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Across the Universe - Viking Warriors (Part 2)

Summary; Y/n and Isaac are reborn in a viking colony, his memories of the Roman beauty still intact, hers wiped from existence. Isaac faces the challenge of making you fall for him all over again. 
Word Count; 1.2K
Isaac Lahey x Reader Soulmate AU
Warnings; none
A/N; So yay, here’s part 2 finally! I hope that this turned out okay, I’m really glad people liked the first part and we’re keen for a series. I love you guys so much xx

Masterlist   Part 1

He was born again 12 years later in northern Norway amongst a Viking colony. He grew up as a fishermans son, but yearned to fight amongst the Vikings. In secret, he would train with the best fighter of the next village, training daily after his work or scaling fish to grow stronger. When his trainer felt that he had progressed enough, he placed Isaac to battle against his own daughter, y/n.

Isaac was stunned to see you standing before him. He was born with the clarity of remembering his old life. From his childhood he knew he had to find you again, there must have been a reason for him to remember you. You were his soulmate, destined to live and die, to find each other and love one another. He had hoped you would remember him too.

The way you tackled him in battle indicated otherwise. Your eye was on the prize. Your father had promised you a new bow if you won. He was in too much of a state of shock to fight back.

‘y/n?’ he stuttered, trying to regain some balance and stand from the floor.

‘Better hurry up and fight pretty boy, or you won’t be able to get back up again.’

You pummelled him to say the least. You were a skilled shieldmaiden, and he found himself once again in awe. You were the same; strong yet graceful, beautiful. He could see the kindness in your eyes hidden by the drive to win.

But you did not remember, and it broke his heart.

You walked from the match to collect your prize, with a shaken Isaac behind you.

‘The battle is over Isaac, why do you pester me?’ You were intrigued by him, the look of curiosity that sparkled in his eyes seemed to make you melt. You had never been concerned with the affections of boys before, yet each time you looked at him, you felt like something was right about him.

‘I want to fight you again,’ he confessed, scratching the back of his neck anxiously, ‘every day, if we can. I want you to train me until I can win.’ He couldn’t care less about training anymore, not that he had found you. All he wanted to do was see you, make you fall in love with him again. You accepted his offer, you felt the training would be good for you when the next raid came. But you also did not mind the gazes the curly haired boy offered you as you walked away; you could live with those.

You both fought every day for weeks on end. You would always win, not that he was trying to beat you. He liked that you were strong and independent, you didn’t need him to protect you, not that he wouldn’t try to anyway. He was becoming stronger, faster, his mind adjusted to quick strategic plan, and after a month had passed, and you found yourself falling for him. He was gentle, you would see it when he would leave the match and he would shut down his cockiness. He smiled at you so sincerely, and you wondered why he liked you so much. You began spending almost every minute together, and fighting days would turn into deep conversations by the now freezing river, confessing secrets and passions and dreams. He would hunt bucks and bring fish to your hut for your meals, simply so he could see the look of surprise and joy in your eyes. He bewildered you, and intrigued you.

On the last fighting day, he managed to flip you over his shoulder, pinning you to the ground below him. You could not move your limbs to attack, you were completely defenceless, and oddly enough, that turned you on completely. No one had beaten you before, and yet here he was, a blue eyes man lying above you, a smirk curled onto his face as his grip on you loosened.

‘I suppose this means you will no longer need my help.’ You breathed, an air of disappointment in your tone. You were not ready to let go of him. You had grown so attached to him, his touch, his voice, his smile. You couldn’t bear the thought of him never coming back to see you.

‘I guess not.’ He puffed above you, his hand tracing circles on your arm delicately. ‘But perhaps you could help me with something else.’

You quirked an eyebrow at him, interested in the next words he would utter.

‘I want you to be mine, y/n. I’m not ready to let you go just yet.’ He let out an anxious breath, waiting for your response. He felt his entire body would shatter if you rejected him, as if he would have nothing left in this world. But you smiled up at him, the purest look of adoration in your eyes, as you connected your lips to his.

In that moment, sparks flew. You felt on fire as his hand came to cup your cheek, the other gripping at your waist as you lay in the still dew covered grass. In flashes of bright lights, memories flooded into your mind. A tanned Isaac in a far off city with walls of clay and brick rising up into the sky. His hands on your body. Your heart swelling as he kissed you. The family you once had. And the moment you lost it all. It all seeped back into your mind.

You gasped and pulled away from him, your head hitting the ground as you tried to process what was happening. It was Isaac, the same Isaac that you had loved so long ago, back in your arms.

You began to sob as he cupped your cheek. ‘What’s wrong y/n? Did I hurt you?’ He was so gentle with you, his fingertips brushing your tears from your red cheeks.

