acs want

To aces who desire or are in romantic relationships:

To aces who want or are involved in queerplatonic relationships:

To aces who have had negative experiences with relationships:

To aces who find friendship sufficiently fulfilling and don’t want or need anything else:

To aces who are unsure of what kinds of relationships they want:

To aces who have trouble distinguishing between romance, QPR, and friendship:

You are valid. Your relationships are valid. All are equally important and fulfilling, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

an ace love poem

i want to hold your hand.
i don’t want the sex part
vagina and vagina and vagina and penis and penis and penis
or whatever

i want to hold your hand.
i want the comfort of your presence.
i want the promise of having you near.
i want to see the face i caressed  last thing before i fell asleep to be the first thing i see when i awake.

my fear is in my hands and i want to hold your hand to chase my fear away.

anonymous asked:

Whenever someone says that acephobia isn't real or that aces don't need representation on screen, I think: "Hm, do you remember what fucking TBBT and its fandom did to Sheldon Cooper?"

Honestly tho, for me he’s such a good example of an easy to spot ace character, if I wanted to explain to others how people may not feel sexual attraction, and yet TBBT ruined and many other things.


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

More of this AU


If they “don’t think people are really bi/ace,” or if they think they can’t trust you because you’re bi/ace, you deserve better. Invalidating your identity or using your identity against you is not okay, and having a partner who does that might feel like it comes with the territory of being bi/ace, but I promise you it doesn’t.

Friendly reminder that asexuals are accepted in almost every official LGBT+ organization and there is absolutely nothing ace exclusionists and gatekeepers can do about it 🏳️‍🌈♠️💜🌈

*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc


@ ace teens: you are wonderful and valid.

You aren’t sexualizing yourself by calling yourself ace.

You aren’t sexualizing other teens by calling yourself ace.

You aren’t being homophobic by calling yourself ace.

If you feel like ace works for you, use it.

It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fit later on or others think you’re too young or whatever.

Only you have the ability to label yourself, and whatever label you choose is totally valid.

Shoutout to those who scream their sexuality for all to hear

Shoutout to those who sing their sexuality casually

Shoutout to those who tell their sexuality every day

Shoutout to those who mention their sexuality from time to time

Shoutout to those who whisper their sexuality in the dark

Shoutout to those who think their sexuality but never say it

Shoutout to those who don’t dare imagine their sexuality

Shoutout to all my lgbt’s living their sexuality their own way