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Offerings/Devotional Acts for Aphrodite

Before we get to the list I want to say that in no way is this all you can do or give to Aphrodite. I always encourage people to get creative and personalize their worship. Think about why you decided to become a devotee and try to use those reasons to shape your devotion.  Okay now on to the list!

-Incense/Candle: This is fairly obvious and great for when you don’t have much and/or want to do something simple. I also like to do this when I want to have a long conversation with Aphrodite. It also helps to use incense or candles that represent or are associated with Aphrodite such as rose incense and red/pink candles.

-Food/Drink: If you want to offer something more than a candle or incense you can offer Aphrodite some food or drink. Wine is typically the go to offering, but for those who are underage or who just don’t drink, Apple Juice is a great substitute! As for food, chocolate is always appreciated by Aphrodite. When I first started out I gave Aphrodite some M&Ms as an offering and she did not complain, lol! Also if you are someone who likes to cook/bake you can always offer her some of what you made! She will be so delighted!

-Write/read a poem: If you enjoy poetry you can write your very own poem for Aphrodite. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about her exactly. It can be a love poem or a poem simply inspired by her (you know she’ll love that!). If you don’t consider yourself a writer but have a favorite poem that makes you think of Aphrodite go ahead and read it to her!

-Recite a hymn or myth: This is pretty straightforward. You can find a hymn about Aphrodite that you enjoy and read it to her and the same with the myths. She never grows tired of hearing them I promise you!

-Make an offering bottle: Okay this is actually super easy! This is one of the first offerings I did that wasn’t a candle, incense, or wine. You basically just put certain items associated with Aphrodite into a bottle and give it to her as an offering. For example, my offering bottle consists of roses, myrtle, rose quartz, stones I thought were pretty, and seashells. I put them all in a heart shaped bottle (you can find them at Michaels and AC Moore) and it now sits on my altar. You can add as little or as much as you would like or have access to. You can also decorate the bottle if you feel artsy or creative. It’s up to you!

- Make something: Okay so this is pretty general and can encompass a lot, but that’s the point! Use your talents and interests to make something special for Aphrodite. Draw a picture, write a song, crochet something, knit, sew, sculpt, cut out pictures and make a collage, color a picture in a coloring book that reminds you of Aphrodite, the options are limitless! Use your imagination! Think of it like when you were a kid and made things for your Mom. They weren’t necessarily works of art but your mom loved them regardless because you made it for her. It’s the same concept, so don’t worry about whether its “good” because Aphrodite will love it regardless and show it off to anyone who comes to visit.  So basically she’ll show Ares xD

-Spread the Love: Make a promise to not beat yourself up for a day! Be kind and patient with yourself and learn to love yourself. Also, spread Aphrodite’s mission of self-love! Be kind and supportive to others. Pay compliments instead of insults.

-Pamper yourself: Now this is one of the HUGE benefits to being an Aphrodite devotee. Part of our devotion is doing wonderful things for ourselves. Set aside some time to do some pampering. This can be at home or at a spa, and it can be as long or as short as you see fit. You can take a warm soothing bath and throw in whatever relaxes you. I actually love using Lush bath bombs and they have ones that are great for Aphrodite, such as Rose Queen, Sex Bomb and for my fellow sea lovers you can’t go wrong with Big Blue! You can apply a face mask, paint your nails, or rub on some lotion. Basically anything you see as pampering and you enjoy, just make sure as you do it you think about how beautiful and amazing you are!

-Sex:  Sex, or more specifically your orgasm, can be dedicated and offered to Aphrodite (remember to practice safe sex!). You can also do the same with masturbation. I actually have specific toys that I dedicated to her so I use those when I want to offer my orgasm to her.  I won’t go into too much detail about it but if you would like to know more about this feel free to send me an ask, I also have no problem if you want me to answer privately just say so.

-Smut it up: This is for all my smutty fanfic writers/readers and for all you whose guilty pleasure is reading those terrible (yet so good) romance novels. Keep doing what you are doing just give thanks to Aphrodite for all the smut! This can also apply to movies as well!

-Aphrodite playlist: Make a playlist of all your favorite songs that remind you of Aphrodite and play it when you want to show your respect and appreciation for her.

-Make up: If you are someone who applies makeup you can dedicate your makeup routine to Aphrodite. You can also ask her to bless your makeup to help you feel confident throughout the day.

-Beauty: Since the idea of “beauty” is extremely objective almost anything really can be an offering to Aphrodite, as long as it is something you believe to be beautiful. You can also go outside and appreciate the beauty around you. Take some pictures!

