Stage 2 underwater world.
Yvonne Rémond Murphy
50 by 50cm by 4

The next step…. layers of paint to create even more texture. I was told that I use ‘des coleurs bon bon’ or candy colours, making my canvas look good enough to eat.
This must be the Halloween influence, with over 2 kilos of goodies collected last night! (Trick or treat is usually planned after school hols otherwise it would be a flop as everyone is away).

Donc voici le 2è phase de mon tableau, comprenant quatre toiles, sur la thème de fond sous marin. J’ajoute beaucoup de texture et des coleurs ‘bon bon’ pour rendre plus vif le sujet.

I’m not sure what this is but a new start is always good.
I intended trying an angel from the back with hair falling down her back. The colours are not exactly what I had expected but we will see how it dries in the morning.

The last angel had been a commission from a friend and not a typical subject choice for me. The idea this time is to make my own angels without feeling inhibited by wanting to please.