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Imagine Reuniting with Jon....

Part one

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You sat at the window, your eyes wandering across the glistening ocean as the afternoon sun rays danced across the surface. 

 "This sight is one my brother would love to see.“ Sansa said as she looked up from her book, your attention turned towards her, "Don’t act as though I am foolish, for all of Winterfell knew you and Jon were…" 

 "Well that has now pasted my lady, for Jon is at the black castle…. And I am here." 

"Well maybe one day you and Jon will reunite.” Sansa replied hopeful as you turned your attention back to the sea. 

“I am glad you believe so my lady. However I fear I have lost my Snow forever." 


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 "Jon Snow!” Sansa called as her brother stood around the fallen knights of Ramsey’s army, his eyes followed the line of sight until he looked at his sister’s face, as she smiled at him. 

“Did you hear that lady [Y/N].” She said behind her shoulder, as you looked at her confused, “Come see." 

 You slowly got up from your spot and to the edge, looking out at the army that had fallen, and then you looked down… "Jon Snow.” You whispered as he looked at you shocked, after all these years he was still the same, except now he wore a black cape. His own face dropping in shock as he looked upon you. 

“Go to him.” Sansa whispered into your ear as you both stared at each other dumbfounded. 

As though those words brought your feet to life, you lifted the hem of your dress up and ran from the balcony, and to the nearest exit. The wind of your speed caused your hair to flap, as your feet pounded against the cold, snowy floor. When you finally reached the door, you pushed through and looked to your left, to see him still looking up at his sister. “Jon Snow, Bastard of Winterfell, Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, watcher of the wall.” You called proudly as he slowly turned towards you. 

 "Lady [Y/N] [Y/L\N], Handmaiden of Sansa Stark, the daughter of Eddgen, and Caitlin Stark.“ He smiled as you started towards him.

 "So tell me, Jon Snow, what brings you to Winterfell?" 

 "I was told it was burned to the ground by the Greyjoys, and that the Bastard son of Bolton was rebuilding it, and planned to take the North. I have come to defeat him, which I have." 

 "Well then your deed is done. You may return…" 

"Will you stop with the formalities?” He smiled as you looked into his brown eyes, and put your hand on his face, “I will stop, when you kiss me.” You teased as his arms pulled you close, and he lightly blew on your head, which was covered in snow, just like his. 

“Are you sure we should not do this inside the walls, for you look as though you might freeze." 

 "Then I will freeze in your arms, and die a happy maiden.” Your arms pulled you closer to him, as they enclosed around his neck. 

“Well then I will have a dead love, which would be most unfortunate." 

 "The years may have changed Jon Snow, but I find myself still taken by you. Tell me you feel the same, and that the delay of this kiss isn’t a way to tell me you love another." 

His lips then danced across your bright red ones as your face became warm, as you kissed you, he whispered, “Lady [Y/N], I am yours, and only yours. I will continue to be yours until the day the Gods of Old and New declare my heart to stop, and even in death, I will always love you." 

"I will only love you Jon Snow, for the rest of my days, I will never gander at another, or lust for them as I do for you. I just wish to be yours, and only yours until the winter stops my heart.” You replied as you buried your head into his shoulder. 

“My love, you are shaking, may I now take you inside?” He asked, however before she could answer he picked her up as though she was his bride and took her inside, where Sansa was standing at the fire. 

“Well I am glad you both are finally reunited, now I demand your attention Jon Snow, and I hope you will say yes." 

"As long as I can listen near the heat, for she is still shivering.” He asked as he set you down in front of the fire and turned to her, listening to her proposal, as you looked at his back, and smiled. 

You finally had your Snow back.

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i saw your tags and would you want to share your ideas on poe/hux and kylo/poe? you don't have to if you don't want of course

OH I WOULDN’T MIND AT ALL. (this really isn’t about croptops at all… sorry..)

Hux is stuck across the ocean from Poe, working on getting to him one lap dance at a time. He promises over crackled long distance calls that he’s nearly made the cash for the plane ticket. He leaves through the backdoor of the only strip club for miles on bare legs, too long and too thin for the short shorts hes wearing. His arms and belly toned from dancing alone, sway and swing in the night breeze on his way to the sidewalk payphone. He has a cell phone sure, but he doesn’t want Brendol or his bitch wife finding out who he’s been calling. What he intends to do. It all has to be secret. He makes hard wired promises over thousands of miles. “I’ll be there soon baby. No it’s not like that, of course this is all for us.” And he means every word. He just leaves out the part where he really does enjoy being on display, on stage with lust-filled eyes on him and only him. He’s certain that when he’s with Poe again, things will change, he’ll settle into some version of domestic life and that Poe’s gaze will be all he needs. And it is. For a while.

He does leave his fathers estate with no more than a fuck you, he does settle. Poe’s life is good and he’s made enough room for Hux to fit in perfectly. The only thing they didn’t count on together was Kylo. Barging in where he isn’t needed at all, but oh so very wanted. Kylo admits that its the the first time in his life he feels needed. Desired. He asks them once if he had come between them, in a moment of worried weakness, he couldn’t stand the thought of being named homewrecker. Poe smirks and says he sure has come between them, and he wouldn’t mind another go at it. And it’s all Hux can do to keep from rolling his eyes as Poe snatches their hands and drags them both into the bedroom. 

  • polynesians:have oral history that references a faraway land of andes-like mountains in the east, cultivated sweet potato (a plant native to central america, not the pacific), literally call sweet potato by the same word used by the quechua and aymara people indigenous to the andes, left physical remains on islands a few km off the coast of chile, have genetic links with native south americans
  • white academics:hmmm it's very doubtful polynesians contacted south america.. they probably just stopped permanently at easter island for some reason after systematically navigating the entire south pacific. the sweet potatos floated to them across the ocean

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☠ OC in what they would wear to a funeral - for fi! how do selkies mourn their dead??

i had to think about this for a while because i know selkies wouldn’t have the same kind of funeral that we would think of. in fact i don’t think what they do can really be called a funeral.

when saying goodbye to the dead. selkies make cloaks fashioned out of long stalks of kelp and sew them together and mark their bodies with patterns made from shark’s blood. the blood is stored and saved for many moths so they don’t go out of their way to hunt a shark every time a selkie in their pod dies.

selkies have burial grounds strewn across the ocean. these ‘selkie graveyards’ are caves with deep caverns that are hard to find unless you know exactly what you are looking for. the mouths of the caves are painted with a single streak of shark’s blood mixed with a bit of magic so the blood takes much longer to fade and the scent is potent for as long as possible.

selkies are very protective of their podmates, even when they pass. burial grounds are never conveniently nearby, especially for nomadic pods, so a migration is in order to reach said grounds. the capes of kelp help obscure their silhouettes, making them less likely targets to be attacked. shark’s blood is a potent smell that keeps most predators away from the pod, including the sharks themselves. when sharks smell their own dead, they flee.

the body of a deceased selkie is wrapped in their own sealskin, the magic of the skin having faded upon death. they are laid to rest on the cave floor and covered with the kelp capes. once the body has been laid to rest, the selkie no longer go out of their way to protect it. the body belongs to the sea.

a natural death in the sea is seen as the selkie giving back to the ocean. a natural cycle of life. unnatural deaths (such as predation form gnolls or other land dwelling humanoids) is seen as tragic.