Your name is DUALSCAR and you live in the town of SKAIA. Currently you make a living by HELPING NEW RESIDENTS MOVE IN and an occasional EXCURSION or EXPLORATION when your day job is slow. The current passenger hanging at the hull of your ship is a little frog boy named ERIDAN who claims to be visiting his brother CRONUS.

(( ahh. Couldn’t help but bandwagon on @ask-the-strider-prince and @ask-the-english-adventurer ’s animal crossing au. It’s just such a cute idea.

Your name is DIRK STRIDER and you live in the town of SKAIA.

(( Start of the Animal Crossing Event!!

This event will be co-hosted by me and @ask-the-english-adventurer ! Anyone can join in and have fun in the town of Skaia! The event will be tagged as #acstuck event! Have fun~ :^D ))