acrylic sculpture

What haha? No I didn’t stay up two hours late to finish this! D-don’t be stupid.. YES!! Very glad to have this done. This is the first thing I’ve made for myself in years.

Better pics and progress shots to follow later! Super Sculpey over foil, 16g anodized steel wire. Teapot made with metal mesh. Acrylic paint, wood base.

Vasa Munich is a sculptural, optical, sensorial genius. LA based Munich has been making these gobsmacking pieces since the 60s when his practice began experimenting with three dimensional painting constructions. In the late 60s Munich began to incorporate clear acrylic into his optical artworks, allowing for the structural support of different planes of colour and colour relationships, meaning that when you move around the object the colour combinations are constantly in flux due to the transparent material they rely on. Amazing, beautiful, drool, yes. 

You can still purchase Vasa Munich paintings through his personal website, and his laminated and cast acrylic pieces are frequently for sale on external sites.