across the universe series

Scooby Doo themed starters

(these are from all across the Scooby Doo universe, from the original tv series to some of the movies)

  • “Like, why aren’t your legs moving, man? RUN!”
  • “Go now, or abandon all hope of seeing the sun again!”
  • “You stop that.”
  • “There’s no such thing as a ghost!”
  • “No, it’s not real.”
  • “What’s so important about this song?”
  • “No wonder we’re lost. You’ve been reading the map upside-down!”
  • “I’d go the long way if I were you.”
  • “It’s a scientific fact that people don’t just vanish.”
  • “Cut the clowning.”
  • “Wow, groovy. It’s like you read my mind!”
  • “Of course, I read the instructions! Well… part of them, anyway.”
  • “What in the world are those things?”
  • “Say cheese!”
  • “Let me guess. You want to leave and never come back.”
  • “And I would have gotten away with it if it wasn’t for you meddling kids!”
  • “I’ve got pictures!”
  • “Watch the pretty coin of gold and you will do as you are told.”
  • “I don’t sail with no landlubbers.”
  • “We know a zombie when we see one.”
  • “You wouldn’t hit someone with glasses on would you?”
  • “You could stay for the night.”
  • “Would you mind telling me why you destroyed half my kitchen?”
  • “Oh, thank goodness you’ve come!”
  • “We’re doomed! Doomed!”
  • “Great. Maybe we can skydive out of here.”
  • “It’s a trap!”
  • “We’re locked in!”
  • “Get back you creepy… thingy!”
  • “You’ll pay for this!”
  • “Did I really wear that years ago?”
  • “She’s not my girlfriend, I just said I enjoyed her cooking.”
  • “Yeah, he is suspicious, but he is kinda cute.”
  • “I’m so sick of this damsel in distress nonsense.”
  • “No one is stupid enough to believe that!”
  • “Not much seems to have changed.”
  • “I want to become more powerful. Like you!”
  • “You’re not going to bite me, are you?”
  • “If you want haunted, you’ve come to the right place.”

Aesthetic/Trope Series | We Are Born of Stars

The glitter in the sky looks as if I could scoop it all up in my hands and let the stars swirl and touch one another but they are so distant so very far apart that they cannot feel the warmth of each other even though they are made of burning.” Beth Revis, Across the Universe.

rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you would like to get to know better
name: Atticus
nickname: Atticrust, Atticrisp, Attichrist, AttyC, Old Sport, A-Bear, Chamberlain
zodiac sign: Libra/Scorpio cusp
chinese zodiac sign: Ox
height: 5′4
ethnicity: uhhh that’s a good question I’m pretty white but I’m gonna take a stab and say like Dutch/Irish?
orientation: Queer (I am a mlm and that’s about where I leave it nowadays, tho I just say I’m gay to most ppl)
favourite fruit(s): blackberries and pomegranates
favorite season: Autumn
favourite book(s): The Great Gatsby, Across the Universe, most things by Issac Asimov, The Nightrider Series
favourite animal(s): birbs (pigeons and ravens esp), whale sharks!!, cats, Luna moths
favourite beverage(s): my mom’s sweet tea, alcoholic smoothies, Shirley temples
average hours of sleep: 3-7 usually
favourite fictional characters: I have a list but ummmmm Karkat, Shiro, Marshall Lee, Dorian, Krem, The Iron Bull, Corvo, Jack Ryan, Booker Dewitt, Alistair (MY LOVE), Zevran, Fenris (can u tell I’m on a dragon age kick rn), GENJI, MCCREE, LUCIO
number of blankets you sleep with: 3-ish
dream trip: uuuuuh an alien civilization planet pls but otherwise I think either Japan or Scotland would be cool
blog created: earlier last year but I’ve been on Tumblr since 2013
number of followers: 29 ish I think
i tag: whoever all my mutuals if u want to


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• One song - onE??? Uhhhh…the First Aid Kit cover of S&G’s America
• Two movies - Across the Universe, The Midnight Swim
• Three series - Grace & Frankie, The Office, Slings & Arrows
• Four people - Ruth Wilson, Harry Styles, Gillian Anderson, Alex Kingston
• Five foods - pizza, doughnuts, cherries, potatoes, cucumbers
•Six People - @memeraudersmap @lemonsbians @anchorphobia @hiiimsky @wolfpurplemoon @hufflepirate if you want! And anyone else who wants to do it consider yourself tagged <3

11 YA Authors Who Will Enhance Your Twitter Feed

You know what the beauty of following authors on Twitter is? They’re authors. They ALREADY know how to wow us with their words in book form, so reading their tweets is like getting a 140-character morsel of delight at any given time, whether it’s a hilarious observation, piece of sage advice, or dose of honesty. Read on for some of our Twitter-loving authors who will add a bit of oomph to your feed:

Rachel Hawkins, author of the Rebel Belle series

I forgot that the little cutesy chameleon 100% murderizes the witch in this movie. That’s *slides down sunglasses* COLD-BLOODED. #Tangled

— LadyHawkins (@LadyHawkins)

October 31, 2015

What to expect: LOL-worthy musings on everything from romance novels to living your #bestlife.

Anna Breslaw, author of Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here

How did our parents flake without iPhones? Did they just have a skywriting plane spell out “I am sooooo sorry, rain check???”

— Anna Breslaw (@annabreslaw)

May 3, 2015

What to expect: life observations that make it pretty clear where the leading lady in her upcoming novel got her hilarious personality.

