act like i'm fine

I don’t want to sound salty but like the whole thing with people saying Michael Chu is self-inserting is very ironic… as if you are not projecting yourself or something

The most moving part of the episode: every time Sherlock answered the girl’s call. No matter if he was hurt or just woke up or under pressure, he answered it so gently I couldn’t believe it.

Well that and everything that had John in it.

Trying to explain to people that I am a friendly introvert with social anxiety is confusing.

Because the first reaction is usually like, “But you’re so good at talking to people, so you’re not shy.”

And yeah, in the moment I am totally personable and a pretty good conversationalist. But before social interaction I am dreading it, during the conversation I am kind of screaming internally, and after hanging out with people I am questioning every single interaction I had with them for the rest of the night and berating myself for all the ways I feel I messed up and thinking I have ruined everything forever.

And while I always have fun when I go out with people, all I probably wanted to do with my day was stay home and curl up under a warm blanket with a good tv show and or video game.

It’s not that I’m bad at social interaction, or even that I dislike it, it’s that it is extremely stressful.

i’m so tired of some of the critiques of the characters and growth in this series completely discounting that these are literal teenagers

they are literal teenagers! they are literal teenagers who have suffered a lot of loss and trauma and scariness. they are literal teenagers who all care about each other deeply. cut them some fucking slack. it’s bizarre to me when people act like the end of the raven king, which was really quite open ended, is some death sentence for character development or happiness and fulfillment. they are literal teenagers. they are alive and in love and pursuing what they want to do with their lives right now– which might evolve, which might expand– and continuing to discover themselves and each other and the world. give them a break.

HEY GUESS WHAT. There’s a good possibility I will be on tv. Not like some standing in the background on the news I mean full on I have an entire episode at least dedicated to me tv. I can’t give out the details yet but when I can I will. Basically I will be getting a make over a bunch of clothes voice coaching and more along with a bunch of other male to female transgenders. I have still have to crunch out the details with the producers and then I’ll be flown out to new York for filming but yeah. You all better be ready because this gal is going to take over your tv screens