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               Life’s  HARDEST  choices  are  ones  that  force  you  to  question  your  own  moral  code.  My  choice  has  led  me  here,  standin’  against  those  I  once  called  brothers.  History   may brand  me  TRAITOR,  rebel, or  r e n e g a d e.  But  in  the  end,  it  doesn’t  matter  how  history  remembers  me.  What  matters, is  that  I  followed  my  OWN  CREED.

-Open RP-

I didn’t ask why you did it, I’m telling you to leave.” Connor snapped, shoving the pickpocket away and growling a bit. 
Go steal from the wealthy.” 
Ratonhnhake:ton then walked over to the person who had been getting their things stolen, and offered a hand to help them up, a sigh escaping his lips.
Are you alright?” He asked, his eyes looking over the other with slight concern. 

                 “ When you tell my story years from now, please tell them
                 the one about how I lost my way, and then I found it again,
                 just   in   time   to   save   the   world.   And   end   it   there. 

              That’ll   keep  everyone   smiling

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On The Hunt [Rafaello/Rebecca]


It had been a few weeks since he’d had run-in with Rebecca, and Rafaello had almost completely forgotten about the event. He was back on track with his work, and this time, he’d caught the trail of an important Assassin that led a group nearby.

That was why he was out on the streets in the early hours of the evening, just as the sky was getting dark. He’d learnt the schedule of the Assassin, and knew that he’d be passing through an alley not too long later.

Casually sitting on a bench where he could keep sight of the alley, he waited, slowly eating a bag of chips as he did so. He wasn’t fond of the food, but he needed something to make him look less suspicious. However, as soon as he spotted the Assassin making his way towards the alley, he waited a few moments before binning the rest of the chips and standing, following after his target.

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            He took the scroll without offering a reply to the elder’s greeting. Sasuke was about to unfold it when Kakashi continued. He paused mid-movement, a frown etching itself on his face. Hands resumed their task and his gaze dropped to the scroll. For a second he considers asking why not take Naruto–last he remembered, the blonde and the Kazekage were close. Not that it mattered, he realized, but then Sasuke was always a little wary of traveling outside of the village for official matters.

                                  “When do we leave?”

     “Dawn.” He leans back in his seat, arms crossing over his chest. The Uchiha’s unspoken question is clear in pale features; while they spend much time together in Konoha, it’s rare that the Hokage takes his errand boy with him to diplomatic meetings. It’s often Naruto he brings – a natural option considering who’s being groomed for the Nanadaime Hokage position. However –

     Maa, in case you’re wondering – Naruto’s not in the village right now, and custom dictates that I have an… entourage. Lucky you, hm?” The quirk of his mouth is a little wry. “We’ll have ANBU with us for the journey, of course, but they’ll be scarce. So it’s just you and me. Basic details are in the scroll. Any questions?”

                                  I MAKE MY OWN LUCK.

              Productiveness  is  your  acceptance  of  morality,  your   recognition  of  the  fact   that  you  choose  to  live–  that  productive  work  is  the  process   by   which   man’s consciousness  controls  his   existence,  a  constant  process   of   acquiring  knowledge   and  shaping  matter  to  fit  one’s  purpose,   of  translating  an  idea into   physical form,   of  remaking the  earth  in  the  image  of  one’s  values–  that   all   work   is  creative  work   if   done   by  a   thinking   mind,  and  no   work   is  creative  if   done   by  a  blank  who  repeats  in  uncritical  stupor  a   routine   he   has  learned  from  others–  that  your  work  is  yours  to  choose,  and  the  choice  is  as  wide  as  your  mind,  that  nothing  more  is  possible   to   you   and  nothing  less   is  human .

administration-co  asked:

"Johnny honey, your base is lookin a little dingy." Mama commented, gazing out from under her sun hat- decorated in fancy purple flowers. "Think I might send out some maintenance here for a little improvement- how you doin by the way?"

“Heh, yeah.” He rubbed at the back of his neck, peering out over the dust covered surroundings. “S'what happens when you’re in the middle of the freakin’ desert.” Shrugging, he smiled at her and tucked his hands into his pockets. “I’m doin’, how you doin’? Ain’t see ya since the gala."
Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies publishes the preliminary findings of the Arab Opinion Index report

Some of the more important highlights of the survey that are included in the preliminary report are:

Answers show that a clear majority of Arabs support a democratic form of government, believing in the importance of a transfer of power.

Most respondents describe themselves as religious, while rejecting clerical influence in politics.

71 percent of respondents expressed faith in their countries’ armies; 47 percent trust their governments (the executive arms of), and 36 percent showed trust in their countries’ legislative bodies before the revolutions.

83 percent of respondents say that corruption is widespread in their countries.

Only 19 percent of respondents believe that their countries’ legal systems treat all citizens equitably.

