able to keep flying but he’d still be able to safely glide to the ground with the wings. Sam dodged it like a badass and Rhodey got hit because Vision was “distracted” and took a bad shot that would leave Rhodey in the line of fire if the shot didn’t hit Sam.

From the time they took to the air and started chasing the Quinjet, Tony did not even speak a single word in this scene until after Rhodey was hit. He certainly wasn’t giving orders to shoot Sam out of the sky.


parts 1 to 4 in one video

comic by @joeybendydrew


David Tennant and that GRIN!!
…or perhaps it’s an impish smirk

Okay, something I feel like we don’t talk enough about, Jeno. i MEAN LIKE IM NEVER GONNA BE ABLE TO EMPHASIZE THIS ENOUGH BUT JENO IS SO MULTI-TALENTED. he’s a dancer, we know this, he’s a sinGER, we know this, BUT HAVE YOU SEEN HIM SING ON WEIBO LIVE THING HE SANG PART OF A CHINESE SONG AND ??? BLESSED. hE’s NOW A RAPPER?? LIKE PLEASE. aND LETS NO T FORGET he’s an ACTOR, like his specialty is acting. HES DONE SO MANY CFS as a smol. And can you just imagine… the older he gets the more hE CAN LAND ROLES IN DRAMA SERIES AND ETC if sm lets him like THINK ABOUT ALL THESE POSSIBILITIES FOR JENO. iS THAT NOT AMAZING OR WHAT?? i just, we just gotta love jeno so much man… I LOVE HIM SO MCUH HOW DO YOU NOT??