acrylic award

dude I feel like zazzle is vastly underutilized

you can put whatever pictures you want on a shit ton of items… not just your standard shirts and key chains yada yada

maybe you want a photo of chicken nuggets on a skateboard

how about a watch with your face on it??

or maybe you wanna pay $70 for a custom gem-cut faceted acrylic octagon award with the obama not bad meme

zazzle, man


I was making a gif from episode 3 of Fargo when I spied an acrylic award on  Linda’s desk!  Not identical to the award Lester wins a year later for ’Salesman of the Year’, but maybe they change the design every year, or maybe it’s a different award.  But it appears to be as big as Lester’s, so likely just as prestigous.  So maybe Linda had a lot to do with Lester’s success in setting up his own business. Which makes him that much more of a dick (if such a thing is possible) for doing what he did to her.