73 percent of respondents believe that Israel and the US are the two countries presenting the largest threat to the security of the Arab world, with 51 percent believing that Israel is the most threatening, 22 percent believe the US is the most threatening, and 5 percent reporting a belief that Iran is the single country most threatening to the security of their countries. The results on this question vary from one Arab country to another.

84 percent believe the Palestinian cause to be a cause for all Arabs, and not solely a Palestinian issue.

67 percent of respondents believe that present levels of intra-Arab cooperation are not satisfactory.

Roughly three-quarters support lifting travel and trade restrictions between Arab countries, the establishment of joint Arab military forces, and a unified monetary system. This highlights the similar belief, uncovered by this survey and shared by a clear majority of the respondents, which holds that citizens of all Arab states belong to a unitary Arab nation.

Most respondents supported the Egyptian and the Tunisian revolutions.

Most respondents attributed the revolutions to corruption, dictatorship and the lack of justice and equality.

84 percent of respondents are opposed to their countries’ diplomatic recognition of Israel, with only 21 percent of respondents expressing support for the peace agreements signed with the Israelis by Jordan, Egypt, and Palestine.

55 percent support having the Middle East declared a nuclear-weapons-free zone, compared to 29 percent who would oppose such a move. The majority of the 55 percent believe that Israel’s possession of nuclear weapons justifies possession of such weapons by other countries in the region.

- To view the Executive Summary click here

                                             if you don’t have the stomach for revenge
                                                          then i don’t need your help.


Down the Rabbit-Hole - [@dobbycarter]

The air was thick, congested with the stench of rotting wood and earthen cloisters. Despite himself, his nose wrinkled and his expression briefly took upon a countenance of discomfort. It was a foolish reaction, and he knew this to be so. For a start, he should have been expecting exactly these features within such an element as this. When the mention of ‘underground tunnels’ is made to you, such sensual cues should be immediate and as clear as spring’s daylight. Unfortunately, in recalling the occasion of Connor’s request, it seems he must have been far too occupied in regarding the most impressive network of clean wooden walls laid out upon the table between them to have actually considered what they resembled in reality.

Though the darkness closing in upon him was nigh impenetrable, and the silence of the passageways almost forbidding, there were yet redemptive measures of this place that he could easily take heart with. The lantern he held in his hand cast a warm glow upon his primly clad form, striking its contrast against his decrepid surroundings. The occasional echo of a skittering of paws reminded him that he was not entirely alone here; perhaps both a comfort and a cause for concern…? He was yet unsure.

Though the atmosphere was clammy, a cool draft ruffled the lace of his once-white cravat in the following moment, offering a welcomed supply of invigoration to his senses. It helped to remind him that a way out into the open air yet remained, (several in fact, so he’s been told), and allowed for him to observe in wry amusement that he was very much happy to be down here rather than down south in the punitive humidity of Virginia’s heat.

An entire campaign season gone past in those conditions had been fine and well enough.

Though, far more important than all that, there was the matter that he simply felt as though he were doing more good here. Offering more to the cause of humanity’s liberation from tyranny by wielding the more civic tools of a lantern in one hand and a shovel in the other, rather than those of destruction that he yet carried upon him. For in truth, though his army was to be but of a handful of men and women, his landscape but a broken web of dirtied hovels, and his deeds forever buried deep beneath the annals of history, as dark and unknown as these tunnels were to the city itself… This labyrinthine warren would be his next battlefield.

A smile lit his face brightly, only accentuated as he lifted the lantern up and closer to his face. The path ahead was revealed but for a few paces before him.

Lafayette had been, of course, the first to arrive. And so now all he had to do was wait for Connor’s… for his comrades. In truth, he was excited to meet them…

Day Ten: A fandom character I want to play, but haven’t yet

So I don’t really write for “fandoms” and I have no intention of joining a fandom centric rp but if I did, I would want to play this little cherubic sunshine with a badass, marksman twist – Shelby Wyatt from Quantico. I fell in love with the show and it diverse cast of characters and I love the reversal from the ditsy blonde stereotype found within Shelby’s character. If ever I venture into the realm of playing canon characters, she’s going to be at the top of my list but for now, I’m content just watching the Quantico writers explore her character as opposed to doing so myself.


Day Thirteen: A throwback otp

Lark! (sometimes known as Partie but mostly known as the ship that neither of us saw coming) It’s strange to believe it was about a year ago that this lovely lil ship existed in a roleplay. It was actually the first time I ever shipped with my dear Lissa and we didn’t even intend for it to happen. Lottie, my little porn star, just instantly fell for Gossip-Girl-Watching, asexual Parker and, honestly, it was the most beautiful ship to ever beauty. They had a cute lil kiss at New Years and I don’t even think they ever made it official but they were exclusive whether they admitted to it or not. They had amazing, natural chemistry and I know that even though we don’t write for them anymore, they’re alive and well in both my mind and Lissa’s. 

( @lissarps )