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Do you think Adam and Blake used to have a romantic relationship?

Probably in some way. Considering that I think Blake is bisexual I think she had something with both Adam and Ilia who we met in V4 (this is just my train of thought on the subject). 

Blake’s relationship with Adam has also been described by writers and multiple voice actors as being an abusive relationship. Whether that be physical or emotional they have made it clear that Adam is a very bad dude. 

Adam is a character I want dead and the sooner the better. I don’t want even a SNIFF of redemption for him. Like…I don’t want a tragic past. I don’t want excuses for how he acts. I want him dead and I don’t care if it’s Yang or Blake or a deadly bumbleby combo attack - it just needs to happen :)

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Hello! About Kiibo's PTA, the audience actually does say "This guy (Saihara) should've died instead of Kaede-chan". And it would be cool if you talk more about it, cuz it's so awesome and meta. Lotta the comments are the same as the criticism this game gets (shitty plot twist, don't lecture me) so Kodaka knew ppl'd hate this end but did what he felt was right. There's also the experience of watching the twitch chat freak out along with the audience in the game a la niconico douga, it's so great!

Ah, thank you for the clarification! Comun also messaged me about something similar, and finding out that the Kaede line is definitely in there is pretty incredible! Just from the interviews Kodaka’s been giving ever since the game launched, you can tell he definitely expected a huge amount of controversy and people getting up in arms after the game–he knew the fanbase would have this kind of reaction, and it’s something he definitely wanted people to think about.

The whole experience in the last chapter is so all-around meta and fantastic, I have to say it was pretty incredible from start to finish. I know a lot of people are still disappointed with the ending, but the whole point of ndrv3′s ending is not to inspire a feel-good super climactic hope vs. despair showdown, it’s to subvert it. The last trial is supposed to make the player feel uncomfortable, nervous, upset, maybe even angry. And ultimately, the point is to try and get the player to sympathize with the characters as they would if they were in their shoes.

There’s a lot in Chapter 6 about the premise of what constitutes “entertainment” and how much the same exact formula or theory can be rehashed and at what point it stops becoming “fun,” when you look at it from the perspective of the characters experiencing it, even if they’re just fictional.

Kodaka said in his interview (the same interview I translated the Ouma question from) that all fiction in the entire world is a kind of “lie” by virtue of it being real. But at what point does it stop being a lie? Real things are born as a result of fiction, and fiction has a very real impact, and that’s I think one of the most important things Chapter 6 tries to get across. But people’s reactions have been very knee-jerk for the most part, so it’s a message that has largely flown under the radar without a full English translation.


the carry on squad ft. doodle gifs

look my dude I know that tony stark is a beautiful complex mess of a character who has a heart of gold despite the front he puts up in public, but the mcu did not capture that, and a lot of his actions in the movies (especially in civil war) were straight up out of character. tony stark deserves so much better than the movie universe has given him tbh.

ok but i’d really like to set up a big 100 ‘rp convention’ usa style. like rent out a hotel conference room, catered food, maybe a dj ? and all of us just set up our laptops and write together / have a fucking fun time. like make it a 3 day thing or something? make a go fund me page for people to donate for the shit. honestly i would really love to do this .. 

  • me: they hurt me!! I'm gonna be distant! that'll show them!
  • them: hey
  • me: hey 💘💓💖💕💓💞💕💗💝💓💞💝💘💕💕💖💗💘💕💞💘💘💖💗💘💞💕💞💞💕💘💕💖💗💖💕💞💞💖💖💗💖💘💞💫

tfw ur trying to write plot but ur brain only provides you with out-of-sequence snippets built on vague ideas and an endless number of potential outcomes that develop and branch out unnaturally over an unspecified timespan

this years holocaust remembrance day is very important, given the current political climate. take today to remember the horrifying acts committed against jewish and romani people. take today to recognize the beginning of those same acts forming against PoC in america today. take today to resist those in power however you see fit, and after today, dont stop resisting. i am a jew still personally affected by the holocaust even 2 generations later. every jew is affected by the shoah, but there is a special pain to know what happened to your own family. or worse, not knowing what happened to the unknown people you see in old family photographs. we as a people will never be the same. remember the holocaust today. dont let this happen again.
YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video
World's most popular YouTuber lands himself in hot water again.

The performers, who call themselves “funnyguys”, advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.

Despite requesting the hateful message to be displayed, and publishing the resulting video, PewDiePie apologised to fans at the end of the video – but still gave the performers a five-star rating.

He said: “I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible. I mean I’ve got to give them five stars for an outstanding experience because at least they did what I asked.”

He added: “I don’t feel good. I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not antisemitic, or whatever it’s called, okay so don’t get the wrong idea. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work, okay. I swear I love jews, I love ‘em.

"I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

pewdiepie paid some guys actual money to hold up a sign that said “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”, published it, gave them a 5-star rating, and then tried to shrug off any responsibility by saying he didn’t think they would really do it. he even says he only feels “partially” responsible and he’s “not antisemitic” despite the fact that he 1) posted this video so close to a surge in antisemitic hate crimes following trump’s election and 2) posted this video at all.

this isn’t funny, this isn’t satire, it’s gross and hateful shock humor at the expense of people who are already unsafe with the increasingly emboldened neo nazis–i mean, “alt right”. it’s not defensible. stop supporting him.

So Sherlock deduced that Faith is suicidal because she’s walking around with a cane, no coat on, a gun, and no plan to get home. Which we are then, on camera, explicitly told parallels ASIP John Watson.

So he comes up with a reason to have Faith by his side so he can help her through her danger night.

Which is not at all dissimilar to having John tag along to angelo’s, go on a chase, and spark a joy for life again.

Sherlock knew. When he summoned John across London on that fateful first night “just to send a text”, it wasn’t because he was being a prat, he was trying to save John’s life.


Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn’s movie about police brutality is a uniquely awful idea

  • Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn are set to co-star in a movie about police brutality.
  • Titled Dragged Across Concrete, the film will see the two stars playing “cops who are suspended when a video of their strong-arm tactics gets wide attention,” according to Variety. Then they decide to take revenge among criminals.
  • The two noted Hollywood conservatives feel like odd choices for a nuanced take on police brutality, to say the least. 
  • During this heated political moment, where more and more investigations reveal systemic abuse within police departments,  do we really need these men to offer their takes? Read more

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