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So I’ve been thinking about Mario Odyssey and the level with realistic people in “New Donk City”…

Will Mario be able to interact with them? Let me rephrase that; will Mario be able to hit them? Like I know child friendly Nintendo would never let me make Mario deck a humble businessman as he’s on his way to work but

he has his attack animations right? Like throwing his hat and stomping and rolling. In most other Mario games you can hit toads and other npcs, who just kinda grumble or flatten in response.

So I’m really hoping that I can make Mario act like that towards a real human being, because watching Mario repeatedly toss a hat into a hyper realistic man’s shins as he makes a discontented noise and stumbles back 50 times is my kind of humour let me tell you

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I love how someone came at you for saying Kate was straight by basically acting like she's a real closeted human being rather than a comic book character? Like yeah have whatever headcanons you want but pulling the "Closeting exists!" argument doesn't really work when the character only says what the writers want them to say.

True. Though that all depends on how you look at it, in canon, or as a comic. The funny thing is that after the comic, Gillen actually confirmed that what Kate said was in fact reality. So Kate is straight until another writer says otherwise. 

But two characters end up being harmed here. Kate obviously, an what America said was super gross no matter the writer. 

And America who has a girlfriend and overall better characterization than Ultimates.  America, as far as I understood was also a bit younger than everyone else in the comic, except for Loki only being 16/17 and I don’t know about anyone else. But I’m going to be 24 on Monday, and when I was 21, I would not have appreciated a 16 year old tell me what my sexuality is or isn’t. 

I got like zero sleep and I’m at work trying to act like a human being and I was nearly moved to tears by a stock photo of a sad businessman

why, when you criticise a fictional character, whose every action, their entire environment, and every interaction between the same is the creation and decision of their writers, do people act like you’re attacking a real flesh and blood human being who’s just trying their best?

Set the bar high 2017

we’re jumping for joy when someone does some regular shit. when they do what they’re supposed to do and act like a decent human being, we put them on pedestals. this is how low the bar has gotten. no more, naaah. no more.

YES! I am so happy that Joon Hyung fell for Bok Joo first in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I love when the male leads fall first in kdramas. Like, I wouldn’t say I hate when the female lead falls first, it’s just you know shit is going to get worse before it gets better. When the female lead falls first, it’s just standard for the male lead to be a complete dick for the first 6 episodes before he even starts acting like a decent human being. And by then I’m already like: I don’t know about this, man. There is nothing about this man worth liking. Love yourself and that second male lead.

But when the male lead falls first?

It’s just everything. Everybody wins.


I needed to draw the threesome huggles.

Continuation of this Android!Baymax AU.  Gave Tadashi a matching coat that Hiro probably made for him, ‘cause he’s a little shit like that and Tadashi plays along.

I guess I could get alot of creeps with pictures like this (even though I don’t really show shit), but I already get reblogged on porn blogs and shit anyway so I guess it doesn’t really matter what I post.
I just think it’s a nice look and I’ve seen plenty of cis-girls post alot “worse” without anyone caring, it shouldn’t be any different just because I’m transgender.
I shouldn’t need to cover up more than any other girls just because some people can’t keep their damn fetish in check and treats every transperson as a sexual object.

It makes me sick, but it’s not like I can do anything about it except block those people. As I’ve said before it’s fine to have a fetish of course, but hell, don’t bring it on random people.
Go watch some porn or whatever, but act like a normal fucking human being and don’t just assume people like me give a shit about your fetish.

I’m transgender. Not a sissy, faggot, abomination or some damn sexual object.
I’m a woman, that’s it. Just like any cis-girl but with worse luck and I shouldn’t have to be sexualised/a fetish just because of who I am.


This might come as a surprise to some people, but Canada is not perfect. Some Canadians may want to say that not all cops are going to or even capable of harassing the public in the ways discussed above. “I know a good cop”, “my sister’s husband is a good cop”, “who do you think is going to help you if you’re a victim of a crime?” 

What is important, however, is that nearly every Canadian law officer understands how our society works, and understands that they hold privilege of preferential treatment above the law if they are to ever commit a violent or demoralizing act against another human being.

Canadian cops are treated like they embody the stereotype of the honest, polite Canadian that the worlds sees us as. But in reality, they are humans - and even sometimes, monsters.

These were dangerous thoughts, he knew. they were the kind that crept up on a Watchman when the chase was over and it was just you and him, facing one another in that breathless little pinch between the crime and the punishment.
And maybe a Watchman had seen civilization with the skin ripped off one time too many and stopped acting like a watchman and started acting like a normal human being and realized that the click of the crossbow or the sweep of the sword would make all the world so clean.
And you couldn’t think like that, even about vampires. Even though they’d take the lives of other people because little lives don’t matter and what the hell can we take away from them?
And, too, you couldn’t think like that because they gave you a sword and a badge and that turned you into something else and that had to mean there were some thoughts you couldn’t think.
Only crimes could take place in darkness. Punishment had to be done in the light. That was the job of a good Watchman, Carrot always said. To light a candle in the dark.

– the job of a good Watchman | Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

I’m mostly ranting on twitter but I’ll put my two cents here because I am so devastated right now:

I’ve seen numerous people claim they voted for Trump but “don’t support his morals” or “don’t agree with his attitude.” As if saying that excuses them from being racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/elitist bigots.


If you voted for Trump, you voted for EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. THAT CAME OUT OF HIS FILTHY MOUTH. You validated every single disgusting hateful comment that he made and you supported it. Your vote is validation. Don’t try to act like a decent human being if you gave this monster your vote. By voting for Trump, you voted away the lives of real people who are shaking in fear right now because they don’t know if they’ll be safe in this country by tomorrow.

Don’t ever call yourself an LGBT+ ally, a feminist, a supporter of POC, or anything even close to those things if you voted for Donald Trump because you betrayed every single one of them tonight.

Check your fucking privilege.

When it’s late at night and you think you hear bugs or something hitting your window,
It’s me, throwing rocks from afar because I want to be your friend but cannot possibly act like a normal human being.

After how shit Regina and the EQ treated zelena I want them to have Regina beg forgiveness or admit she was shit to her sister over 2 dicks basically. Given all this I also want a sisterly tlk or TL hug or whatever the fuck. I know we try erase s5 but didn’t cora tell them to not let anything come between them and zelena a killed her TL for Regina.

Regina’s no better than snow and I have to wonder if Snow is not a bad influence on both Emma and Regina. Emma thinking Hooky poo is ok and so desperate to have a guy and be with a man, son and family be damned, the usual way snow acts. Regina acting like utter crap with her sister because of a guy and having that holier than thou attitude.

It is perhaps that both Emma and Regina look at snow as the epitome of a hero so they subconsciously try to copy her making them act like shitty human beings, at least in Regina’s case. Emma for her part is just damaged orphan who doesn’t know any better and just takes whatever she’s given no matter how abusive her boyfriend is. And he is abusive and continues to be so. On a good show we will see Emma be with him for fear he will hurt her family. Oh wait he tried that every season and he still continues to act like shit when she can’t see him.

Well I mean if the show was good this is what we would have but we all know the show is utter crap given the writer’s boners for hook and heterosanitization of Regina and Emma because cs is so epic in their minds. 🙄