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“Scary handsome genius” is officially on a shirt on my Etsy shop. It’s all about the fine details with this one, and I’ll be doing my patented Making A Fancy Post In the Morning, but you can get a jump on these now and nab yourself a shirt right here.

Comes in White or Heather Grey (pictured) in both unisex and women’s sizes. My obsessive love of halftones and dots continues evermore.

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So I'm curious to pick your brain cause I haven't seen many people talk about it. About how 1d with modest and Simon jones and how bad they were to them and yet Niall stayed with them and is getting amazing promo they're doing everything they're supposed to do. But then on the other hand Louis stayed with Simon jones and didn't do shit for jho and hasn't really done much good for his career. I'm just confused on whether they're good or bad???

well niall is signed with capitol as well as modest and simon jones so we can’t really know who’s pulling their weight. maybe capitol is the one doing the great promo and not the others. it’s hard to know for sure also i think that niall signed with them because he has leverage specially with what happened to his knees so maybe modest/simon are actually getting their shit together for once. 

with louis’ case, i think it’s evident that simon didn’t do anything for jho and that may be because they suck in general. but i think it’s also possible that louis was still negotiating his contract during this time which may explain all the shitty-ness cause everything was still up in the air so steve’s team was doing the heavy hitting. i think it’s a wait and see type of thing, we shall see if his team actually does something good for his new single this time.

i think in the entertainment industry most management, pr, record labels are both most of the time. they are good and bad depending on their clients. all they care about is getting the most profit. the industry is often very nasty and dirty and it’s hardly ever straightforward. 

If I can make my own post on the Pearl’s portrayal here, the fact that they’re basically ENJOYING their positions (especially in seasons 4 and 5) is really messed up and IMO goes against the show’s message about Pearls being more than their “servant/stand around and look pretty” class on Homeworld

In seasons 2 and 3, we were shown Yellow and Blue Pearl; both were shown to be either resigned to their position (Blue) or-in Yellow’s case-a boot licker who was acting the way she was out of fear of her Diamond. Cut to season four, and these (more accurate) portrayals VANISH in favor of…HAVING THE PEARLS STAND AROUND AND LOOK PRETTY-NOT to show how oppressive Homeworld is, but to have them sing/dance/whatever the fuck and ENJOY IT

The show said that Pearls are SERVANTS-they’re basically sentient handbags and the like. Our Crystal Gem Pearl is clearly uncomfortable with this sort of treatment, so WHY are Blue and Yellow portrayed as enjoying it? Especially when THEY ALSO CLEARLY DIDN’T IN THEIR FIRST APPEARANCES?

If you ask me, the show’s being really hypocritical by having it’s message of Pearls being strong, intelligent, unique, etc. while then having Blue and Yellow enjoy their positions as OBJECTS

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how about possession AU where instead of being evil spirits its just ghosts of long lost lovers who want to finally be united (and maybe bone down) and choose g and sid for *handwaves* reasons. and instead of being all ominous it just results in the team finding the two in compromising positions, talking like some sort of bodice ripper romance characters. also g would totally be possessed by the lady ghost. because imagine him swooning into sid's arms.

om g LOOOOL okay tbh when i first read long lost ghost lovers I immediately thought of a ghost who latches onto sid because Sid looks like his lover, and he thinks that his lover has finally come back to him (his lover died - either killed by angry townsfolk or at sea, i haven’t decided yet), and the ghosts sees geno as someone he must get rid of


My mcfucking neighbor setting “I’m only human after all” on repeat. How I hate him rn. 

I advocate revenge! For both of us! What song can we loudly play to drown them out and stop playing their songs on repeat for hours on end?!? I’ve had Michael Bolton crying “TELL ME HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIIIIIVE WITHOUT YOUUUUUUUU” through my window for the last hour. My husband is convinced it’s the guys who run the Jamaican takeaway opposite, but… I have my doubts about that one LOL 


Okay, final text post, I promise. I’ve got my files all re-organized and now I can finally dive back into the game.

Tldr: I think I’m going to focus on Calen & Salim for a bit! They got a little neglected in all the hubbub between the toddlers + my vampire build spree, haha. 

The others aren’t going away, but I’m waiting to play my households w/ kids until the Parenthood expack hits, and the vampire household takes a lot of focus to play (because they are assholes).

So as much as I hate breaking up the twins, I think it’ll be nice to ease back into the game by booting Calen and his BF into their own place for a bit. \o/


You know I cant deal with Major character death, im allergic. I break out in hives.

Gladio succeeds as Noctis’ shield and the kings are satisfied because while it did not result in Noctis’ death he was willing and had accepted the result.

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