Ace of Earth

So thinking again about a name for this deck, and why nothing has really stuck for me. Then I realized, we were focusing too much on their tattoos. These cards aren’t just about tattoos, it’s also about their body language

I spent a lot of time thinking about what pose should be for each card, and I like to think that each woman conveys her own message fairly well even without the tattoos.

So, something about body language. And tattoos. I don’t know yet, anyone have any suggestions?

disney and pixar create material primarily for children.

they will literally never have a canon ace character.


because one character explicitly stating that they’re not sexually attracted to anyone would imply that every other character DOES experience sexual attraction. in a kids’ movie. you’re actually suggesting that there be a kids’ movie which forces children to consider which characters want to fuck people.

don’t fucking act like the “lack of ace representation” in kids’ movies has anything to do with some kind of prejudice against you. there aren’t and will never be any ace characters in children’s movies because nobody working on such movies will ever say, “hey, what if one of the characters doesn’t like sex?”

Malik: Isn’t that a bit dangerous?

Altaïr: Malik, please. We’ve been in a lot of unexpected predicaments before and we always escape unhurt.


Altaïr: Okay, we sometimes escape unhurt.


Altaïr: All right, we escaped unhurt once! And… then we hurt ourselves on the way home…