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Do you think you'd ever do a batch of the tweed pride scarves in acrylic? I absolutely adore the look of them but have a wool allergy :/

I’d love to make something like that!! I’ve actually been keeping an eye out trying to find acrylic tweed yarn that comes in a rainbow of colors because I love how things look in tweed. Haven’t found it yet (if anyone knows a source or brand that makes yarn like this, please tell me!) but if I do I’ll make some. In the meantime I’m currently working on a big batch of more pride scarves and hats in acrylic. Just solid colors, not tweed.


I’ve obviously gone coo-coo for cables…so much so that I am not even embarrassed I just made that pun…

Hello, all! My shop has been down for a minute but I’m happy to say everything is back up and running, and I’ve added over 10 new hats to my shop as of this morning! Take a look if you’d like, follow my shop and blog because more products are coming really soon. ;)

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