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Hey I have trichotillomania too and I was wondering if any of the bullshit tips people tell you to help you stop pulling ever worked for you. I've tried acrylic nails and hats so far but neither have worked

The problem is that it’s such a personal thing that it varies so much from person to person with regard to what exactly is the trigger (ranging from the most mundane non-thought “hand-suddenly-very-concerned-with-scalp“ while driving (For me it’s my right elbow propped against the door while driving, hand supporting head, fingers freely paging through hair at various degrees of intensity and overall absent mindness to very side-focused hyper attention, like when I find those few strands that have a rogue bead of hair glue gobbing them together and cannot rest until it has been removed) to the more fervent “fuck fuck fuck fuck” that has those fingers somehow still working to prize hairs apart, feeling them for whatever “abnormality” you’re gunning for, and “fixing” the immediate perceived physical incongruity while your brain attempts to ignore whatever major stressor has sent it into “fuck fuck fuck fuck” mode.

It’s a real beast to try and fake out the satisfaction.

Like at least a bit of it.

For me there’s this sense of accomplishment I’d get from removing offending glue/knots/generally uneven lengths from whatever spot on my head (largely the left side, via my hand resting there while driving). Like, you know as well as I do the illogical sense of calm and release gained from it.

I haven’t found anything so far that really would count as advice for a way to curb pulling. However.

Even if it’s about as useful as slapping a bandage over a shotgun blast, I’ve found that having a bit of hair extension (like a two inch wide segment) on hand and in hand can help. Like, applying hair glue (which is basically liquid latex) to two wefts of hair and allowing that to be the thing from which you fiddle and pick from serves as a distraction.

Trich is mad fucking frustrating - in my opinion- in that it’s neigh impossible to simply avoid/remove the things involved lest you wish to cut off your hands or shave and wax your head, eyebrows, nethers, etc.

SO YEAH my advice here is barely helpful because I’ve got only the shaky logical view of it all which clearly does nothing to impact the emotional/base emotional/biological reward-system of it.

But I guess maybe it helps a little just to talk about it.

So thank you for letting me type.

100 things art challenge for myself

by catrockchen Rules: I can complete more than one challenge within a day, but I must complete 1 daily. I can skip around. Each drawing must live up those of the previous day by being better or different. They must all come from life.
Each day I will have to draw an environment in addition to the daily challenge.

1. Self portrait (3 versions)
2. Houses (5 studies)
3. 6 body parts
4. Shoes (7 studies)
5. Color
6. Trees (7 studies)
7. Body variations
8. Cars (9 studies
9. Feet in 11 different styles.
10. No pen/black. Only shapes. No line.
11. Electronics (20 studies)
12. Hands in 10 color palettes)
13. Daily environment/life.
14. Animation concept
15. Animation character design
16. 3 environment studies
17. Pattern study
18. Redesign clothing I am wearing that day
19. Animation storyboard
20.vespas and motorcycles
21. Hyperealism
22. Shadows from foliage
23. Repetition with color
24. Two t-shirt designs
25. Birds eye view
26. 3 OC designs I plan on using
27. Storytelling in one image
28. 10 comic strips
29. 20 surfaces and textures.
30. My 3 meals
31. Gross vs beautiful
32. Space vs underwater
33. 3 environments from 3 different personality’s perspectives
34. Every single Disney princess
35. Shoulders, necks, and chin studies
36. Three fav sports
37. 10 improvements of 1 study
38. 8 pants studies
39. 9 shirt studies
40. 12 dresses
41. 4 computers
42. 8-bit content or style
43. Distortion and exaggeration or fisheye
44. Motion study as a complete illustration
45. Redraw 1 sketchbook page as completion
46. Large painting in acrylics
47. Some hats
48. Water on surfaces
49. Seasons
50. Holidays
51. Imaginary things in real environment
52. Ugly sketches made likable
53. What’s in your bag
54. Hair studies (20 versions)
55. More vehicles
56. Draw your dream
57. Super exaggeration of 16 bodies on one page
58. Cultural studies
59. Animation idea/concept 2
69. Animation idea/ concept 3
70. Patterns on background
72. Fleshed out animation sceneries
73. 5 different styles of backgrounds for animations
74. Bag full of love and heart
75. Stories I like
76. Childhood events
77. 20 eyebrow studies
78. Freebie (whatever I want)
79. Aging of 3 faces
80. Decaying objects
81. Light and shadow with extreme perspective
82. I exaggerated animated action under 5 seconds
83. Redraw an old story idea with a new style
84. Draw a person in 6 different dimensions.
85. Put myself multiple times in 1 drawing
86. Draw tiny and draw big
87. Animate an inanimate object
88. Animate something (freebie)
89. Sketches in homework and lecture notes
90. Time lapse of tech in 1 image
91. Animate emotions
92. Pretend to pitch a show idea
93. Fully animated scene.
94. Animate an illusion
95. Artist inspired
95. Animate an artist inspired
96. More background art
97. OCs based on animals (5)
98. OCs based on shapes (5)
99. Fantasy vehicle
100. Fantasy house