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Team Changes!

Well here’s a bit of seemingly good news!  There’s been a change in Rep for Louis over at CAA.  He is now being repped by Robert Mickelson.  Robert reps a LOT of singer/actors like Joe Jonas, Lennon and Maisey Stella from Nashville, Chord Overstreet from Glee, along with other musicians such as Marilyn Manson, Pete Wentz, and LunchMoney Lewis among others.  

This is actually pretty exciting I think!  The first sign of Harry venturing into the world of acting was him getting his own rep separate from the band.  Here’s to hoping good things come out of this!  Whatever happens, it heavily implies that he’s not just waiting around, not working like was implied on AGT.  He’s actively out there going for things! 



To the point of insanity i have to admit…But, today i felt a mighty need for hugs and fondness, so I made some cheesy brotherly moments in a hospital settings.



Instrumental custom made by @chongoblog and I just can’t thank him enough, it was hell trying to make that thing and yet he still pulled through for me so I could bring you guys this thing that everyone wanted so so badly. Thank you so much Ryan ^^


The Drake brothers  Ah, If only these guys weren’t mass-murderers… 

Been drawing a LOT of Uncharted-stuff lately (I’m a bit crazy about these games) so had to upload something on this half-dead wall of mine. 

I’ve experimenting different designs on the whole cast, figuring out how much dot-eyes can express stuff etc., (especially eye directions are funny/weirdly challenging to do). I Like drawing out small scenes in my head (though I have NO idea what’s going on) but it’s so fun! Almost feel like animating again :) 

The Huntington has acquired correspondence, photos, certificates, and licenses belonging to [Hong Yen] Chang, who is considered the first Chinese lawyer in the United States. Chang was denied a law license but went on to enjoy an illustrious career in banking and diplomacy, holding positions as accountant general to the Shanghai Bank treasury and as Chinese consul in Vancouver, Canada.

“The Chang papers are an important addition to our collection of materials on Chinese American history,” says Li Wei Yang, The Huntington’s curator of Pacific Rim collections. “Hong Yen Chang was a significant figure during the infamous Chinese Exclusion era, along with other important leaders of the Chinese American community, including Y.C. Hong, Jack Wong Sing, and Jack Chow—all of whose papers reside at The Huntington.”

Read more about Hong Yen Chang on VERSO.

image: Hong Yen Chang, ca. 1890, around the time he moved from New York to California, hoping to practice law. The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens.