act 1 homestuck

Act One - "The Note Desolation Plays"
Act One - "The Note Desolation Plays"

The updated map got me real nostalgic for early Homestuck and I may have started rereading it…

Arrangement of:

  • Showtime (Piano Refrain) - Malcolm Brown, arranged by Kevin Regamey
  • The wind skims the void flash where John looks up at the sun - Andrew Hussie?
  • The Note Desolation Plays - Max “Imbrog” Wright 
  • Showtime (Original Mix) - Malcolm Brown
  • Harlequin - Mark Hadley
  • Aggrieve - Mark Hadley (yes ok I realized after I made it that this version doesn’t happen until Act 2 whoops)
  • Sburban Countdown - Michael Guy Bowman, arranged by Mark Hadley

Songs belong to their artists and What Pumpkin.



homestuck act 1: main character dicking around in his house

homestuck post-canon: main characters alt-universe godly grandmother is trapped on the moon surrounded by a containment field as the subjects of her allies’ kingdom attempts to blow up a chunk of the moon for the aesthetic.

Act 1: homestuck is about 4 friends who play a game.

Act 4: homestuck is about 4 friends who play a game and end the world

Act 5: homestuck is about 4 friends and some aliens who play a game and destroy their universes

Act 6 acts 1-5: homestuck is about 4 friends, paradox clones of their parents, and some aliens who reset reality and die a lot, and a green time demon kills the author and fucks with the story

Act 6 act 6 acts 1-6: homestuck is a story about a bunch of kids who retcon their own reality in order to escape a death game

Act 7: homestuck is a story about of bunch of characters who become self aware and leave the fuckin story


In this thrilling conclusion to Act 1, we finally meet Ross! Oh, and Joan escapes a meteor, I guess.

  • Homestuck, Acts 1-5: Look at all these teens and their wacky lives and adventures.
  • Homestuck, Act 6: Actually, everything you thought was just weird hijinks had a critical and real psychological effect on these teens. And we're gonna explore all of their emotional scars and turmoils 2 seconds before the final confrontation.

listen i will argue with my dying breath that homestuck acts 1-5 are a modern masterpiece and should be taught in schools

act 6 though……

fucking act 6 though

I don’t know whether I should consider it funny or sad how everything still looks exactly the same after 3 years.

There’s still glass shards and rocks all over the place, the toilet is still in the middle of the room, the green cap is still on the speaker, the empty bottle still on the desk, and there are no katanas on the wall.

It’s a pretty big contrast with John’s home.

We saw all the oil had been removed, the living room had been cleaned up, the Cruxtruder isn’t blocking the entrance anymore…

I guess this suggests Davesprite didn’t really live here anymore during the 3-year trip and probably spent much more time on the ship itself, or with John or Jade. That would be the sad way of looking at it.

Or Davesprite decided to keep everything the same, so that when Alpha Dave returned, everything would still be just like he left it behind… Dammit, that is ALSO a sad way of looking at it.