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Emergency Commissions

Reason for Opening Commissions:

For those of you who don’t know, Hawker is my lovely girlfriend and we’re trying to get her up to America to see me! I’m trying to raise some money for a plane ticket! (Yes I will do NSFW)


SFW Rate: 10$ Flat (up to 5 minutes, plus 3$ per minute afterward)

  • 5$ Extra for Sound Effects and Music
  • 3$ Extra per additional character

NSFW Rate: 15$ Flat (up to 5 Minutes, plus 4$ per minute afterward)

  • 5$ Extra for Sound Effects and Music  
  • 4$ Extra per additional Character (no extra charge for x Listener)
  • 3$ Extra for writing fee (basically if I have to write it up)

Characters that I voice:

  • Undyne
  • Alphys
  • Toriel
  • Frisk
  • Chara
  • Muffet
  • US Sans
  • Mercy
  • Tracer
  • Many Others

If you have any additional character you would like, feel free to request!

Things I Won’t Voice:

  • Scat
  • Vore
  • Outright Abuse/really violent stuff (this really depends on the request)

That’s about it, if I’m uncomfortable with anything I’ll let you know.  

Ways to Contact me with commission requests:

Please either send me a personal message or shoot me an email at

Payment Structuring:

All Commissions will be done through Paypal, and no payment will be required until EVERYTHING including scheduling has been worked out!  

fartimagines  asked:

How would the rfa, v, and saeran act when drunk?


  • downs all his drinks and gets even more drunk
  • he’s a heavyweight so something must have happened to make him get this drunk, we’re talking blackout drunk
  • the type to get into a fight (just please don’t go for the face!)
  • gets really passionate about theater all of a sudden
  • starts???? crying???? about??? theater???
  • gets rlly touchy feely and emotional with whoever he came to party with
  • he gets extra loud when drunk and he already has a booming theater voice so it’s even more intense when he’s loud because he’s drunk
  • trips every fourteen seconds and keeps thinking he needs to do his night facial routine and go to bed on the sofa of the club or bar
  • yells if people make out


  • gets the asian glow so bad even though he drinks wine regularly
  • gets philosophical about cats and tries to hold conversations with people about three piece suits but nobody knows what he’s talking about
  • what do you mean you don’t know what cuff links are you uncultured swine??????
  • is a very thoughtful drunk but it’s obvious he’s drunk because he can’t even pick up his drink right
  • the person zen is trying to fight probably
  • will write down ridiculous new business ideas in a notepad and remind himself to send to jaehee
  • but there’s so many typos it’s actually incoherent when he tries to read it the next day
  • gets extremely cranky the next day because of a hangover


  • can’t handle his fucking liquor he can’t hang he’s a lightweight
  • gets lit way too fast and not only does he yell (remember the call) he also gets pretttttty damn handsy too 
  • and he goes apeshit. LOLOL makes him think he can do things he actually can’t do.
  • once he starts hearing his own heartbeat the boy freaks the fuck out 
  • is this what death feels like wait LOLOL is releasing new armor tomorrow i can’t go yet
  • will be the first one to pass out lmao 
  • probably only wakes up to throw up and then goes back to sleep
  • the friend they can’t bring drinking anymore because once he thought he “leveled up” in real life and tried to climb a fence and run away and then tried to punch v and then missed and spun around to hit himself
  • saeyoung records this and it ends up a viral hit on youtube


  • hics thru the roof
  • keeps adjusting her fucking collar (why did u wear a collar 2 a club)
  • will 100% stick to mc like glue and needs to use the bathroom every 30 minutes so there is a lot of bathrooming
  • a very calm and cute drunk who hiccups constantly and honestly is probably only extremely drunk bc she ordered a virgin pina colada and the bartender accidentally put alcohol in it
  • a Lightweight™
  • maybe some drunk making out but hey man nobody is complaining
  • a very quiet and very red drunk who is Suffering and literally almost dies 
  • she’s not used to being trashed drunk and she does not react well to it she’s literally panicking and trying to remain rational and freaks out if she loses ny of her coordination
  • knows to ply herself with water and fatty foods the next day so she doesn’t get a hangover cus she’s a smart one
  • The Most Responsible Person In The RFA Next To V 


