acrylic lacquers


From Apple White into an original character in the span of too many hours. My first time doing an EAH faceup and reroot! Exciting stuff indeed!
I’ll be making a sweet little black and white dress for her in the near future, but for the time being I’m very happy with how she has turned out~

Pro tips:
-If you think you’re using a fine brush, find a finer one!
-Seal seal seal! (Three coats of Testor’s spray lacquer on her face)

Cosplay Props Material: thermoplastic sheet/ thermal glue sheet/ hot melt glue sheet

Many people did ask me “what material you use to make Gyro’s hat and/or belt buckle?”, since it’s a popular question and the material I used is an unknown stuff in Western world, I decide to write this article.

**My English is pretty basic since English as my second language,  please forgive me if I confuse you or make any errors.

The material I used is thermoplastic sheet, also kown as thermal glue sheet or hot melt glue sheet.  In general, it be used to make toe puff and heel counter, but also great for making cosplay props.

It’s a thermoplastic modelling material works like worbla, but it’s more affordable than worbla.  It can be shaped by hot air, water and/or steam (normally I use hair dryer to do this job), in following picture you can see it does have good ductility and malleability.

(As you can see in this picture, it has a smooth side and a fabric-texture side, kinda like a piece of fabric cover with hot glue.)

You can re-heat and reshape it as many times as you like. If you give it enough pressure when it’s hot, it glues itself – but I found this way is not so stable, so I still use adhesive if I need to glue it.

It can be cut with scissors or craft knife pretty easily.

Though it’s not as light-weight as EVA foam, it’s still not heavy, so you can layer it as you want.  In picture below, I layered 3 layers on the side of belt buckle.

Then I carved the detail with leather carving tools.  You can carve it while it’s hot or cold, the heat is not really matter when it be carved.

After that I painted it with paint spray.  I didn’t do much experiment on paints, but I think you can use most common kinds of paints on it (ex: acrylic and lacquer paints.)

I also used this material to make the blue-round-decorative stuff on my shoulders: used hairdryer to heat and shaped it on a styrofoam ball (cut in half), then glued them and finished with acrylic paint.

You can get this material online ( /, it has to be ship from China (cause most of it made in China), but even plus shipping fee, it still not so expensive (compare with worbla).

PS. actually I think this material is wonderflex, but with different name…and different price. LOL.