Calling all chemistry buffs! Are you attending the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting in Dallas 16-20 March? Well stop by OUP Booth 802 to check out our latest chemistry titles, journals, and online reference. Here’s a brief reading list to get you started. 

  1. A Tale of Seven Elements by Eric Scerri
  2. The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction by Eric Scerri
  3. The Scientific Sherlock Holmes: Cracking the Case with Science and Forensics by James O'Brien
  4. ReAction!: Chemistry in the Movies by Mark A. Griep and Marjorie L. Mikasen
  5. Hollywood Chemistry: When Science Met Entertainment, edited by Donna J. Nelson, Kevin R. Grazier, Jaime Paglia, and Sidney Perkowitz
  6. The Science of Cheese by Michael H. Tunick
  7. Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing, 3rd ed. by Charles Bamforth
  8. Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine by Kathleen Hefferon
  9. The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing, Edited by Richard Dawkins
  10. Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work by Dennis Meredith

Find more reading on our ACS Reading List on Riffle

Dallas TX for ACS Conference

Sooo, I’ve been lucky enough to be sponsored by my prof to attend the 247th Bi-annual American Chemical Society Conference which is being held in Dallas this Spring. I am really excited about it because I didn’t really get a Spring Break because of all the research work I was doing so this gives me my little time away from Troy which is lovely.

I took two flights ALB-DCA then DCA-DFW. My first flight with US Airways was okay, short (1 hour) and simple . However my connecting flight  by American Airlines was delayed for two reasons:

1. There were bad weather conditions

2. The plane was too full to fly in the bad weather conditions.

So some people had to get off the flight (which they offer $500 worth in travel compensation) but ultimately meant that instead of arriving at 5.30, I didn’t arrive till 8pm and I really don’t like arriving late at night to a place I’ve never been before. But oh well what do. So I’ve arrived yestarday and so far attended the first day of the conference which has been amazing.

Only thing that was a shame was that I went from beautiful weather in DC to rain and thunderstorms in Dallas, which I wasn’t expecting. The weather is supposed to pick up so fingers crossed.

ACS Part 2 Hotel Review

For the duration of the ACS, I stayed at the Magnolia Hotel Dallas which is about 10-15 min walk (depends how fast you walk, I always ended up day dreaming and taking picture ^^) from the Dallas Convention Centre. The Omni Hotel which is actually connected to the convention centre is where all the BIOT talks were being held but as I decided to attend the meeting last minute all the spaces in that hotel were picked, so I had to choose the next best thing (which wasn’t bad because at least I got a complementary breakfast!)

I’ve attached quite a few pics to this post to give a good idea of how it was being at the hotel. Firstly, as I mentioned the hotel offers a complementary breakfast and bed time milk and cookies which was adorable.Too bad I forgot to take a pic of that. Breakfast had some variety everyday at least, and for the non-meat eaters and non-cheese eaters (i.e. me!) there was at least something to eat. Typical food served were waffles, sausages, scrambled eggs (with cheese -_-) cereal, fruit, all the usual stuff you’d want to consider for breakfast. Got a chance to try what I thought would have been authentic Texas French toast, but it was just like a thick piece of toast that had been browned a bit (side note: I miss real French toast, well the Brit version anyway)

The hotel facilities were nice, although i didn’t get to use them much as I literally came back at like 1am everyday~. The actual room was lovely, big, had two tv’s,shower/bath, kitchen. It was lovely not having to worry about cleaning stuff as the magical hotel fairy tidyed everything while I was out (Seriously need one of them!).

Only downsides with the hotel:

1. Only 3 working Elevators, but there’s like 7 elevator doors on the ground floor and 5 elevator doors on every other floor… o_O

2. The way the hotel is shaped is in the letter U (or H depending on the way you see it). So unfortunately, I was one of those rooms in the inner circle meaning that I rarely got any natural light.

3. Speaking of light, there were no full room lights, just lamps, in either the living room or the bedroom which would have been nice given the fact I had little sunlight as it is.

If I could afford it I would go back. To be fair, I’d do anything that involves being away from RPI and studying for a while.

Peace (≧ω≦)b

American Chemical Society (ACS) Convention Dallas Part 1

Soooo, the convention was split into two distinct sections (well more than two, but for the sake of simplicity). One being the actual covention where there were employers and suppliers showcasing their new equipment trying to get us you to but their latest technology. I always find it weird when I go to these technical fair because these suppliers are trying to reel you in to buy their stuff, and in my head I’m like..“I just want your free stuff”. Anyhoo, sometime I just entertain them by seeming interested because I can bet that it’s tough only a handful out of the thousands you see that day may actually be interested let alone purchase their stuff. The convention was really big and there were competitions, a career and development section and workshops for both students and professionals.

The second segement is the actual division that your part of, usually relating to your degree or just general interests which is more of a conference. The division I was associated with is the Division of Biochemical Technology (BIOT). I picked a good year to go because this year they were celebrating their 50th anniversary. I even managed to get a free commemorative pen! The conference part holds presentation from those in academia and industry reflecting future publications and the rising trends. The talks were mostly split between upstream and downstream processing but there were other talks such as the anniversary talks, bio-similars and emerging technologies.

I really enjoyed going to the talks although it required a lot of planning to decide where to go and accurately time when to leave talks to be on time for the next (especially since some talks didn’t finish on time). I’d been wanting to read papers and attending the conference felt like I was reading 20 papers in one day! It definetly got me to think about my real interests in research and also what I want to do for the next few years of my life. I know have some huge decisions to make ahead of me! ^^

Overall I really enjoyed the conference as it gave a good chance to network with industrial contacts and to connect with my peers in the field from all over the world. Most people recommeded coming to ACS especially if your looking for jobs in industry since many empolyers attend. My favourite talks were the anniversary talk in downstream because it enabled me to see first hand what really are the trends and what people think is the way forward in industry. I also got meet people who are like gods in the industry; Jon Coffman, Brian Kelley, Ann Lee, Sam Guhan and many more.

If your interested to know more about the ACS or my division check out the division page, or the ACS page The convention happens bi-annually (although some divisions only meet annually) with the next being in August in San Francisco, CA.

Stay tuned for the next part!