  • the type of dude to stand on a table and start screaming
  • he’s so Extra™ even zen is kinda like… dude.. .
  • headbangs to literally every song and honestly everyone wants to murder him because he’s hit like 5 people already headbanging
  • the type to talk really loud when drunk
  • his glasses are so fogged
  • it’s kinda funny because he’s the type of extra ass person to do dumb things sober so you bet his ass is probably gonna do some Dumb Shit drunk and it’s gonna be worse
  • probably actually incites a fight between two people and starts a fight club outside of the bar and somehow gets the offer to be the leader of a cult
  • tries to map out a blueprint for a really complicated machine so he doesn’t have to brush his own teeth anymore and writes it down on a dirty napkin with a pencil
  • probably gets bored and goes on his phone to buy like 4 crates of phd. pepper 
  • needs to be monitored like he’s an 8 year old that owns weapons of mass destruction


  • takes jumin-level pictures of everything and it’s really funny because even jumin is like “lmao what”
  • a very quiet and calm drunk who probably just falls asleep before he can enter the truly shitfaced zone
  • a peaceful man who just wanted to come have fun with his friends but then saeyoung kept going all “you deserve to relax you’ve been working so hard” 
  • a heavyweight drinker but no one knew this until he started getting shots and downed it like it was water
  • everyone stared at him because it was alarming he had so much pent up stress
  • probably let’s out a secret that he doesn’t even bleach his hair he just reached full premature grey hair status and just dyes it blue because rika stressed the fuck outta him and u know it
  • wants to be at home in bed and honestly everyone needs to carry him out because he passed out and refuses to wake up for longer than two and a half minutes on average


  • his want to kill everyone increases by tenfold drunk
  • he’s so drunk that his face is all red and he’s shouting about “u fools i’ll kill everybody” because somebody bumped into him 
  • he seems to me like an angry kind of drunk. probably tries to fight saeyoung prolly cus ya.
  • once he stops being so Angry he’s probably just really sad drunk and apologetic to everyone 
  • tries to explain to people that he just doesn’t know how to respond to affection because he’s never had it and only can respond with anger but the only thing that comes out is probably “i wanna fight all of you a little less than i did before”
  • the type to sulk in a corner and look so intimidating girls wont even approach him but they all just stare at him from a distance 
  • probably falls asleep in the bathroom tbh and just wants to go home
The Tired Zodiac Signs

Glaring at everyone: Capricorn, Aries, Sagittarius

Acts drunk: Gemini, Pisces, Taurus

Confused: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Leo

Dead on the inside AND on the outside: Aquarius, Cancer

when yuuri and victor finally get drunk together they do a complete 180 from their usual drunk selves and get really existential and calm like

yuuri: but like, what if, dogs do understand us

victor: oh, i hope not, i put a wedding veil on makkachin and pretended he was you

yuuri: wow, congrats on your marriage, wish that was me

when you think about all of the burned episodes of Doctor Who that may never get recovered and all of the wonderful acting that’s probably lost forever

Drunk headcanons

Because what better way to spend your insomnia than figuring out how various YOI characters might act when they’re drunk? Assuming everyone’s of legal age, here’s how I think it might go down.

  • Victor is an affectionate drunk, but only with people he knows well. He starts clinging to them and babbling whatever is on his mind, getting as close as possible. Yakov and Georgi have had to bear the brunt of this more than once.
  • Yuuri is a competitive drunk. All his self-doubt and shame melts away when he drinks, and he is up for anything anyone might suggest as a challenge. He rarely lets himself get to the point of the banquet because it always ends up with a severe headache and many mysteries in the morning (whose pants are these? what are those kanji written in lipstick on his bathroom mirror? thank god he didn’t have enough money to go to a tattoo parlor).
  • Leo is a silly drunk. The more he drinks, the more he smiles and giggles (and loses coordination). He’s the one who has to be helped back home because he can’t seem to get his legs under him.
  • Guang-Hong is a noble drunk. He gets prone to declaring battles of honor and acting very chivalrous. Once or twice he’s made a speech while standing on a barstool and gotten applause for it.
  • Phichit is a lightweight social drunk. He starts asking personal questions that even he would normally hold back on and is prone to doing traditional Thai dances on tabletops. But you have to watch him because even one or two more drinks than that and he collapses in a corner somewhere.
  • Georgi is a dramatic drunk (surprise), but it depends entirely on his current romantic relationship. If he’s happily dating, he will gush about the person he’s with and try to shower them with kisses; if he’s just been dumped, he’ll moan and cry about his lost love. Basically his usual internal monologue becomes external.
  • Emil can’t hold his liquor. As he drinks he gets quieter and more resolute, leading up to some action he wouldn’t normally perform, but if he talks at all it starts upsetting his stomach and he ends up vomiting in the bathroom. 
  • Michele is a melancholy drunk. He mopes about Sara endlessly and dwells on his own past mistakes. He keeps his coordination surprisingly well, so don’t pick a fight with him.
  • No one really knows what Christophe is like drunk. When he’s tipsy, he acts the same as he always does but more so. His bf is almost always on hand to stop him if he tries to go further. (The truth is that Chris gets very quiet and fatalistic when he’s drunk, to the point of contemplating very bad things. He doesn’t like being that way and has asked his bf to watch out for him.)
  • Yuri becomes a cat when he’s drunk, draping himself over the people he likes and nuzzling them with a smug smile. He’s even more likely to fight someone than usual, although more because he thinks it will be fun than because he’s angry.
  • Otabek is someone you have to watch out for because he goes straight from drinking to horizontal. Drinks 1-5 may have no effect other than to bring some color to his cheeks, while drink 6 lays him out on the floor.
  • Seung-Gil is a sexy problem drunk. He starts aggressively hitting on other guys and is absolutely willing to strip and show off. His remarks towards women get even more caustic than usual.
  • JJ is an emotional drunk. Whatever he’s feeling - national pride, sadness, flirtiness, anger - gets magnified 200% and can switch without warning. He usually ends up exhausted by everything he’s feeling and has to be helped home.