-Think about her: Life gets chaotic at times and you might find it hard to give Aphrodite the type of devotion you feel she deserves. Don’t stress out! I struggle with anxiety and depression so sometimes it’s rough for me to get out of bed let alone make an offering to my wonderful Goddess. At those times I have found that simply thinking about Aphrodite is actually enough. Think about all the things you adore and respect about her. You can even speak it out loud if you want, but saying it all in your head is fine also.

I think a sweet Aphrodite altar would be a makeup vanity. You could keep a vase of roses(fake ones are okay!), pink and blue jars filled with your tools and supplies, pearls, shells, and morning chocolates. Burning scented candles and incense, and using rose face scrubs and lotions. Not to mention the glamours you could perform, or how perfect your eyebrows will be when you know She’s with you. Every morning could be an act of devotion by pampering yourself, and every night another by softly removing your makeup. Aphrodite is so lovely, and I think this would be a lovely way to celebrate her. 🌙🕊

devotional acts for hermes
  • volunteer at a hospital or homeless shelter
  • scatter coins for random people to find
  • leave flowers or charms on graves
  • alcohol: wine, vodka, white rum
  • travel & leave a penny at every new location
  • give to the poor
  • give thanks before eating meat
  • treat Wednesday as a devotional day
  • invite him to play a game with you and friends (it can be done silently if you aren’t open)
  • ring bells and burn incense
  • yellow candles
Devotional Journal

Hello my magical friends! I decided to share some pics of my devotional journal featuring my gorgeous prayer beads made by my wonderful wifey @nerdywitchmomma and to also possibly help you start your own or give you ideas for the one you already have! 

What is a devotional journal?

Its exactly how it sounds! Its a journal that’s devoted specifically to a deity  

What do I put in a devotional journal?

Basically anything you want! But let me give you some ideas:

  • Journal entries to your deity where you tell them various things such as how your day went, how you are feeling, whats bothering you, how much you look up to them, something you learned about them, etc
  • Hymns
  • Poems or quotes that remind you of them
  • Your own poems you wrote for them
  • Drawings you want to dedicate to them
  • Collages (Im a fan of clipping things from magazines as you can see!)
  • Flowers
  • Information about your deity and your thoughts on it
  • Lists of things that remind you of your deity (songs, movies, characters, books etc)

What can I use as a devotional journal?

ANYTHING! Basically whatever works for you. I got mine at Ikea and I just felt like it was perfect. 

Why keep a devotional journal?

You by no means are required to keep one. Its completely optional, but I think it can be beneficial. Just like any journal its a great way to be able to look back at where you came from and how you progressed. It can also serve as kind of like a Witch’s book of shadows where you have a lot of things together in one place for reference. All the poems and hymns you like are in one place making offerings a lot easier. Writing in the journal itself can be a devotional act! And lastly, I just think its really cool to have my personal unique relationship with Aphrodite tangible. Its literally in my hands and anyone can flip through it and get a sense of how I feel about her and what she means to me. That just makes my heart feel full!

Should I share my devotional journal or keep it private?

That’s 100% up to you. Theres nothing wrong with either honestly. You can even do what I did and only share some pages. Whatever makes you comfortable! 

This was a complete on the whim post so I hope it was readable and helpful! As always don’t hesitate to message me with any questions and if you end up sharing any of your devotional journal (even if its just the journal itself) please feel free to tag me!

I’m about to DM a Pathfinder campaign in a fantasy noir setting and decided to draw up one of the reoccurring NPC’s. Gretchie Lowtop is a private eye detective who comes across the main cast a lot as they take on their own cases. She’s overactive and playful (a little malicious too) but a brilliant mind underneath her childish exterior. During her time in the GSPD she was known as “The Shark of Grand Spear” for her ability to hunt down and take out criminals, all while wearing a wise sharped tooth smile (Rumor still has it that she’s half demon). 

My newest tattoo to Apollon. Blessed Apollo, this is my thank you to you for your light and love in my life. Though many cannot see, your light is in my eyes when I smile, my focus as I listen to music, and my every touch when a friend or family member is sick. I thank you again for all that you have shown me and the love that you gave me when I didn’t even love myself. Praise be to Apollon of prophecy, music, and healing may your will continue to be done.

Easy devotional act to Aphrodite:

Dedicating your home mani/pedi to Aphrodite is a great devotional act and serves as an awesome time to quietly connect with Her. Let Her guide your color choice and be careful and thorough about it.
*Plus, you’ve never seen a great paint job until you’ve seen one done with Aphrodite’s help/blessing. 10/10 would recommend for Aphrodite devotees.


