Calling all chemistry buffs! Are you attending the American Chemical Society Annual Meeting in Dallas 16-20 March? Well stop by OUP Booth 802 to check out our latest chemistry titles, journals, and online reference. Here’s a brief reading list to get you started. 

  1. A Tale of Seven Elements by Eric Scerri
  2. The Periodic Table: A Very Short Introduction by Eric Scerri
  3. The Scientific Sherlock Holmes: Cracking the Case with Science and Forensics by James O'Brien
  4. ReAction!: Chemistry in the Movies by Mark A. Griep and Marjorie L. Mikasen
  5. Hollywood Chemistry: When Science Met Entertainment, edited by Donna J. Nelson, Kevin R. Grazier, Jaime Paglia, and Sidney Perkowitz
  6. The Science of Cheese by Michael H. Tunick
  7. Beer: Tap into the Art and Science of Brewing, 3rd ed. by Charles Bamforth
  8. Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine by Kathleen Hefferon
  9. The Oxford Book of Modern Science Writing, Edited by Richard Dawkins
  10. Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work by Dennis Meredith

Find more reading on our ACS Reading List on Riffle