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Pride month isn’t over just yet!! So have an array of pride flags created from clouds I drew haha

Y’all can use them as blog banners or anywhere you can think of, really :)


If they “don’t think people are really bi/ace,” or if they think they can’t trust you because you’re bi/ace, you deserve better. Invalidating your identity or using your identity against you is not okay, and having a partner who does that might feel like it comes with the territory of being bi/ace, but I promise you it doesn’t.


*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc


Show that Attorney’s Gem.

Listen, we’re all entitled to our own headcanons about characters, but why are people shitting on anyone who headcanons a character as ace?? Like, have you ever seen a canon ace character on screen? Have you? Why is it so wrong for us to want representation?

Shoutout to those who scream their sexuality for all to hear

Shoutout to those who sing their sexuality casually

Shoutout to those who tell their sexuality every day

Shoutout to those who mention their sexuality from time to time

Shoutout to those who whisper their sexuality in the dark

Shoutout to those who think their sexuality but never say it

Shoutout to those who don’t dare imagine their sexuality

Shoutout to all my lgbt’s living their sexuality their own way