acrylic bow


“Keith resisted at first, but he was weak, weak for Allura and her love for SparklyThingsTM. Allura asked (forcibly dragged) Keith to take her to the Space Mall. Keith’s decidedly okay with that. ”

Watch out, dorky but fashionable Kallura Charms are here to melt your hearts!

WHOO Full artwork for the charms is released today! Please spread the word! Charms Preorders will go on sale Mid July to Beginning of August. Preorders will be extended if there’s enough interest. They’ll be shipping out Early September!

More Kallura Charm artwork will be posted as we approach the official sale date :D

NOTE: If you’re not from the US and would like to order a charm PLEASE shoot me a DM or Email about which country you’re from. I’ll make sure to find a way to get the charms to you!

Email me at for any questions!

Received my acrylic charms this afternoon! I’ve never had that much, about 300 pieces. °°;

I will try to keep track of the time I take to finish them all. For now I’ve already worked twelve hours, and I only finished to assemble the bows, dust plugs, and straps together!  

What I still have to do : 

- Peel all the sticker protections on the back of each printed acrylic

- Assemble all the acrylic pieces to the bow and strap part.

- Print and cut all the packaging parts

- Put the charms in the packaging

I think this should take me at least 20 more hours. ;v;