Saw a post that got me thinking about honoring Eir… Thought I’d share some ideas here.  Some of these are little ideas, and some are BIG ones….  I’m super curious what other folk do!

Some offerings might include:

  • Water (healing, key to life, purifying, cleansing)
  • Healing herbs (like chamomile or chamomile tea.  Choose something specific to what sort of healing you are seeking if you can)
  • Chicken Noodle Soup, Saltines, Ritz, Gatorade or some other food you associate with taking care of someone who’s sick (my list is based purely in the local remedies for minor colds)

Devotional acts might include:

  • Practicing self-care
  • Taking care of people who are ill (physically, mentally, spiritually)
  • Tending a medical herb garden
  • Volunteering at a hospital, nursing home, or other service that heals or provides care
  • Doing research about medicine or healing arts
  • Studying/Practicing a healing art like massage, acupuncture, reiki, mainstream medicine, counseling…
  • Becoming and staying informed about systems that oppress and disadvantage people with disabilities
  • Joining disability activist work
  • Engaging in activism that supports low SES people and families in accessing medical care.
  • Preventative health care - keeping yourself healthy; helping others stay healthy; helping others have the opportunity to stay healthy; helping keep your community/land healthy…
Devotional Acts Don’t Have to be High Maintenance

Many gods will be perfectly pleased with easier, less high maintenance forms of devotion. The gods I worship are, for the most part, more focused on the intent behind the offering than the offering itself. This is especially good for disabled or mentally ill patrons who might not be able to do every sort of devotional act. Some low-energy devotional acts:

  • eating food associated with the god
  • giving some of that food to the god by placing it outside (make sure it’s safe for animals to eat too)
  • dressing in clothing that reflects the god
  • decorating with animals/figures representative of the god
  • reblogging/blogging pictures associated with their symbols
  • reblogging and reflecting on prayers/hymms
  • starting a devotional blog
  • ‘inviting’ your god to do certain asks — like watch a show that makes you think of them
  • draw them pictures
  • write them songs, poems, or stories
  • read a passage from a book out loud to them
  • tell them good morning and good night
  • do simple research online, like looking up pictures of the god

I wholeheartedly believe that protest can be a devotional act.

Educating yourself on politics? Reading up on your enemies and their philosophy? Figuring out who to avoid and who to ally with in your area? Planning direct action? Old One-Eye loves that shit. He’ll keep a watchful eye on you - on the trans folks, the disabled folks, those who defy binaries and lash out at systematic, crushing oppression.

Standing with your fellow outcasts? Protecting those who have been called monsters by society? Ripping off the veil of misinformation and lies to reveal truth to the world, no matter how painful? Loki stands with you. He’s the mother of monsters, after all. May his silver tongue speak along with yours to inspire your allies and demoralize your enemies.

Fighting tooth and nail for justice? Recognizing when laws can be and need to be subverted in order to do the most good? Fiercely protecting your own? Tyr has your back, and you have his sword. Stand up, be brave, be loud, and remember that fighting oppression does not make you like your oppressors.

Honoring our fallen? Holding vigils and moments of silence for those we have lost? Women of all walks of life, standing in solidarity, holding hands; the femmes and the butches and those who have never fit any prescribed label; women of color and trans women especially - Freyja watches over all of us, all of you, with her fierce and sacred femininity, her warrior’s spirit and cunning crafts, and she stands with the fallen, bathing them in her golden light.

personally i think it’s 100% possible that rod and drift have done the Four Acts

- touch: drift teaching rod how to sword
- self-revelation: their convo right before rod exiles drift, also, “we both know I’m very good at making very bad decisions”
- gift: I’m 80% sure drift gave rod that knife, also, the lost light
- act of devotion: drift taking the fall for rod :’)))))

in conclusion: Fucking Do It, Jrob

love languages chat

Backstory: There’s this theory that there are roughly 5 different “love languages” and everyone speaks primarily in one or two of them, and which one(s) you prefer kind of dictates how appreciated you feel in a relationship depending on the overlap you have with your partner(s) or if an effort is made to translate from “your” language to “theirs.”

The five languages are Receiving Gifts, Spending Quality Time, Acts of Devotion, Words of Affirmation, and Physical Touch. So now that you know all that let’s get to the real point of this post which is of course, TALKIN’ BOUT THE OTP

I think about Dave and Karkat’s love languages a lot, especially when I’m writing fic of them, and I think I’ve pretty much settled my opinion (I do this a lot w Dirk//Jake too I might do this for them in another post.) 