‘Isaac?’ you whispered, ‘I remember Rome. I remember us.’

He exhaled roughly, a smile spreading across his face. ‘Really?’ he asked, overjoyed at your statement.

‘We we’re so happy,’ you choked, tears still brimming your eyes, ‘and I lost you. He killed you.’

Isaac hushed you, pulling you up into a sitting position, resting in his lap, stroking his hand through your hair as he held you close. You rocked in his arms, linking your own around his neck, gripping to him for dear life.

‘How could I not remember?’ you asked him, pulling away to stare into those blue eyes of his.

‘I don’t know love,’ he replied, placing a kiss to your forehead, ‘I believe you never will until we kiss. There is a reason why we’re back, and perhaps we will continue to live and die to only meet again. I always remember, and if you forget me in the next life, then I will spend every waking minute making you fall for me once again. I will live every lifetime loving you. Always.’

Captain Swan AU: Across the Universe: Only Be One - The Charmings and Killian think that Gold is gone for good, but he’s got a weapon and he’ll use it to enact his revenge on them, even if it means ripping the universes apart.

(prologue | part 1part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5  | part 6)

Killian approached the well slowly, just as he had every time before.  The flowers in his hand felt too heavy, his arm too weak.  The tickets to her favorite musical that had arrived the week before were still sealed away in the envelope, and now rested in his jacket pocket.  He was supposed to be taking her out for their eighteenth wedding anniversary, not visiting the place that stood as a reminder of how he’d lost her for good.


Fanfic written by the wonderfully talented Britt

Scooby Doo themed starters

(these are from all across the Scooby Doo universe, from the original tv series to some of the movies)

  • “Like, why aren’t your legs moving, man? RUN!”
  • “Go now, or abandon all hope of seeing the sun again!”
  • “You stop that.”
  • “There’s no such thing as a ghost!”
  • “No, it’s not real.”
  • “What’s so important about this song?”
  • “No wonder we’re lost. You’ve been reading the map upside-down!”
  • “I’d go the long way if I were you.”
  • “It’s a scientific fact that people don’t just vanish.”
  • “Cut the clowning.”
  • “Wow, groovy. It’s like you read my mind!”
  • “Of course, I read the instructions! Well… part of them, anyway.”
  • “What in the world are those things?”
  • “Say cheese!”
  • “Let me guess. You want to leave and never come back.”
  • “And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”
  • “I’ve got pictures!”
  • “Watch the pretty coin of gold and you will do as you are told.”
  • “I don’t sail with no landlubbers.”
  • “We know a zombie when we see one.”
  • “You wouldn’t hit someone with glasses on would you?”
  • “You could stay for the night.”
  • “Would you mind telling me why you destroyed half my kitchen?”
  • “Oh, thank goodness you’ve come!”
  • “We’re doomed! Doomed!”
  • “Great. Maybe we can skydive out of here.”
  • “It’s a trap!”
  • “We’re locked in!”
  • “Get back you creepy… thingy!”
  • “You’ll pay for this!”
  • “Did I really wear that years ago?”
  • “She’s not my girlfriend, I just said I enjoyed her cooking.”
  • “Yeah, he is suspicious, but he is kinda cute.”
  • “I’m so sick of this damsel in distress nonsense.”
  • “No one is stupid enough to believe that!”
  • “Not much seems to have changed.”
  • “I want to become more powerful. Like you!”
  • “You’re not going to bite me, are you?”
  • “If you want haunted, you’ve come to the right place.”

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I like kacchako but nalu will always be my #1

NaLu is my ultimate OTP but Kacchako is my bnha OTP atm. I don’t compare my OTPs across series because different universe means different dynamics. Plus bnha is still in early days compared to FT, so of course, NaLu’s dynamic is more fleshed out currently. I’m looking forward to the journey though, so I’ll keep an open mind 😁

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Captain Swan AU: Across the Universe: Only Be One - The Charmings and Killian think that Gold is gone for good, but he’s got a weapon and he’ll use it to enact his revenge on them, even if it means ripping the universes apart.

(prologue | part 1part 2 | part 3 | part 4)

Her eyes met Killian’s as he pulled away to continue assessing the damage.  “You know, I never realized that we match?”

He leaned forward again, wiping at her eyebrow, an amused look on his face.  “How’s that, love?  Aside from our affinity for leather.”

Emma pulled his hand away from her face and reached up to touch the scar above his left eye.  “You have a scar here, from the car accident.”


Fanfic written by the wonderfully talented Britt!

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Al Ewing's Ultimates run came to an end, so how do you feel about the ending, the legacy of the title, and the future of this team?

