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The Signs Aesthetics

Aries: Black knee ripped pants, Paint on skin, Headphones, Road trips, Man buns

Taurus: Colored hair, Flower dresses, Septum piercings, Yellow convers, Mountains, Books

Gemini: Jean jackets, Crystals, Nose rings, Concerts, vinyls, Neon Lights, Wind

Cancer: Messy hair, Stargazing, Night swimming, Nude highlighters, White rooms

Leo: High ponytails, Lip gloss, Furr coats, High heels, Rings, Gold, Queen Bee

Virgo: Floral couches, Colored lipstick, Guitars, Trees, Bare footed, Sunshine

Libra: Sweet tea, Adidas, Straightened hair, Pools, Ladybugs, Dad hats, Sand

Scorpio: Red lipstick, Black clothing, Ice cubes, Mirrors, Acrylic nails, Midnight texts

Sagittarius: Boyfriend jeans, Tennis, Art, Cartilage piercing, Sugar, Flannels

Capricorn: Snow, Rain clouds, White roses, Polaroid photos, Coffee, Morning fog

Aquarius: Blue skys, Necklaces, Lakes, French doors, Gardens, House plants, Afternoon naps

Pisces: Aquariums, Lavender, Koi fish, Cracks in sidewalks, Creeks, Mason jars

(Sort of a) Acorn Press Acrylic Charm Review

Yoooo~~~~ my acrylic charms came today during a snowstorm and I totally did not expect it XDDD I thought the storm was going to delay it for sure. Kudos to USPS delivery guy (stay warm and stay safe man). It really made my day ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Here are the references for my Yuri on Ice and Overwatch characters charm set. I will be selling these at future cons and events. So check out my con schedule if you’re interested in purchasing them! I will probably sell them online for leftovers. I don’t have a store yet (as of 2/9/17) so check back on my tumblr or other social media (or you can message me) for updates!

Also, I find it super funny that overwatch and YOI characters came during a BLIZZARD, COLD and ICY day (no pun intended lol) 

They look super nice thanks to @acornpress ! I would highly recommend them if you are interested in selling acrylic charms for cons/online in the future. This is my first time ordering acrylic charms so take my words with a few grains of salt. Also I’ll be rambling all over the place and spamming run-ons so be aware :P

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To celebrate the final day of pre-orders I’m holding a flash giveaway. One lucky person who reblogs this post will win the new Mystic Messenger Bubble Tea Acrylic Charm set which includes all six charms!

I will select a winner on 5/1/17!! To enter, all you have to do is reblog this post. It’s that easy! Good luck!

About the Charms
♥ 2" Clear Acrylic
♥ Double Sided (mirrored image)
♥ Perfect for keychains, phone straps, zippers, etc
♥ Pre-Orders end 4/30 11:59PM CST
♥ Orders will ship end of May (I will be posting progress pictures as I get the shipments ready!)



The process of Matrix

I first began by gluing the mirror to my base.  I had to use construction grade adhesive to ensure the mirror was safely attached.  Then I taped the mirror to the base and let it dry for 48 hours.  Afterwards, I was able to begin gluing the acrylic onto the mirror.  I used a glass jewelry glue, so the glue dried clear and was not noticeable.  I had to use multiple objects to prop precariously placed pieces.

It took around 20 hours to complete this work.  There are a total of 96 acrylic blocks in the piece.

OKAY! Someone wanted me to put these all together and it took some time to make sure I got them all but here you go!! X”D
All the Sans sprites I’ve made!(minus the crack ship babies which tbh probably comes close to this in number.)

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