acrylic boxes

The store I work at part time sells African Dwarf Frogs in tiny little acrylic boxes. All my coworkers and I are against selling the live animals, but nothing we can do about it. I try to educate the customers who will listen.

Last night a woman was looking at the frogs and said, “excuse me, about the frogs…” I expected to be asked how long do they live or another common question.

This woman straight up asked me

“Do they need to eat?”

Surprise! Here are two other 2" clear acrylic charms that are coming too!

- Pikachu and Mimikyu in a Oran Berry Fruit Box
- Meowth and Alola Meowth in a Leppa Berry Fruit Box

Both charms are now available for pre-order via Etsy

Of course I’ll keep you posted when they will be here, I mean, I myself am very impatient and curious as well.. ;)

You can also watch the streams from yesterday:
Here you can see how I made Mimikyu and how I finished Pikachu.


Art Nouveau Harry Potter box lid

An extremely, incredibly, horribly late Christmas present for a friend of mine (the box was also filled with goodies to say sorry). Acrylic paint on a Doc Marten shoe box lol. Took far too long but thats because I procrastinate far too much.