Some of the Pokeball Terrariums that I’ve made so far! I enjoy making them so I hope everyone likes how they turned out! Feel free to PM me :)

Kadabra Pokeball Terrarium - $30 + shipping

Gyarados Pokeball Terrarium - $40 + shipping

Jiggypuff  Pokeball Terrarium -  $30 + shipping

Koffing & Weezing  Pokeball Terrarium - $35 + shipping

Leafeon  Pokeball Terrarium -  $30 + shipping

Bulbasaur & Squirtle  Pokeball Terrarium - SOLD


My Pokeballs are unique and completely hand-made. They are made from various crafting supplies such as polymer clay, diorama supplies, and the pokemon figures themselves.

The actual Pokeball is made from thick, high-quality plastic. The Pokemon and the other materials within the ball is secured in place and won’t come loose if you turn the Pokeball around in all angles. However, some of the materials might come off if it is dropped or shaken so please treat them with care.

All of my Pokeballs come with a red stand that completes the “Pokemon” feel so it’ll look great displayed somewhere or given as gifts. Just make sure it goes somewhere where it won’t get knocked over.
The Pokeballs are all unique but not perfect so some may have some minor scatches and the button on the center of the ball may peel with time but you can press it back on with no problem.

Please DO NOT attempt to open the Pokeballs as it will disturb the contents inside.

Enjoy and Catch em all!


cleffa! glitter is a necessity for fairy pokemon of course! ✨


Hey guys!  I finally opened an online store!  There’s only a few acrylic charms in it right now but if it does well I’m planning on making more and updating whenever I can.

Here’s a link!

And for those wondering, everything was printed by Acorn Press!  They look great, I got them on time, got a few extras tossed in so super good experience all around!


I thought it was about time I released some images of all the new charms stock, sales starting on Friday 28th August! You’ll be able to buy them at my new Storenvy shop!


My Pokemon ORAS keychains are finally going online!

Each 2″ acrylic keychain comes with a free 1.75″ random pokeball button pin plus I designed the card stock in a way that you can even use them as bookmarks! Neato burrito.

They will be available in my shop, along with some Fire Emblem and Steven Universe stickers when I open tomorrow, May 14! (Stocks are super limited tho) I’m so excited!



Pre-orders for both my voltron and pokemonGo charms are now open! They will be 2 inches long and printed on clear acrylic. All charms come with metal chains and clasps.

Pre-orders for both sets will end August 22nd and please note that all of them are very limited quantity!

PokemonGo Charms

Voltron Charms


I finally have all of my current charms up for sale! These include all previous clear double sided charms as well as some new designs made on metallic gold acrylic. I don’t have their packaging ready yet, however all orders will come with one free random postcard-sized mini print from either my current inventory or my retired stock (that’s a $5 value!).

PLEASE NOTE: I only have a very small amount up for sale and will take them down Tuesday evening for Anime Expo inventory. Any charms left will be put back in the shop after next weekend.