Bruce Damer hosted a fan gathering “The Virtual AllChemical Powwow”
for Terence Mckenna at his house in Hawaii on February 25th 1999

“Fans gather as Terence goes live on camera Tonight’s online Active Worlds meeting merits a trip report! Using the browser you move around inside a little virtual 3D scene as an "avatar” - a 3D rendering of a humanoid figure (or possibly non-humanoid if you are a “citizen” which costs $20 a year). Terence appeared as “Zoneghost” - in avatar as a tall skinny alien with almond shaped eyes. He was also onscreen via a live video feed from his place in Hawaii. There was to have been an audio feed but I guess there were technical difficulties, so he greeted us in acsii.”

“Overhead view of the McKenna fanHood test area I “saw” christa, MushaMan, lovelava, Dan O., Tantrika, Donut, Bryan, Chelsea, and Fi there. Probably some others traveling incognito as well! The simultaneous conversations were hilarious, witty and urbane…kind of a psychedelic dadaesque group mind meld. Apparently a transcript will be on Terence’s web site…check it out in a day or so. A bunch of us went on a trip together…we teleported through a gate to the world called “Pollen.” Due to bandwidth limitations I did not see the fully rendered world on the group trip…had to go back later when it was quieter to see the incredible enthoegenic garden someone had built. Wow!”