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What is it about target that makes my kid act like a total shit head????

In any other store… the mall… ikea, anywhere with a cart or stroller he is fine, enjoys it. But target??? It’s like he’s possessed. Demands to walk… but then he runs. Demands to sit in the back… but then he stands and jumps. When I strap him in the front he screams and cries and I can’t even focus on what I need to get.


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I mean on one hand I totally understand why atlético is so violent. I too am the younger sibling of an amazing older brother and am only known for being not as good as he is, that doesn't mean I try and kill him everytime I see him. If they want to act like little kids, they should be treated like it and put into a timeout (or a prison since they wanna commit murder)

Magic Ranbow Swords (By Potoo Brigham)
Magic Ranbow Swords (By Potoo Brigham)

Hey, check it out! It’s my first solo comic dub and I did all of the voices too!

This comic is part of the wonderful and humorous Growth Spurt AU by the ever-amazing @potoobrigham  ( Fun fact: I’ve been a huge fan of his work ever since I discovered him and his brother’s work on the now-defunct Nintendo DSi service Flipnote Hatena. To come across his art blog years later and then recently get permission to dub his works has been an honor and a dream come true for me. I hope I’ll be able to dub some more of his stuff in the future!

(…But let me sleep first. It’s 2:36 AM and I gotta crash.)



XX. Judgement (Artist: Jona Nils)

  • ▲ Reflection, reckoning, solidifying of personal convictions, the collective understanding of oneself and one’s goals
  • ▼ The dark side of oneself or one’s personal convictions; blindness to the truth, a lack of clarity or vision

XXI. The World (Artist: Astriia)

  • ▲ Absolute fulfillment or completion, the culmination of hopes and dreams, the end of a successful journey
  • ▼ Flawed personal growth, faulty spiritual development, a sense of false or dishonest victory


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For those who are not very familiar with his face, Julian Dennison is a maori kid who won the New Zealand Film Award for Best Supporting Actor when he was very young and he was also the main character of ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople, a very, veeery huge movie from New Zealand. 

He just joined the cast of ‘Deadpool 2′

The funniest thing to me is that moment in a show when a character has just died in some tragic way, and it’s just like the saddest thing ever and everyone is bawling

Then you go backstage and they’re just sitting there scrolling through their phone because now they have nothing to do for the rest of Act 2

me: if you’re old and crusty like if you’re 20+ acting weird around kids on the web and intimately immersing yourself in their company without setting some serious boundaries, which is a lot easier to do when the internet is impersonal, then your a freak and a loser

the freaks, and losers: Urrhgaggufh are you saying I can’t like childlike things? I have to change my behavior as I age? [ASMR Roleplay] How to Cope Through A Panic Attack.


This is based around the idea if Daniel quoted lines from Bill Cipher.

Comic: @danidery     (Link to the comic)


Everyone - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Days of Chaos

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