Automatic Writing Project: While collecting entries on 10.18.16, a man told me that writing is his art and that I’d have to pay him $250.00 an hour to write in my journal and refused. I asked him if I had some art of my own to trade, if he would have accepted. He said that he’d have to see it first. Mind you, this was even after he witnessed three librarians wait in line to write in my journal. I’ve now created collages on vintage postcards as currency in case I run across this issue again.


Acrylic Chibi Badges - 575+ Adorable Characters! - Wear your nerdiness on your sleeve! Our full fleet of characters will be available for the first time in high-quality, durable acrylic! - http://kck.st/2en0Ho3

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Hey guys!  I finally opened an online store!  There’s only a few acrylic charms in it right now but if it does well I’m planning on making more and updating whenever I can.

Here’s a link!

And for those wondering, everything was printed by Acorn Press!  They look great, I got them on time, got a few extras tossed in so super good experience all around!