Damn good finale, even if I’m pretty sure Ewing had to skip a step or three in getting there what with the time crunch, and that it wasn’t the event book it was clearly crying out to be. In that regard, it’s pretty perfectly symbolic of how badly Marvel’s fucked Ewing over in this phase of his career. And I know I harp on it endlessly, but they fucked him so bad. Dude is an A-lister in the making if ever there was one, and right after seeming to hand him the keys to the kingdom - letting him do a team book with Kenneth Rockafort with a popular title using two major characters, two he’d already been developing, and a fan-favorite on the rise - they didn’t push the thing for shit, kicked the rug out from under him making it impossible to build traction like he did with Mighty Avengers, gave it a weird new title that shouted right out to any prospective new readers “don’t start here”, made him cross over with Civil War II and Secret Empire even though the premise has everyone in space, and swapped out Rockafort at the height of his growing popularity for Travel Foreman (who actually worked out phenomenally, but as talented and respected as he’s been for awhile now, before this I don’t think he’d have been anyone’s first choice for “crazy abstract cosmic Marvel book starring a bunch of traditional superheroes”). Right around the same time they were demoting New Avengers to U.S.Avengers and presenting him with the ultimate indignity of doing an Inhumans spin-off title.

But for all that shit, boy was it a fun weird cosmic superhero book, exactly my jam in a way that shouldn’t be so uncommon with Big Two superheroes. High-concept philosophical adventure shit supported by a meaningful moral backbone, with cool-ass art in both volumes and a sizable if subtle impact on everything going forward. Definitely the best Justice League ongoing of the decade. And as it’s ending, I feel totally justified in bringing up my pet theory one last time: this was totally a Justice League book. It’s a guy whose own creator described him as a Superman analogue, a rich genius billionaire warrior in black whose definitive modern run under Christopher Priest directly compared him to Batman at one point, a star-spangled warrior from a utopia of women protected by magic whose writer in her breakout book described his usage of her as him riffing on Wonder Woman (Gillen also being the one who recommended using her to Ewing), a pilot turned space-cop, the one who’s defined in the very first issue as “the fast one,” and the alien last survivor of an extinct people who mostly hangs in the background but is actually the most powerful of all of them. And in the climax of their first volume they fight comics’ most prominent Darkseid ripoff in an issue that directly homages the New Gods’ most iconic fight with the JLA in Rock of Ages. It was absolutely in part Ewing doing the Justice League.

As for its legacy, it won’t be as a team; I don’t see Marvel signing off on their return anytime soon given how poorly I understand it sold, and honestly the team reestablished in #100 would I think themselves be far more likely to get a title of their own again. Other than its impact on Blue Marvel (expect him to show up wherever Ewing solidly plans his feet on the ground at Marvel), the biggest ramification is what it’s done to Marvel’s cosmology itself: not to spoil too much, but across this series Ewing defines time in the Marvel universe about as concretely as Morrison just defined the Multiverse over at DC, with a coherent explanation of how it works both on a cosmic scale of multiverses dying and reborn, and how it functions for individual characters in a way that redefines Marvel’s entire back catalog in relation to the present. I doubt any of it will play out right away, but sooner or later someone’s going to want to play on a Crisis scale again with these characters, and when that time comes it’s going to be pretty much impossible to disregard what Ewing did here.

Also, in terms of what legacy Ultimates leaves behind, this punch:

Hot damn. That is one to remember.


President Herbert Hoover at the Howard University Commencement, June 10, 1932

  1. President Hoover is shown above as he made the principal address today, June 10, at the commencement exercises at Howard University, in Washington, D. C. 
  2. President Hoover is shown above as he arrived at Howard University in Washington, D. C., accompanied by Mordecai W. Johnson, President of the university, where he made the principal address at the commencement exercises June 10. 
  3. President Hoover and Dr. Mordecai Johnson, head of Howard University, walk together across the campus… 

Series: Photographs of People, Places and Events, 1962 - 2004Collection: Hoover Presidential Library Audiovisual Collection, 1962 - 2004

More related to Howard University at Educating African Americans: A Brief Look into Historically Black Colleges in America | Rediscovering Black History

Aesthetic/Trope Series | We Are Born of Stars

The glitter in the sky looks as if I could scoop it all up in my hands and let the stars swirl and touch one another but they are so distant so very far apart that they cannot feel the warmth of each other even though they are made of burning.” Beth Revis, Across the Universe.

Until I Didn’t Have One: A fanmix for Beth Revis’ Across the Universe series, about the sky, the stars, the planets, and the future.

