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Went through my drafts and found these two! More artworks that I never got to post, I guess.

The one on the left was a project I did for school but my prof never returned that artwork to me lol. We were supposed to make an album cover/album art of our own and I went for Indie Pop and made that piece. My astronaut from Cosmic Pun reappears but this time, he’s got cotton candy in his hand instead of ice cream (cuz yaknow, why not).

And I’ve no idea why I made the wolf art on the right but it’s hanging on my room wall right now & I’m willing to give it away (was supposed to give it to Jill). It’s acrylic paint on a 9x12 canvas.



and the last ricœur text is another one about narrative identity. you can read it here if you like. 

i wish i could just hand in this stuff i made instead of having to live through an oral exam. i mean, i obviously worked myself through those texts, right?! 

the lecturer said he hopes that the exam is going to be more of a talk than a q&a - so why isn’t this happening in a nice cosy bar with a delicious beer?! i’m certainly more capable of a good talk with a beer comforting my mind. oh well.

My new one .

Blind Rain.

Acrylics & graphite on a thick high-quality watercolor paper.

Size 420x297mm ( 16.5" x 11.8") .

Original is available for purchase. To know the details please contact me