act 6 stuff

I’ve always loved these two together. it’s my headcanon that either one is the best at comforting the other because they’re both extremely caring. I love the idea of dirk being protective over the girls like a big brother and generally having a gentle heart.

so when he meets jane after her major screw-up they just… don’t really say much and they don’t have to.

Sorry for the shitty quality.

But look closely

I wonder who that guy with the black catsuit on by the girl is-oh wait fuck yes it’s Cat Noir.

I really like this part because it shows how CARING Cat Noir can be for others. That girl might have be possessed by a akuma and is in shock, and he’s probably comforting her right now. Of course I could be wrong and he could be talking about how he and Ladybug are in an non-existant relationship, but I like my theory better

I love Cat Noir and NO ONE can change my mind about that.