Maureen Johnson, author of the Shades of London series

I’ll be visiting one of you In your dreams tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll find out who. *puff of smoke* *forgot to disappear* *uses door*

— Maureen Johnson (@maureenjohnson)

October 26, 2015

What to expect: genius with regard to the use of astericks. Take note.

Marie Lu, author of The Young Elites series

I’ve returned home to these butts.

— Marie Lu (@Marie_Lu)

November 11, 2015

What to expect: abundant corgis and the perfect emojis every time.

Rick Yancey, author of The 5th Wave series

“We’ve heard you’ve composed a certain trilogy about our designs for your planet. Perhaps you would like to explain.”

— Rick Yancey (@RickYancey)

August 14, 2015

What to expect: aliens and concise wit that clearly informed Cassie from The 5th Wave.

Sarah Dessen, author of Saint Anything

Emotional writing day today. Whew.

— sarahdessen (@sarahdessen)

November 5, 2015

What to expect: gifs galore and genuine encouragment in writing and in life.

Jessica Khoury, author of The Forbidden Wish

working on a bonus prequel scene to go with #TheForbiddenWish and IT IS BREAKING MY HEART WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF T__T

— Jessica Khoury (@jkbibliophile)

November 12, 2015

while I’m having feels over this scene, my dog is picking fights with the Xbox again… like srsly dog can’t u see I can’t deal right now??

— Jessica Khoury (@jkbibliophile)

November 12, 2015

What to expect: the most important updates on her upcoming Aladdin retelling AND her husky!

Morgan Rhodes, author of the Falling Kingdoms series and A Book of Spirits and Thieves

It’s slightly disturbing how easily I can get into the head of a dark and twisted character. And enjoy it. 😈 #abosat2

— Morgan Rhodes (@MorganRhodesYA)

August 19, 2015

What to expect: teasers, hints, and fandom excitement galore.

Una LaMarche, author of Don’t Fail Me Now

TIP: Don’t ever Google what you suspect might be a genius, original thought. Just let yourself believe. (R.I.P. Manic Pixie Dream Squirrel)

— Una LaMarche (@sassycurmudgeon)

November 8, 2015

What to expect: bits of gold such as printed-out emails from her college days, which she’ll generously share with the world.

Beth Revis, author of the Across the Universe series and A World Without You


— Beth Revis (@bethrevis)

October 21, 2015

What to expect: book love and coffee love shenanigans.

Richelle Mead, author of the Vampire Academy series and Soundless

People going to my signings next week: do you want me to bring Rose & Lissa so you can take selfies in line w/them?

— Richelle Mead (@RichelleMead)

November 3, 2015

What to expect: barbies. Need we say more?

Until I Didn’t Have One: A fanmix for Beth Revis’ Across the Universe series, about the sky, the stars, the planets, and the future.

8tracks || download

1. A Glorious Dawn - Carl Sagan ft. Stephen Hawking 2. Spinning - Jack’s Mannequin 3. Starry Eyed - Ellie Goulding 4. Digital Love - Daft Punk 5. Spaceship - 100 Monkeys 6. Kiss the Stars - Pixie Lott 7. Stars & Lovers - Matt Cardle 8. Send Me to the Moon - Sara Bareilles 9. Red Planet - Little Mix ft. T-Boz 10. Year 3000 - Jonas Brothers 11. The Jetsons TV Theme

dc tv rumours

Kate (Kathy) Kane (Batwoman), will appear on Supergirl as recurring role. 
Barbara Gordon will appear as Oracle on Supergirl. Babs and Kathy will have a relationship like Babs and Dinah’s from the original Chuck Dixon comics role.
Fox has been approached to share the character of Bruce Wayne for a fee.
John Wesley Shipp will become a series regular across the entire DCTV universe as Jay Garrick
Matt Ryan could get a similar deal as Constantine. The CW may pick Constantine up for their Friday nights to keep them supernatural themed

please. give us batfam. end green batman. 

Captain Swan AU: Across the Universe: Only Be One - The Charmings and Killian think that Gold is gone for good, but he’s got a weapon and he’ll use it to enact his revenge on them, even if it means ripping the universes apart.

(prologue | part 1| part 2)

“Penny for your thoughts, love?”

Emma shrugged her shoulders, leaning back into him.  “Just thinking about how much you two make me happy.”  She felt his arms wrap around her, and she turned in his embrace, draping her arms over his shoulders.  “I couldn’t have made it through the past few months without you.”

“Well I’m very happy to help, love,” Killian said, placing a long kiss on her lips

“You’re kissing my mom!” Henry called down from the crow’s nest.


Fanfic written by the amazing and wonderful Britt (notdonewithyou)


Captain Swan AU: Across the Universe: Only Be One - The Charmings and Killian think that Gold is gone for good, but he’s got a weapon and he’ll use it to enact his revenge on them, even if it means ripping the universes apart.

(prologue | part 1part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5  | part 6)

Killian approached the well slowly, just as he had every time before.  The flowers in his hand felt too heavy, his arm too weak.  The tickets to her favorite musical that had arrived the week before were still sealed away in the envelope, and now rested in his jacket pocket.  He was supposed to be taking her out for their eighteenth wedding anniversary, not visiting the place that stood as a reminder of how he’d lost her for good.


Fanfic written by the wonderfully talented Britt