Alec lightwood drinking alcohol for the first time: this is disgusting why would anyone voluntarily drink this?

Alec lightwood half an hour later drunk off his ass sitting in magnus’ lap: i fugking love this and i lobve you Maggie you’re so prettt pretty warlock give me kisses

SOLO Sans gets Drunk - Implied Fontcest

 So, a few weekends ago, I got fucking blasted from downing almost an entire bottle of cherry vodka raw through nothing but shots. My roomie was showing me how to do them properly with her double shot glass and, uh… Practice makes perfect, right?

Anyway, she left my drunk ass after I crashed in bed to go visit her bf, thinking I was gonna pass out, but for some reason I thought, “I need to record something rn- It’s been a while”, so I did. I was originally gonna polish this up and make an actual thing out of it but intoxicated-me didn’t make sure the audio was ok in quality/consistency and I don’t like working with shit that ain’t my best, let alone posting it, but HEY FUCK IT HERE YOU GO! (editing my drunk rambling was torture jfc)

Also feel free to imagine Grillby just standing there watching the entire embarrassing exchange in silence.

Script below the cut

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Sirius Black's favourite things about Remus Lupin

-How Remus looks a two goody shoes prefect and is actually terrifying. He always thinks of the best pranks, he curses like an old sailor (James learnt his first swear from Remus)

-How everyone thinks Remus loves chocolate because he carries them with him just all the time. He has constantly atleast 3 chocolate bars with him. He used them as incentives when he tutors other students

-How everyone who spends just give minutes with Remus has a crush on the lanky boy with curls, awkward elbows and a lopsided grin

-How Remus always (ALWAYS) smells of tea and lemon (from his shower gel)

-How Remus forgave him after the Prank.

-How Remus acts when he’s drunk. He talks a lot, without any filter. “Sirius’ hair is so pretty and so long. Just really really nice to hold on to when we are-”

“Okay goodbye Dorcas”

-How Remus constantly wears sweaters. He has 3 layers of sweaters at any time in him.

-How Remus is ridiculously tall. Sirius‘ arms wound themselves around his middle. Remus has to crouch when they kiss.

-How Remus just knows when Sirius has a bad day. How he comforts him with hugs, kisses, cuddles, chocolate and stories. The wildest stories, always with a character called Padfoot (and sometimes one called Moony)

-Sirius Black just loves Remus Lupin. He could not unlove him, even if he tried or wanted to.

best bts lyrics
  • “adios middle school”
  • “abcdefgh hakuna matata”
  • “your face is fresh like a salad”
  • “you dont need your airplane mode”
  • “domain”
  • “if time is a stock called you i would invest”
  • “im not even drunk but i pretend to be drunk and act cute”
  • “please call me ill buy you food”
  • “after fighting my hormones all day ill pop my pimple”
  • “stop playing hard to get before i kick you in the butt”
  • “she is my religion so i can call her she-sus”

what they say: i’m ok

what they mean: my name is alaska thunderfuck and i have something to say. i like black tea, i like black d. i never touched tina and that’s the t. i know on what’s the t i said that i don’t drink so you bitches probably don’t know what to think. when you see me in the club getting crunk, acting stupid getting drunk. i got 100 problems, drinking ain’t one. i tried to quit drinking but it’s too much fun. i keep it cute and i act my age and you’re never ever gonna see me drunk on stage. it’s a new dawn, it’s a new age. Metallica, turn the page