act like he's smoking a joint people

Friends Don't Say That

Louis Tomlinson One-Shot

One Direction Masterlist

Requested? Yes-“where you’re friends and get high after watching his show and he confesses his love for you”
Warnings: marijuana and language 
Word Count: 1,134

He pranced into the dressing room, sweat was glistening lightly on his forehead and the tips of his cheekbones that represented the hard work during the show. Louis’ eyes shot right over to you, gleaming with a certain, devilish, loo, that read, “I’m ready for some fun.

“Oh Y/N,” Louis strolled over to you as you lay on the large couch. Your legs were sprawled out along the length of the cushions and your head rested on the arm of the couch. This was your spot any time you accompanied your best friend to a show. Suddenly, Louis appeared over you with a smirk. From the angle you were laying, everything seemed so peculiar. Faces were turned sideways and it looked as if they were walking upside down every time someone passed you.

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