• Wrong
  • Kilo Kish
  • Across

It’s rare that I think anyone is able to find a record that, one, truly speaks to them, and two, they can listen and love every track off of the release. Kilo Kish’s latest release, Across EP, checks both of those boxes for me. The surprisingly Lo-Fi Chop-Rock meets Garage Band sounding effort is beautifully minimal, with subtle references to an old soul mentality.

It is effortless, and just as sweetly as she coos and mumbles rhythmically, yet slightly off kilter, you’re as the listener hooked and transported on this summery road trip of a love story. Because I believe that each track is designed to tell this story and be listened together to have the full effect, it is hard for me to segment the work as a set of individualized songs. But that aside, I would say my favorite section is the seventh track, Wrong, attached above.

If you haven’t given Kish a fair chance before I would say do so now, for your own sake really, my only hope is that this will be the gem that brings you to your senses and persuades you to invest in her free flowing talent.

Kilo Kish - Wrong