For BOTH Dave and Karkat, I think the primary has to be Quality Time. These two are just desperate for attention, and I don’t mean that dismissively – it’s just very apparent to me that they both fucking love when someone else takes time out of their day to pay them some full and undivided attention, especially when it involves the other person expressing even half-hearted interest in their hobbies or interests. A lot of the stuff between them involves them learning each other’s interests and then becoming an active part of that; Karkat mixing music, Dave watching romcoms, Karkat digging up shitty statues of liberty, Dave and Karkat both spending so much time in Can Town together working on things and goofing off. I think their private time (or semi-private in some cases, but a lot of this language involves needing your partner to set aside time especially for you and make you a priority) is pretty much the bedrock of their relationship – and, aside, that’s part of why I’m sad we’ve seen so little. I genuinely believe their dynamic is quite a bit different without an audience. I mean, they’re still irreverent shits to one another, no doubt, but the whole knight-trope-thing is about presenting a less vulnerable version of yourself to the public and I think that goes extra for a relationship where both participants ARE knights. lmao.

Dave’s secondary to me feels like Acts of Service/Devotion (but honestly, I could probably be convinced that it’s Receiving Gifts instead. I waffle back and forth.) It’s too easy to brush off words, esp if you’re Dave and you’re well practiced in pretending everything is ironic or otherwise insincere so you don’t have to engage with it emotionally, but actions are a lot harder to push aside. Especially for a guy who was never cared for in any appreciable way, I think even the smallest things land big in Dave’s mind, probably bigger than anyone realizes. Even things that “everyone” does for their friends/partners are embarrassingly meaningful for Dave, I think. Like everyone sitting around in a gathering together and someone gets up to get a drink and offers to get Dave something, I’m talking even the little things like that, let alone larger gestures. 

Karkat’s secondary, I think, is Words of Affirmation, which is fucking hilarious because while Karkat can handle Acts of Service perfectly well and in fact once he got a read on how well it worked, would excel at that, Dave of course has no fucking idea how to handle Words of Affirmation. And I like that? I like how in my mind they fit together so well in so many respects but in this one small but critical way they really have something to work on between them. Karkat is good at figuring out the meaning behind Dave’s expressing himself with his own languages, but on those probably very rare occasions when Dave actually CAN bring himself to be halfway sincere and say something thoughtful without strangling himself with his own tongue, I think that just gets to Karkat in the best possible way.

That’s not to say either that neither gets anything out of the languages I didn’t mention here – like I’m definitely not saying neither gets anything out of Physical Touch (they both definitely do, esp Dave I think), or Karkat doesn’t like receiving Gifts and so on. Just my read on their day to day navigation of these things. 

  • me, during prayer: oh gods, if ever i have pleased you, accept my humble offerings
  • me, any other time: does dabbing count as a devotional act for hermes

     ❝ Yeah, but – alright, that’s still your own fault, though. You still owe me.  A disgruntled expression appears, directed toward the ceiling as a phone is placed upon his ear. If he wasn’t so relaxed – resting upon a taller man’s lap, his head pillowed quite comfortably against his knee as the sounds of a television blared in the background, he might perhaps be even more perturbed. But this sort of thing came with the territory of being an investor. Particularly one who remained steadfastly loyal to the company he’d pledged himself to ( if secretly; it isn’t as though he can allow such things to be taken advantage of. )

       Uh huh. No, I’m not giving you an extension. What do you mean why? Nn – y – what? You’ve had this contract signed for four months. Absolutely not. It’s due by Friday or the deal’s off. Good day.  Slight movement it takes for the line to go dead on his end, while he reaches to pinch the bridge of his nose and focus golden eyes aside, a silent plead for some sort of comfort in the face of his frustration.  Help.  



Types Of Offering: Prostration

Prostration is a full physical act of devotion to the Buddha. 

With hands in a gesture of prayer, the pilgrim pays homage to the enlightened body, speech and mind of the Buddha by tapping their fingers on their head, throat and chest before extending their entire body along the ground toward the object of worship. 

to be cliche, you shine brighter than any star
to be poetic, you are the one person who truly knows my soul
to be honest, you give enough power to defy the gods

no combination of words can properly describe what you mean to me
I can’t quote the masters, tear down the heavens or any other act of devotion
because you are the reason I’m able to do any of it in the first place

—  Stuff of Legends by Abby S