"Various Other Projects"

How many little online side-projects have I started over the years? They all sort of spun out of Perpetrators Of Thuggery, the hardcopy zine I made 3 issues of when I was 20?

  • I just started up  again. It’s a single-frame photo-comic. I worked on that one for a while! It’s kind of what started my whole love affair with the birds!

  •  was a series of texted images which were promos for a fake TV series I was pushing. Kinda lost momentum…

  • And now I’ve got  , where I put up the dumb little doodles I draw on my clipboard at work…

You put all those together, and there’s almost a little collection of something. It’s weird to see them all spiralling around like that. My mean little surrealist ideas. 

I’m trying to keep them all going… when I remember to!