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1. A Glorious Dawn - Carl Sagan ft. Stephen Hawking 2. Spinning - Jack’s Mannequin 3. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding 4. Digital Love - Daft Punk 5. Spaceship - 100 Monkeys 6. Kiss the Stars - Pixie Lott 7. Stars & Lovers - Matt Cardle 8. Send Me to the Moon - Sara Bareilles 9. Red Planet - Little Mix ft. T-Boz 10. Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers 11. The Jetsons TV Theme

dc tv rumours

Kate (Kathy) Kane (Batwoman), will appear on Supergirl as recurring role. 
Barbara Gordon will appear as Oracle on Supergirl. Babs and Kathy will have a relationship like Babs and Dinah’s from the original Chuck Dixon comics role.
Fox has been approached to share the character of Bruce Wayne for a fee.
John Wesley Shipp will become a series regular across the entire DCTV universe as Jay Garrick
Matt Ryan could get a similar deal as Constantine. The CW may pick Constantine up for their Friday nights to keep them supernatural themed

please. give us batfam. end green batman. 

11 YA Authors Who Will Enhance Your Twitter Feed

You know what the beauty of following authors on Twitter is? They’re authors. They ALREADY know how to wow us with their words in book form, so reading their tweets is like getting a 140-character morsel of delight at any given time, whether it’s a hilarious observation, piece of sage advice, or dose of honesty. Read on for some of our Twitter-loving authors who will add a bit of oomph to your feed:

Rachel Hawkins, author of the Rebel Belle series

I forgot that the little cutesy chameleon 100% murderizes the witch in this movie. That’s *slides down sunglasses* COLD-BLOODED. #Tangled

— LadyHawkins (@LadyHawkins)

October 31, 2015

What to expect: LOL-worthy musings on everything from romance novels to living your #bestlife.

Anna Breslaw, author of Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here

How did our parents flake without iPhones? Did they just have a skywriting plane spell out “I am sooooo sorry, rain check???”

— Anna Breslaw (@annabreslaw)

May 3, 2015

What to expect: life observations that make it pretty clear where the leading lady in her upcoming novel got her hilarious personality.

Maureen Johnson, author of the Shades of London series

I’ll be visiting one of you In your dreams tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll find out who. *puff of smoke* *forgot to disappear* *uses door*

— Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson)

October 26, 2015

What to expect: genius with regard to the use of astericks. Take note.

Marie Lu, author of The Young Elites series

I’ve returned home to these butts.

— Marie Lu (@Marie_Lu)

November 11, 2015

What to expect: abundant corgis and the perfect emojis every time.

Rick Yancey, author of The 5th Wave series

“We’ve heard you’ve composed a certain trilogy about our designs for your planet. Perhaps you would like to explain.”

— Rick Yancey (@RickYancey)

August 14, 2015

What to expect: aliens and concise wit that clearly informed Cassie from The 5th Wave.

Sarah Dessen, author of Saint Anything

Emotional writing day today. Whew.

— sarahdessen (@sarahdessen)

November 5, 2015

What to expect: gifs galore and genuine encouragment in writing and in life.

Jessica Khoury, author of The Forbidden Wish

working on a bonus prequel scene to go with #TheForbiddenWish and IT IS BREAKING MY HEART WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF T__T

— Jessica Khoury (@jkbibliophile)

November 12, 2015

while I’m having feels over this scene, my dog is picking fights with the Xbox again… like srsly dog can’t u see I can’t deal right now??

— Jessica Khoury (@jkbibliophile)

November 12, 2015

What to expect: the most important updates on her upcoming Aladdin retelling AND her husky!

Morgan Rhodes, author of the Falling Kingdoms series and A Book of Spirits and Thieves

It’s slightly disturbing how easily I can get into the head of a dark and twisted character. And enjoy it. 😈 #abosat2

— Morgan Rhodes (@MorganRhodesYA)

August 19, 2015

What to expect: teasers, hints, and fandom excitement galore.

Una LaMarche, author of Don’t Fail Me Now

TIP: Don’t ever Google what you suspect might be a genius, original thought. Just let yourself believe. (R.I.P. Manic Pixie Dream Squirrel)

— Una LaMarche (@sassycurmudgeon)

November 8, 2015

What to expect: bits of gold such as printed-out emails from her college days, which she’ll generously share with the world.

Beth Revis, author of the Across the Universe series and A World Without You


— Beth Revis (@bethrevis)

October 21, 2015

What to expect: book love and coffee love shenanigans.

Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy series and Soundless

People going to my signings next week: do you want me to bring Rose & Lissa so you can take selfies in line w/them?

— Richelle Mead (@RichelleMead)

November 3, 2015

What to expect: barbies. Need we say more?