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Monsta X Reaction to: Realizing They Love You Back

Anon: Hi! :D Can I ask for a Monsta X reaction when they realise that they are in love?(the girl already told them)

Shownu: It will hit him when you’re with the boys. He watches as you feed Minhyuk with your own spoon and wipe away the crumbs. He watches you fix Minhyuk’s hair and ask the boys how their day was going. He finds himself thinking about a future with you, with you doing such acts for your own kids, and that’s when he knows that he’s in love.

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Wonho: He finally realizes he’s in love when you’re both fooling around, in tracksuits and bare faces and messy hair. Neither of you are exactly glamorous but something about the casual, natural moment makes him realize ‘I’m in love. I love this person and they love me.’

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Minhyuk: Will realize he’s in love when you bring him food. You’ve visited the boys plenty of times before, bringing food and snacks and drinks. He’s not sure why this time is different. But it is, it’s so different. Because this is the day he realizes he’s in love, as he fills his belly with beef.

He can’t keep this realization to himself anymore. “Babe, I want to tell you that I lo - “

He’s suddenly pushed aside by Jooheon, who’s rushing for the last lamb skewer.

“N - never mind, I’ll tell you later.”

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Kihyun: He realizes he loves you too during a photo shoot. He had been missing you all day and the necklace the photographer is wearing reminds him of you which makes him longing grow stronger. The more he can’t get you out of his head, the more he tries to figure out why.

‘Unless .. Unless I’m in love. Am I?’

But he already knows the answer to that question.

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Hyungwon: The boys are teasing him about his love of sleep. As they’re playfully asking “Don’t you love anything more than sleep?” his mind flashes to you and he realizes ‘Wait, am I .. in love?’

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Jooheon: It’s when you’re cuddling and eating snacks, that he realizes he loves you back. He felt he wasn’t ready to return the sentiment when you confessed but as he eats the snacks you made him, and as you lovingly stroke his hair; he knows he loves you too.

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I.M: The fact that he loves you too hits him as you’re both doing something dumb. You’re twerking and he’s dabbing with some Rihanna blaring in the background. And he suddenly realizes he’s in love and he starts to smile fondly.

‘How did I fall for such a dork?’ he thinks.

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I’m back!

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I am back. I’m still alive -barely- and have returned from the two and a half weeks from hell. Finals are not over yet, of course, (why would they be? lol) but the worst part is, so, things will start getting back to normal. I’ll try to start catching up with reading and reblogs and things I’ve been tagged in from tomorrow. 

Also, thank you all for the love you’ve shown Tennessee Whiskey. I will reply to each comment individually in a few days, but for now just know it means the world to me.

Uh, that’s all, I think. I’m just going to sleep now so that, hopefully, I won’t look like a zombie again tomorrow. 

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Edd grabs Eddy’s face to give him a lesson on the importance of taking notes.

Did Edd realize what he was doing? He’s never held Eddy’s face when lecturing him.

After he looks all embarrassed realizing what he’s done.

I wonder if this is the point where Edd started questioning his own sexuality. He has become closer with Eddy. This topic is something that bothers Edd seeing how his parents are never there to talk with him.

Edd gives up on his parents all together in BPS. He begins acting like a kid more letting go of how he was trying to impress them by acting like an adult. He frees himself from his parents neglectful shadow to explore himself.

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On queer vs lgbtq - I know an older gay man who came out during the aids crisis, and hates the word queer as do many of his friends. Please dont act like it's just kids saying it's still a slur when many older people still hate the word, because it is still used in that way. Not saying you can't use it, but the debate around it is far more complicated than simply "it's not a slur, the young ones are just mistaken".

No it isn’t just young people but there is a big issue on /tumblr/ with younger kids who assume it’s automatically a slur. The LGBTQ+ community has been working for a long time to reclaim the word and it irks a lot of older people in the community on tumblr when there are kids who don’t understand the concept of the word queer etc and it’s history etc. So whilst there are adults who don’t use the word the main discourse on tumblr surrounding it is an older LGBTQ vs younger LGBTQ thing because a lot of younger LGBTQ kids don’t fully understand the full situation of the word queer and will call out anyone who uses it even those who have been using it for years. Of course if people don’t want to use it they don’t need to but the problem with tumblr is there are a lot of kids who will call out older people for using queer not understanding the concept it’s not automatically a slur and some people prefer using the word queer and have fought for a long time for the right to use that word

Two out-of-the-blue headcanons as to why Stan owns all these board games:

1. They’re actually Ford’s from forever ago, hence why the boxes look pretty beat up, and he and McGucket would play them all the time together when they weren’t working on the portal. (I looked it up and nearly all the games these are based off of existed back in the 70s/80s.)

2. When Stan found out that Dipper and Mabel were coming to stay for the summer he figured that he had to get something to keep them “preoccupied and out of his hair”, so he picked them up for like a buck each at some random family’s yard sale.

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

okay look bc I’m already seeing some of it. even if the sequel trilogy turns out not so great, can we not repeat the mistakes we/older fans did with the prequels? don’t act pretentious to kids/preteens that love the sequels bc that’s what they grew up with. don’t act like anyone who loves the sequels are fake fans. don’t harass the actors. even if the rest of it turns out not so great, just let people enjoy it. criticize it if you want but please don’t become that 40 year old dude who lectures 13 year olds about why the prequels sucked and they don’t know anything about sw