across the universe love


“Another Dance, Princesa” (My Day 1) I was dreaming when I drew this. Forgive me. (speed doodle it’s been a while)

Reyes Appreciation Week. My favorite Shady Bastard. I sat down to draw and ended up with Latin Love songs over taking my playlist. I didn’t know I owned so many. But whatever, Like turning down a dance with Reyes would ever be possible. BTW… that man’s side profile eludes me, so excuse me.

HeadCanon Time:  Reyes means King, Sara means princess in Spanish. His nick name for her when they are alone and had no problem surprising her with dress, since she brought almost nothing from home. Who plans on traveling across the universe thinking they will fall in love anyways? Vetra was more than happy to assist in the acquisition, for a favor of course.

@thefrostyshepard I promised you’d be able to see it in the morning. @blacksheep33512 thanks for encouraging me!