i’ll be working on a brand-new series of interactive paintings this fall so getting some practice in. Much love to @mattmjohnson_ of @bareconductive For stopping by for studio visit as well as the continued sponsorship. Can’t wait to show the new work. 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #art #acrylic #artist #artwork #artworks #artstudio #painting #paintings #artoftheday #portrait #paint #wip #workinprogress #instaart #instacool #instadope #instagood #instafresh #music #beatsbydre #nas #paintiningwithatwist #denver #artcollective #artspotted (at The Temple)

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Flower language

Camellia: An expression of modest or humble nature. To give the Camellia as a gift is to convey feelings of esteem and admiration

Greater Celandine: These flowers are believed to bring joy and relief from melancholy. 

Chrysanthemum: These flowers are heavy with meaning across many European and Asian cultures, used to depict life, peace of mind, and success through adversity. 


No. 1 - “Achilles” from my icon series! I’ll be painting a bunch of these wooden pieces depicting characters from greek mythology because I love looking at older byzantine icons and wanted to make some of my own.

I totally used a reference image of young david gilmour for the face


Acrylic on Wood with One Piece Characters by Matt! ^_^
Made some years ago for an exam!

“I really enjoyed painting these characters and my favorite is Nami without any kind of doubts. Her story is absolutely touched me, and I’ve been captured by her character since her first appearence” :D

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